Sean Penn recently sat down with Vogue to talk about his new novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Bob Honey who just do stuff is a dystopian tale about a man in the septic tank business who moonlights as a killer for the American government. Asked about his tour to support the new novel, Sean Penn says he is doing a home stretch of the tour at the moment in L.A. He is also asked if the feeling is different when one finishes a novel vs finishing a film or screenplay. Sean replies that it is different in the sense that a film is a much more team-oriented project. He enjoys the feeling of getting to put forth something that is completely his own creation.


When the interviewer inquires as to why Sean didn’t just write a screenplay, he states that he felt the story needed to be told and he wanted to own the creative process completely on his own and Bob Honey who just do stuff is an example of that. Sean feels that he has reached a placed in his career where he just wants to set his own expectations and not have to fight with the personalities of others. Sean also reveals that this is the art form he plans to work in for the foreseeable future and he has another book well in the works. Sean has nothing in the future works at the moment as far as film, but he won’t say he is out of the business altogether. He does admit there is a movie possibility out there that he wants to direct. Sean’s book has been compared to a number of famous writers and he had some interesting points about this. He states that if somebody is a major influence on you, you often become influenced by them to find your own voice. He is happy to be compared to other great writers of the past.

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