Versatility is a quality rarely found among interior designers. Most focus on a single craft or artistic expression. That, however, cannot be said of world acclaimed interior designer Richard Mishaan. The founder and owner of Richard Mishaan Design has managed to consistently deliver unique and quality design by combining his personal touch and influences with interior design, architecture and landscape architecture.
Mr. Mishaan’s competence in interior design is the result of a rich career background. He studied at two extremely reputable institutions, New York University and the School of Architecture at Columbia University. Before going on to form Richard Mishaan Design, he worked under Philip Johnson, one of the fathers of modern architecture.
Since its formation, Richard Mishaan Design has created a name for itself by being meticulously luxurious. Going through the company’s vast portfolio, you get the feeling that none of the designs have a hint of mediocrity. Yet, they all look different. All of the portfolios immediately jump at you. They increasingly engage your emotions the closer you look. Mr. Mishaan’s work is more than design, it is art.
A favorite Richard Mishaan Design portfolio of mine is that at Trump Park Avenue. The room just oozes high-end. The design’s beauty stems from the fact that there are so many dissimilar things in the room that still seem to effortlessly coexist. While the room undoubtedly has a blue color scheme, none of the red book, the silver vase, cream-colored couch and brown desser seem any bit out of place.
Beyond his endeavors at Richard Mishaan Design, Mr. Mishaan is also an accomplished author. He has written two books with the aim of passing along his extensive design knowledge, “Artfully Modern” and “Modern Luxury”. Both books have been published by Monacelli Press and have gone on to sell quite well.