North Korea has been threatening the Western World for years. North Korea has a formidable army and has nuclear capabilities thanks to their close relationship with China. South Korea has turned into a military state in order to protect itself from the evil that exists in what North Korea calls a Democratic People’s Republic. There is nothing democratic in North Korea and the word freedom has no meaning there.

Escape is a rare event in North Korea. Those that try are usually caught and executed, but a few people do make it out and drop out of sight without saying a word about how they lived in one of the most barbaric nations on the planet. But young Yeonmi Park escape and lived, and she wanted to share her story with the world. Park recently released her book, In Oder to Live: A North Korean’s Girl Journey to Freedom. In the book, Yeonmi Park goes into detail about life in North Korea and how she was treated on a daily basis. She describes events that should never take place in any country, but as she explains horror is the norm in North Korea.

Yeonmi Park’s escape from North Korea sounds like something Hollywood would love to reproduce for the big screen. Her escape has all the elements of a nightmare that few in the order would want to live. Sex traffickers, a journey through the Gobi Desert, the death of her father and the disappearance of her sister are all very real to her, yet Park says she had to pretend they weren’t real in order to survive them.

It took two years for Yeonmi ParkYeonmi Park on theguardian and her mother to reach South Korea. During those two years she was subjected to mental and physical abuse that kills weaken people. But Park and her mother made it through the dark times.

Yeonmi Park is now a human rights activists and travels extensively to spread the word about North Korea, sex trafficking and the abuse that millions of people endure every day. Yeonmi says she will never stopping talking about her experiences because she knows her story will help others break the ties that bind them.