Born in Rio De Janeiro in 1958, Alexandre Gama showed an aptitude for advertising at an early age, working in the business from the time he graduated from college at Armando Alveres Penteado Foundation with a degree in Advertising and Communications. Eventually, he took a job with DM9, where he received numerous accolades for his copywriting work. In 1999, he took a quantum leap forward when he started the agency Neogama.

As the founder and leader of Neogama, he has been recognized on numerous occasions. He is considered to be one of the most distinguished businessmen in Brazil. In addition to this, he has a great aptitude for music, and he has branched out into that field and been recognized for his efforts.

In 2015, Brazil is 5th in the world’s ranking of female homicides. According to a study, 16 women are found murdered in Brazil every day. Disgusted by that ranking, many Brazilians set to change their social views on female violence.

Brazil’s top advertisement agency, Mullen Lowe, officially joined the fight against female violence. On March 8, International Women’s Day, Mullen Lowe created a pro-Women’s ad for CLAUDIA Magazine. The ad focused on the statistic that a woman is assaulted in Brazil every 15 seconds. The 15-second ad encourages viewers to take action to stop female violence.

The ad ran as a “Skip Ad” on YouTube. The ad also calls for all viewers to join the cause to denounce female violence. Since March 8, CLAUDIA Magazine and Mullen Lowe have publicized the announcement. The ad also focused on informing women of violence toward their gender.

This is not the first time Mullen Lowe shocked the world with a positive ad. Thanks to Jose HenriqueBorghi, co-CEO and CCO, Mullen Lowe has 14 gold lions from the Cannes Film Festival. The company’s also recognized for several other successful, memorable pieces.

Borghi is what makes Mullen Lowe world-renowned. His love for visual creation began when he was a junior in high school. His sister thought he’d like to join her at the Castro Neves Theater. They saw a number of commercials that won Cannes Film Festival awards the previous year. From then on, Borghi was hooked.

His first company, BorghiErh, was co-founded with a friend, Erh Ray. After some success, Lowe purchased the company; renaming it Borghi Lowe. Again, Borghi led his company to success; drawing the attention of larger firms, like Lowe & Mullen. Eventually, Mullen Lowe Brasil formed.


For people that are trying to start a business, advertising is very important. Even successful businesses rely on advertising to keep the sales going. For one thing, it is important to run promotions for customers so that they will be encouraged to shop at the store. For one thing, customers are always looking for something new so that they will want to continue shopping at the store. When customers are not seeing anything new being presented to them, then they will likely drift away from the store. However, not every customer is going to care to go to the store just to see if there is anything new being offered. This is why advertising is very important.

With advertising, Jose Borghi’s ad agency, Mullen Lowe does more than just let customers know that there is a new promotion happening. They use a lot of persuasion and creativity in order to get the customer wanting to buy the products and take advantage of the promotion. They find the right target audience and make sure that they get the message so that they will know that there is something available for them that they might be interested in. Jose’s agency works together to decide what they want to do in order to get the message across to the customers.

The most important aspect of advertising is letting the audience know what is being advertised. Therefore, it is important for one to not get so creative that he misses the point in the ad campaign. One does not want the product to be lost in all of the flashiness and the showiness of the advertising. Since the ad is about the product, the majority of the focus should be on the product and what it can do. Jose Borghi knows how to convince the audience that they need the product or service that is being advertised. The most important thing to do with advertising is to let the customer know enough about the product so that he can be confident in his knowledge. Yet at the same time, he would be interested in knowing more. for more.

Jose Borghi is a publicist and an advertising executive who currently serves as chief executive officer of Brazilian ad agency Mullen Lowe. Mr. Borghi was a co-founder of advertising firm BorghiRay. His agency then had its name changed several times as well as multiple changes of ownership. One thing that has remained is that Jose Borghi has continued to be at the helm of the advertising agency now known as Mullen Lowe Brasil . Partners, names and ownership has changed, but Jose Borghi has remained at the agency he helped to create.

Jose Borghi has recently taken a look at a major survey done into marketing aimed at the middle class. His insight of the survey conducted by Mintel called Marketing for the Middle Class is found below. He also offers tips for firms to better market to the middle class their products and services.

An interesting and important take away from the Mintel marketing survey on the middle class was that a significant portion of the middle class still finds traditional advertisements effective and important. The study found that 25% of the middle class says the TV ads are the most effective in their making a choice to purchase a product or service. When only women are looked at, that number rises to 35% in rating TV ads as the most effective and important of all forms of advertising.

The survey also revealed an important trend among middle-class youth and young adults. Middle-class people aged 16-24 years old would often check out products and services they saw on TV later on the web. This means that this young demographic still considers TV ads important. Knowing this, Jose Borghi suggests that companies build a strong link between their TV ads and their online marketing and presence. This will help them convert customers. The study also found that most middle-class consumers prefer online ads that are not invasive, but are instead fun and customized.

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Philip Diehl, the United States Money Reserve president, has a long history with the finances. He started off as the Chief of Staff of the US treasury before his appointment as the director of the United States Mint. At the mint, he initiated several historic reforms including the introduction of the 50 states quarter program and the government issued platinum coin.
In an interview with the E-podcast Network, Philip was put to task on the various issues revolving around gold markets, why people should own gold, and his leadership of the company. When asked how his role as the US Mint director readied him for the current post, Philip responded by saying that, most of all, his role at the Mint introduced him to the world of precious metals and the gold market in the world. He was able to understand the basics as well as the dynamics in this market that only serve to strengthen his current role as the head of the money reserve.
He also explained that the American government issued gold coins are more valuable and widely accepted in the country as genuine coins as opposed to others that are available in the market. This acceptability and marketability are what pushes most gold lovers in the world to go for the American issued gold as opposed to buying just any other gold in the economy. He also pointed out that the government issued gold and coins have become widely accepted as an official and legal tender. This acceptance is what he termed as the major impact of the gold market in the last decade.

