The use of ‘cloud storage’ isn’t a new concept but there is a trend in internet hacking that has left some people weary about using cloud storage. CipherCloud, who can be found on Twitter, a cloud security company founded in 2010, is on the forefront of cloud data security for its users. CipherCloud works by using secure gateways developed by the company that encrypt important information before storing the data to the cloud. Encryption has been around since the dawn of computers and it works by coding chosen data to be unreadable to anyone but a verified source. This way if information gets intercepted online the person stealing cannot read what they’ve acquired because of the specific encryption. CipherCloud is a relatively new company that’s been making waves, but it was created and run by people who have spent their careers advancing technology and working with internet servers and gateways.

Founder Pravin Kothari created a highly certified team including Varun Badhwar who previously worked for SalesForce, a cloud computing company, and together they launched CipherCloud in February of 2011. In the beginning their YouTube videos indicate that CipherCloud worked solely for SalesForce until they gained a major client, Amazon Web Services a few months later. Near the end of the year CipherCloud raised a whopping $1.4 million in seed funding from investor Andreessen Horowitz. By December of 2012 CipherCloud raised $30 million in funding between Horowitz and Index Ventures.

In June of 2012 they released their encryption for Gmail services, and by September CipherCloud had created working encryption for, Chatter, and Microsoft Office 365. CipherCloud’s home base resides in San Jose, California but with the addition of John M. Jack, the former CEO of Fortify Software to their investor board they were able to open up offices in London and Australia.

Wanting to add their services to more platforms CipherCloud joined Box Inc in February 2013 so their encryption software was able to be used on file-hosting services. The following year SlideShare shows CipherCloud acquired CloudUp Networks which was a software development company that allowed its users to track data as it moved through each cloud network. Users were also able to restrict and stop unauthorized cloud data from moving to another cloud without permission. Their most recent technological release came in April of 2014 when they launched Cloud Discovery. This software analyzes cloud networks to determine the risks of using the application was well as the visibility of data when transferred to the cloud network.

The creators and expert team of individuals behind the technical genius of CipherCloud have not gone without recognition for their talent. In February and April of 2013 CipherCloud was named the winner of SC Magazine’s Excellence Award for “Information Security Product of the Year” and “Best Emerging Technology in Information Security”.

In April 2011, Ricardo Annes Guimarães, a Brazilian entrepreneur and the President of Banco BMG was awarded with a diploma of Merit from the City Council after it was requested by Councilman Daniel Nepomuceno. The ceremony was opened by the Speaker of the House, Leo Bourgeois who later handed over to the chair. The Councilman Daniel Nepomuceno said they recognized the role the President of BMG has played in supporting and investing in sports activities in Brazil. On the other hand, Leo Bourgeois remembered that Guimarães was honored and awarded the Grand Collar of the Legislative Merit in 2004. According to him, it was an avenue that his House used to honor the entrepreneur focusing on his individual potential.
The member of the legislature further stressed the role Guimarães has played in supporting sports activities and especially when he was the president of Atletico Mineiro team between 2001 and 2006. During that time, the executive of BMG facilitated the construction of a training center known as “Roosters” which is regarded as the best equipped facility in Brazil. Another government officer present at the occasion was Fred Costa, the State Representative, who acknowledged that Guimarães had a broad curriculum not only in football, but also other sports like tennis, volleyball and gymnastic.
Costa said the sponsorship had largely contributed to the development of socio-economic activities in Brazil. The MP further noted that Ricardo Guimarães of BMG had also invested in the healthcare sector at Whale Hospital. The Deputy Governor was also present and thanked the entrepreneur and stressed that he deserved it. Ricardo accepted the honor and thanked the Councilman Nepomuceno, and also stressed that Belo Horizonte is his homeland. He said it’s a great honor to keep the culture that his grandfather started way back when he started BMG. Additional info about the honor can be found on
Ricardo Guimarães’ take on sports in Denmark
According to Ricardo Guimarães of BMG, Denmark is one of the countries that largely support children involvement in sports activities. In a report that was released on, Ricardo explains that more than 86 percent of children are involved in sports activities. Despite the huge investment the country has invested in sports activities, it is not interested in hosting major championships like the Olympic, reports Guimarães.
Demark has about 11,000 sports federations and 1,600 football clubs and many more handball teams. Guimarães says that the Danish government has set $1 million as saving for every child born, in respect to health, education and also sports. The executive reports that Brazilian children are introduced to balls at their feet while in Denmark they grow with balls in their hands. Additional information is found on

Andrew Wirth, best known as Andy, is the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a parent company to Squaw Valley and Alpine ski resort. Andy has been an employee to the ski resorts that are situated in Lake Tahoe, Olympic Valley in California. Andy fell in love with ski diving while working in the luxurious California ski resorts but it almost cost him his life in 2013.

He came face to face in a fist fight with death when he was involved in a tragic skydiving accident. From the rule of gravity that anything that has weight and goes up must descend, Andy was descending after diving but unluckily he landed in a vineyard which had sharp upright wires, posts and vines and landed directly at an upright post that took his arm off causing immense damage on his body. The life threatening ordeal almost cost Andy his life as one of his arms was severely injured and suffered extensive loss of blood. Ever since, he started a journey that he will never forget, the reconstruction and re-attaching of the arm. His family, occupational therapists, friends and skilled surgeons have supported and helped Andy undergo therapy and recover to achieve full functionality of the attached arm. Andy undergoes Tronman triathlon training as a recovery training technique and his body is responding well.

Andy has made a few friends from Navy Seal team, people who he comes across over the time while training band together with another professional cyclist formed a group named Special Warfare Warrior that is aimed at generating financial and emotional support to Navy Seals and Navy Seal Foundation. The group’s objective is to offer immediate support to Naval Special Warfare Community members as well as their families. The idea was as a result of having firsthand experience of the challenges that the extraordinary Navy Seal and their families undergo while on duty and adaption to new lives when a family member is away on duty.

Recently, Andy was hired as the chairperson of board of directors of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board alongside three other new board members. He chairs a team of nine members that is meant to bring development into the airport and uplift into it a higher standard. Andy had been appointed into the board in 2013 because of his vast experience in resort and airline management. The experience is evident as has collaborated with international airlines to make direct international flights to resorts in Canada, Utah and Colorado.