In technical terms, ClassDojo is an interactive computer program formatted as an application to work across various computer platforms. As a practical application for the classroom, it is a behavior modification tool that allows teachers to connect with both students and their parents in a more effective manner. The ability the program has to connect all the integral people involved in a student’s education has significantly increased the positive interactions students have with their teachers as well as with each other. The ClassDojo application allows teachers to achieve positive results with students through the processes of growth mindset and empathy. The process of growth mindset is aimed at encouraging children to do their best, while the process of empathy teaches them how to interact with their peers in a more positive manner.

The objective behind the design of the ClassDojo application was to improve the structure of the classroom by allowing teachers to provide personalized positive feedback to students. As an application used in grades K through 8, the icons and avatars incorporated into the program make better connections with today’s technically savvy kids. This application also provides students with a way to express their own ideas and feelings in a more constructive manner. Students are encouraged to share what they have achieved in the classroom through their own portal on the application. This portal allows them to add stories, photos and even videos that showcase their classroom experience. The student portfolio is also made available to parents so they can share in their child’s accomplishments.

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OneLogin has now more to offer to the world with its recent partnership with Envoy, a San Francisco-based firm that leads in providing businesses the needed software to stay on top. The new collaboration with Envoy was able to produce software that lets the visitors of a business office get inside just with a few click, with all their data recorded in a database accessible everywhere. This innovation answers the need for companies to create a database of all the people entering the office and replacing the outdated manual technology of logbooks that are hard to monitor.

Envoy customers can finally experience what it is like to have a software that regularly automates the records of visitors. The clients of Envoy can expect a lot from the comely software that the partnership between Envoy and OneLogin produced. This expectation is a challenge for both OneLogin and Envoy since their customers’ are today’s most demanding, tech-forward companies that are the top-growing in their fields of promoting security and productivity services.

How Does The New Software Work?

The SCIM-equipped applications in Envoy help make sure that the data entered by the visitors will synchronize with the computer’s database network, ensuring that the emails, office location, and names of the guests will create a network of contacts for the company to easily access. With this new software, companies can now have a better management system that monitors the profiles of visitors.

The Vision

The vision of OneLogin and Envoy is always to offer different management programs for all types of companies. With the software it develops, it’s now easy to implement a sign-on system for business offices that are not only secure but also reliable in its IAM functionality. The significant uptick in increased sales among SaaS visitors who visited the website is proof that the product developed by Envoy with OneLogin shows great promise.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is one of the today’s large enterprises who offer various business technologies that help in business problems involving, for example, storage and HR management. OneLogin’s Employee Personally Identifiable Information proves to be the leading product today that makes synching employee information across systems easy and secure.