Occidental College is an institution that has recently been undergoing a renaissance under the leadership of President Jonathan Veitch and a forward thinking faculty. The College was established in 1887 and had become a major force in the liberal arts, but had become increasingly known as a Hollywood movie location because it is situated so close to the movie industry of Los Angeles. Not only had the college become known as a location, but it had also been given the Presidential seal of approval when included on the resume of President Barrack Obama. All these factors were pushed aside in recent years as the focus was again placed firmly on the education and community programs offered by Occidental College.

The arrival of Jonathan Veitch as President of Occidental College has been a turning point for the educational institution as it is now as well known for its educational and community programs as it is for being a top Hollywood location. Those in charge of Occidental College have seen the academic programs of the liberal arts college grow to see the institution ranked as the 15th best college in the west by Forbes. The growth in quality of education is often seen as being based in the innovative programs and measures introduced to try and create a high quality learning environment for all attending.

Amongst the measures Occidental College has introduced is the requirement for all undergraduate students to live on campus for the first three years of their studies. Despite this measure, which is designed to create a positive learning environment the students of Occidental College are also known for the option of taking up a study abroad program that sees around three quarters of students traveling to another country for a portion of their academic career at Occidental. Almost all students at Occidental College are in education full time and are members of an ethically and financially diverse campus community.