Last week, writer and director Neill Blomkamp revealed the possibility that his sequel to the movie Aliens might actually be presented as two films rather than one.

Blomkamp, in an Empire interview, explained that he first became interested in creating the sequel after speaking with Sigourney Weaver about the first two movies on the set of his latest science fiction film Chappie. Eventually, as they discussed possible untold stories about Ellen Ripley, Blomkamp realized he had an idea that could span several movies. He has not confirmed though that he intends to actually create more than one sequel or a two-part sequel. Instead, he has merely mentioned that the potential exists from LinkedIn stories.

As pointed out by Chris Agar for Screen Rant, Blomkamp’s recent science fiction film endeavors, his second and third films Elysium and Chappie, have not impressed some critics enough to create a high level of positive buzz about the Aliens sequel so far. Agar also points out that if a two-part sequel is created it would likely be as much a business move by the Powers That Be to make more money as it would be a creative opportunity for Blomkamp to have the chance to fully realize his vision for the Aliens franchise. Many critics are currently curious to know how Blomkamp plans to create an Aliens’ sequel that bypasses Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection without undoing the stories from those films.

ALIEN 5 is a reality and movie and sci-fi geeks, seriously Fersen Lambranho– are really enthralled. The new film is likely going to take up right after ALIENS and director Neill Blomkamp has a lot of bold ideas in mind for the new film. The legendary star of the series, Sigourney Weaver, has said there is going to be a lot of new ground broke in this new installment.

Is there an ALIEN 5 script already written for the film? The answer to that is “doubtful”. 20th Century Fox only officially confirmed the new film was in development with Blomkamp at the helm. Right now, he is only presenting his ideas for the new film and the actual screenplay is still in the working stages. How far into the writing process the script has gone is something we just don’t know. Weaver knows something or else she would not be talking the new film up. Then again, would she really say anything less than positive about the film?

You never know. Weaver was involved with a controversy over receiving profits from ALIEN. Those issues were squared away and she did return to her role as Ripley. ($5 million was her price tag for ALIEN 3, a small salary by today’s standards)

“Breaking new ground” is what is promised in the new ALIEN feature. Let us hope that bold claim comes true. Bringing the ALIEN saga to new territory could be a great audience pleaser.

Neil Blomkamp has revealed that his upcoming movie is going to be a direct sequel to Aliens with Alien 3 and Resurrection having never happened. This leaves open the possibility for the return of characters such as Hicks and Newt. There is no telling how this is going to work out. The story is likely to take place at least 30 years after the events of Aliens.

Alien 3 at its best still had some really mean spirited issues. CrunchBase says it basically took the progress that was made in Aliens and took a big dump on it by killing off Hicks and Newt right at the beginning of the film, at least that’s how Brian Torchin felt.

There had to have been some early drafts of an Alien 3 script that involved Hicks and Newt playing bigger roles. Neil Blomkamp can take notes from some of the earlier drafts. However, it does look like he is writing his own story for the new Alien 3. He could write the events of the previous movies that came after Aliens as some kind of strange dream.

Everyone involved is very excited about the project. Now, other aspects of the project have to come into play like whoever is going to play Hicks and Newt. It would be cool to see Michael Biehn come back to the role.

While Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie is nearly on its way to theaters, the sci-fi director has recently made headlines for his revelation of several pieces of Alien concept artwork. These pieces, as reported by Aquion Energy revealed a few months back, were noted as simply a “mental stroll” through the universe of Ridley Scott’s 1979 film classic.

It seems that where smoke is found, so too is fire. Blomkamp was recently caught expressing wishes to make Alien 5, a sentiment that series lead actress Sigourney Weaver is all too thrilled to see greenlit. Recent news from the man’s Instagram account, points that he will definitely be helming the next Alien film.

How on the heels of this news, Fox confirmed to be closing in on a deal. While such a film is in the infancy of production, it’s hard to pin down what its plot will focus on. Sigourney Weaver could only remark that Ellen Ripley would make some degree of an appearance, but only Blomkamp knows where the film will go. Weaver has already stated that she felt that the universe still had a lot of story material and that fans would want to see the Ripley’s arc reach a completion after the murkiness of Alien: Resurrection. Despite the nebulous story, Fox has declared the production a priority and leaving people to ponder how this will sync with Prometheus 2.