Michael Zomber is a man with a passion for antique arms and armor that he has been collecting for the last 40 years. He loves to share the information he learns about these special antiques with everyone, one of his main outlets is the History Channel. His passion for antiques along with his great knowledge and vast expertise has brought him to be wanted quest by many. Michael Zomber has also written screen plays and his ability to story tell has captured the attention of many. In his novels he shows why these antiques are special, he especially shows a love for samurai swords. His documentary about Bushido, Soul of the samurai has led him to be known as a great historian.

According to IMDb, Michael Zomber and his wife Andrea started a film company together known as Renascent Films LLC where they produce independent films. He is involved deeply in his career to teach about the warrior way of life, which is how he believes one should conduct oneself. He can be found producing on of his independent films, writing a book, or seen on the set of the History Channel. Michael Zomber has written 5 books, all of which are available on Amazon– Shogun lemitsu, Jesus and the Samurai, Sweet Betsy, That’s Me, Park Avenue, and A Son of Kentucky. Michael Zomber’s ability to story tell is what has been captivating audiences forever. It is apparent in all his work.

Michael and Andrea are large supports of organizations that help to de-escalate war and conflict at home and overseas. They also support causes for better health and education. They enjoy living the way the warriors they teach about did. They value love, compassion and peacefulness. They believe on passing down these values and beliefs to their children, Gabriella and Christopher. Judging by all that Michael Zomber has accomplished in life it is hard to tell where his next adventure will take us.