In this White Shark Media Review it is an Ad-Sends and digital marketing company based in Miami, Florida. They were founded in 2011, by a group of three Dutch marketing experts, but now they have a team of over 150 employees with offices in three different locations.

They offer many services as part of their comprehensive digital online marketing plan, but they are well known for their success in developing highly effective AdWords campaigns. They are adamant in helping their customers understand the changes they are implementing, having sent out over 35,000 reports and 300,000 emails in the past year alone.

Not only do they communicate about the specifics of AdWords, but they also have a history of listening to their customers and changing in response to their criticism. Being a relatively young company, White Shark Media has had their share of mistakes, but they have taken each one seriously and changed appropriately to give their customers the best service possible. Learn more about White Shark Media Review::

In their blog, they have an article titled “Typical Complaints…”, Which goes into detail about the usual complaints they received in the past and how they have worked to change them. These complaints range from customers not understanding how to track their online performance to customers feeling like company communication was not good enough.

Current customers have several points of contact with the company if they want to voice any issues or concerns. They can also go on White Shark Media’s website to schedule a callback. They also have three physical offices located in Miami, Atlanta, and Denmark.

If you are interested in White Media Sharks services, you can get a free evaluation of your current AdWords plan without committing to hiring them or using their services. It all begins with a private online consultation with an AdWords certified specialist.

The meeting occurs online, but the specialist allows you to follow their evaluation online through the website, which shows you the screen on the specialist’s computer.

The specialist then goes on to explain the various aspects of your AdWords campaign and the result of their analysis, afterwards which you can choose to either hire White Shark Media or walk away without buying their services.