About the US money reserve
The United States money reserve offers various precious coins to different coin enthusiasts all over the country. It also offers advice to parties interested in buying precious coins from them on the different precious metals they have in stock and the benefits of buying any of them. The reserve stocks various products such as gold, silver, and platinum coins all of which are US government issued making them more authentic, genuine, and accepted as equivalent to the accepted legal tender. Like them on Facebook.

Heads ranks among the top 20 biggest agencies in Brazil that are domestically owned. The firm’s philosophy is to build an agency that is inspired by life. This means that the company is committed to work with a passion, originality as well as knowledge in a bid to gain in the widest sense of the world. Their business focus is aimed at offering an unlimited advertisement as per the eclectic seasons and need to contribute much further than the advertisement. The firm is connected to an environment that is converging and competitive. They are also on the belief that the original ideas are capable of creating a relationship and make them stronger between the client and the agency, but more importantly between the brands and the consumers.

A renowned investor who is also a professional lawyer, Claudio Loureiro, formed the company, Heads Propaganda. Loureiro also acts as the CEO of the company. His industrious character and innovating products in the field of advertising has made him to be on the front covers. Due to his numerous achievements, he has been awarded severally. This well-established entrepreneur has also gained popularity due to his great kindness and compassion for the poor. His great contribution to the Brazilian advertising industry has made him to be highly ranked.

The Heads Propaganda has been engaged in the advertisement industry in almost every known aspects. From the print advertising to the digital advertisement, the company has given all its best and this has seen its tremendous growth. The firm has taken advantage of the expansive communication infrastructure of the country that has made it to thrive. Brazil has a wide coverage of TVs and radio networks. Such infrastructures have made the firm to maximize on all the opportunities that are brought about by these mediums of communications.

Being among the largest technological hub within the region, the Brazilian digital platform gives a wide range of opportunities on advertising. The Heads Propaganda has ensured that it ceases the opportunities that have been provided therein. The firm has ensured full utilization of all the opportunities that are given by the digital platform to make advertisement and this has yielded great success. Great progress is being achieved owing to the company’s adoption of the latest technological methods in the field of advertisement. Its pronounced investment on advertisement on print media as well as the ever-growing chain marketing structure on the internet have also contributed to its exponential growth. It is through these methods that this firm has enhanced its productivity.

Both men and women have used cosmetics for centuries upon centuries. It was probably the ancient Sumerians who were the first to use cosmetics to decorate their eyes and lips, around 5,000 years ago. In fact, ancient civilizations like the Sumerians and Egyptians used everything from gemstones to fish scales to chemical elements to enhance their beauty. The wide variety in cosmetics has continued throughout history. A traditional Chinese cosmetic was derived from fungus, and in the 17th century in England men and women used a deadly lead based foundation on their faces.

Luckily for the modern makeup enthusiast, times have changed. The cosmetics industry is overseen by regulators, including the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. There are also companies that endeavor to use the best of the ingredients available, excluding the artificial and the harmful chemicals that have been used in the past. A small but growing number of these cosmetic companies are making products that are vegan, meaning there are no animal products used to formulate the cosmetic. Some companies are also taking a stand against the practice of using animals as test subjects for their products. One of these companies is Lime Crime, a stellar, wild and fun cosmetic company based in Los Angeles.

Lime Crime is an example of a dream turned reality. The company was founded by Doe Deere who is also the Chief Executive Officer and who encourages the fans of Lime Crime “not to quit their daydream.” Growing from a company founded with just a few hundred dollars, Lime Crime now offers people around the world the opportunity to show their personality through cosmetics for their eyes, lips and nails! Lime Crime’s website will encourage your fun and playful side, a perfect complement to the adventurous colors available for lips and in eye palettes. If you are ever stuck for ideas to show your personality through makeup, you can look to Lime Crime’s awe inspiring and high spirited Look Book.

Whatever you are in the market for, Lime Crime has your eyes, lips and nails covered. Want a liquid to matte lipstick? Try one of the fourteen adventurous colors of Velvetines! Would you rather have an audacious opaque lipstick? There are twenty color choices when it comes to Unicorn lipstick! As for eyes, you will not find a more well thought-out palette than Venus. And Lime Crime’s nail polish offers both unique and traditional fun colors. Every product page offers a full list of ingredients and a vegan label, so you know exactly what you are buying.

Whatever you choose to buy from Lime Crime, let it inspire and delight you!

It seems as if there are some brands out there who know just what they should be doing in regard to advertising, and then there are some brands that have no idea which direction they should go in with the advertising that they produce. I think that some brands have all of the help that they need in the area of advertising, and that they do great with that help, and then there are some brands that are just struggling to make it. I believe that the advertising that a company puts out helps to change the way that that company is perceived, and I believe that a company needs to have good advertising in order to make it.

When it comes to advertising and Purina news coverage, the company seems to know just what they are doing. I believe that this is one of those companies that knows just what they need to include in their advertising, and that they do well in that area. There is an ad out from Purina that features a new pet owner and the puppy that he has adopted. I believe that this is the kind of ad that will help the company to do well. This is an emotional ad, an ad that pulls at the heartstrings of those watching it. This is an ad that does well.

When a company is looking to receive the right kind of advertising, they need help from a company that knows how to provide them with that advertising. When a company is trying to appeal to pet owners, that company needs to come out with ads that feature adorable pets. I believe that Purina PetCare knows just what it takes to put out good advertising, and I believe that they have the help that they need in that area. I believe that they are one of those brands that understands the power of good advertising, and I think that the ads that they put out will be helpful to their company.