Compliance and corporate governance have become incredibly important business issues in the face of the many corporation corruption scandals in the past few years. This is largely a good thing, but Bruno, a lawyer and partner with Fagali Advocacia says there are some negatives. He says many times companies grudgingly go along with these things just because they are obligated to do so. In other words, they are doing these things for no other reason than to get certification. Bruno says these companies are unfortunately missing the point in not having any real desire to positively change the business world via these means. View Bruno Fagali’s profile on Linkedin.

Summary of “Bruno Fagali reports research that reveals that Brazilian companies are more concerned about adopting anti-corruption mechanisms in 2017”

Researchers have noted that because of the many financial scandals in Brazilian companies in the past few years, the countries companies in 2017 began placing heavy priority on risk monitoring. The researches in the Deloitte audit study of 100 companies, distributed an electronic questionnaire to these companies from May to June of 2017. The results of the questionnaire revealed that adoption of anti-corruption measures had grown among the companies by 73% and by monitoring of political donations by 69% from previous years.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is one of the most respected lawyers in Brazil. He began working in the Brazilian legal world in 2006. For several years he worked for several different firms before founding Fagali Law Firm. He continues this independent practice. He works in a number of different legal areas, specializing in Administrative and Parliamentary Law. In addition to leading his own firm, he currently serves as the Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova/SB. Above all, his greatest passion is instigating positive change for the people of Brazil. Read more:


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Apart from being a famous author, dramatist, poet, television script writer and a filmmaker, Roberto Santiago is a serial entrepreneur. He is the owner of the prestigious Manaira shopping center and other shopping malls in Brazil. Throughout his writing and investments careers, he has received recognition for his literary skills and business acumen. Apart from running the most successful shopping complex in Latin America, he has also written several internationally acclaimed books for both children and adults. Read more on

The Manaira Shopping complex is built to international standards, and it provides various social amenities and educational facilities like the buffet Pirlimpimpim, a park for children, a large food court, a college, conference facilities, cinemas, gyms, banking halls and a gourmet restaurant. What makes him an outstanding writer, filmmaker and screen director are the achievements he has acquired in the industries. Audiences from all over the world have received his productions with great acclamation and praise. Roberto Santiago has won the Edebé Prize for Children and Youth Literature and the Editorial SM prize many times in succession. And for the big screen and in many television shows, his dramatic productions have been serialized. Many translations of his work exist in several major international languages, and in the section of the Cannes Official Festival, Ruleta, one of his tragic, dramatic productions received the place of honor.

A comic Horror called La Casecha was awarded the first position at the Oregon Festival of Horror, and in many productions being seen all over the world, Santiago has partnered with Unicef. His personality is characterized by determination, foresight and hard work, and that is why he is such a successful author and entrepreneur. In the Faculty of Literary Creation at the School of Letters of Madrid, he was always the leading student whose performance was a subject of envy among his peers. The same academic prowess he regularly demonstrated also served him well when he was a student at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He improved his mastery in creativity at the Faculty of Communication Sciences. The great achievements he has got in the world of literature, filming, theater, arts and television provision have earned win recognition all over the world. Visit his profile page on Facebook.

Some of his most reputed works include Ana which received the Editorial Planeta and is also a favorite book for adults, the Syndrome of Ulysses for Antena 3 which is a humor series for the television,, the Other Side of the Bed which also got the T Theater Award for being a creative work, and combination of football and intrigue novels called Los Futbolísimos (SM). Born in Madrid, Spain in 1968, Roberto Santiago has worked hard to become a wealthy investor, publisher and book writer.

Advertising and marketing coincide hand in hand. Advertising is one of the number one avenues to pursue marketing product, people, shows, etc. It is a global phenomenon and constant competition between companies. One mad has brought together nations with his marketing and advertising company.

Nizan Guanes is one of the most successful men in Brazil. He holds the title of founder of ABC Grupo starting in 2002. ABC Groupo is a company that is compiled of 18 advertising companies worldwide that hold marketing specialties. The marketing specialties are summed up of content and entertainment sectors.

Within just a short eight years of running as a business, Nizan Guanes achieved of founding a business that had ranked 19th of the world for largest marketing communications group. Besides being a business man, Nizan Guanes was also an influential person.

He received an award 2008 as he obtained a voted the Entrepreneur of the Year in Ernst & Young Brazil. He also had been chosen as one of the most influential Brazilians in 2010. It doesn’t stop there. Nizan also had his hands dipped in a few charities.

Guanes is a member in high level commission of UNAIDS, a program from United Nations that creates and debates solutions to prevent HIV. Nizan also had a deal with creating “Together with Girls.” This project formed to help identify and combat sexual violence against girls and the social effects it carries.

Nizan Guanes has created a global community with advertising and marketing. He has achieved in this area. Guanes doesn’t stop with impressing with his resume. He also warms hearts with his attributions to society.