Jose Borghi is a publicist and an advertising executive who currently serves as chief executive officer of Brazilian ad agency Mullen Lowe. Mr. Borghi was a co-founder of advertising firm BorghiRay. His agency then had its name changed several times as well as multiple changes of ownership. One thing that has remained is that Jose Borghi has continued to be at the helm of the advertising agency now known as Mullen Lowe Brasil . Partners, names and ownership has changed, but Jose Borghi has remained at the agency he helped to create.

Jose Borghi has recently taken a look at a major survey done into marketing aimed at the middle class. His insight of the survey conducted by Mintel called Marketing for the Middle Class is found below. He also offers tips for firms to better market to the middle class their products and services.

An interesting and important take away from the Mintel marketing survey on the middle class was that a significant portion of the middle class still finds traditional advertisements effective and important. The study found that 25% of the middle class says the TV ads are the most effective in their making a choice to purchase a product or service. When only women are looked at, that number rises to 35% in rating TV ads as the most effective and important of all forms of advertising.

The survey also revealed an important trend among middle-class youth and young adults. Middle-class people aged 16-24 years old would often check out products and services they saw on TV later on the web. This means that this young demographic still considers TV ads important. Knowing this, Jose Borghi suggests that companies build a strong link between their TV ads and their online marketing and presence. This will help them convert customers. The study also found that most middle-class consumers prefer online ads that are not invasive, but are instead fun and customized.

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