Engineering is one field that many people understand but can’t fully grasp as a career. Everyone understands the importance of engineering, but few can achieve a successful career as an engineer. Engineering requires particular types of people who can adapt and learn quickly. Engineering is one of the few fields that need change.


National Steel Car is a company that embraces the difficulty of engineering. As one of the top manufacturing companies in North America, it has engineers who have the best tools. Since its founding in 1912 as Imperial Steel Inc, National Steel Car has used technology, innovation, and commitment to building a dazzling reputation.


Currently, it’s Gregory James Aziz’s turn to lead the company to a brighter future. For over 100 years, National Steel’s upheld some of the highest standards. It’s extremely difficult to add to such a successful brand, but that’s exactly what James Aziz is doing.


Greg Aziz joined the company in 1994 and was named CEO shortly afterward. One of the first things he did differently was credit the company’s success to its workforce. He rarely takes any credit for himself, demonstrating the benefits of humble manners. His humble nature allows him to focus on bettering the company rather than his own career.


For the first part of his career, he focused on himself. He wanted to learn enough to one day lead a company or start his own. His first step was working at his family’s wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods. After that, he worked in investment banking in New York until joining National Steel Car.

Once he became CEO, he began improving the company’s efficiency while preserving the original high standards. Thanks to Aziz’s efforts, National Steel Car is a 13-time TTX SECO winning brand. To date, the company’s won that award for the last 13 years.


The one value that Aziz preserves more than any other is the company’s commitment to producing quality products. Regardless of how many awards he wins, he continues pushing the workforce to do better. He won’t allow the company to get comfortable or think it’s okay to settle for anything less than perfection.


His strive for excellence translates into success. Since taken over the company, they haven’t missed a deadline and National Steel Car is the only ISO certified manufacturer in North America. (Click Here for additional information).

Gregory James Aziz has served as the Chief Executive Officer for National Steel Car for over a decade. During his time with the Canadian-based company, he has served as the Chairman of their Board and also the liaison of National Industries.


Greg James Aziz is a Canadian native who grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. It would be this place that he called home that he would continue to grow his massive business.


Greg Aziz studied Economics during his time attending Western University. He has used the wisdom he gained there to help National Steel Car become a dominating force in the rail industry. Under his leadership, National Steel Car has been able to do over 100 years in business. He was able to accomplish his momentous feat because of several wise practices.


The first wise practice that Greg Aziz enacted during this time at National Steel Car was to continue to innovate new products. He was able to push the vision of innovation throughout the entire company constantly challenging the executives and engineers to grow themselves. He raised the bar for his own company telling them that they must be the top of their industry, and thus, they must to raise the standard. Visit This Page to learn more.



Because Greg Aziz was able to cast this vision, his company was able to create an efficient product line that was unparalleled in this industry. It was his constant pursuit of excellence which guaranteed that National Steel Car would remain the top choice in North America’s railroad manufacturing industry. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.

Greg Aziz also was able to implement a second practice. He knew that he could not succeed in business alone and should take nobody for granted. He spent time consistently thanking his loyal customers for their support over the years. He would take his suppliers out to dinner and thank them for keeping costs low, so he could turn a profit for both companies. He would spend time praising his fellow executives for instilling a vision of excellence throughout his company. But most importantly, he would thank his 2000-member team for having the pride in their heart that National Steel Car should be number one.


The last practice the Greg Aziz implemented at National Steel Car was the need to be environmentally friendly. During his time running the company, he was able to create a modern-day rail car that lowered gas emissions by 90%.


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It takes a very dynamic person to become an engineer. Engineering is a dynamic field that’s ever-changing. As technology evolves, engineering reaches new heights every year. It’s important for any engineer to embrace the ever-changing field and technology is the best to do that.

When opening a business that relies on brilliant engineering, customer relation becomes another important factor. Customer relation is important to any industry but especially in highly scientific and mathematical industries. People don’t also understand technical terms and images, so being able to have comprehensive conversations and come to an agreement is necessary.

Developing a personal connection with customers is almost the easiest way to ensure good customer interaction. In fact, a lot of companies these days don’t mind spending hours talking to their customers about any concerns or to just get general feedback. National Steel Car is most certainly that kind of company.

Since 1912, National Steel Car has been the leading company in steel car manufacturing in North America. It maintains this achievement by always pushing to give its customers better products. For over 100 years, National Steel’s had the same high standards that began when the founders first opened. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.

Currently, Gregory James Aziz is the leader of National Steel Car. Since becoming CEO in 1994, Greg Aziz’s built upon those high standards. His high standards no longer just include producing great products. He also focuses on reminding the workforce that they’re the lifeblood of the company and that National Steel wouldn’t survive without them.

What sets James Aziz apart from other CEOs is his humble nature. He doesn’t like taking the credit for anything. He always credits the employees, customers, and suppliers before he takes any of the credit. It’s a unique business attitude he learned from previous jobs. Visit This Page for more information.

The first real job he ever had was working at the family business, Affiliated Foods. He worked with his family until he moved to New York to pursue a career in banking. Upon getting the CEO position at National Steel Car, he brought that family vibe he’d learned at his family business with.


Today, National Steel is a big part of the Hamilton, Ontario community because of more than just being the number one supplier of jobs. Aziz ensures that his company is able to help the community.



Most people never pay attention to just how many rail cars roll through Canada and the States. The market is still growing, and even though is slowed down at some point, it is back up and keeps growing bigger and bigger. The positive numbers are helpful because it is an incentive to companies who were thinking about investing in rail shipping for their goods.


National Steel Car began the first production of rail cars in the early 1900s and had been going strong since then. At the moment the leader of this company is Gregory J Aziz whose experience is mainly in finance and economics, but over the years he has acquired expertise in business as well and is very proud of his company. During his time as the CEO production increased from 3500 to more than 12000. Greg Aziz was also able to allow for more workers to be hired, and currently, National Steel Car employs more than three thousand people to make sure all the orders go out on time, and the production can keep up with the demand. Visit This Page for more information.


Gregory James Aziz graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in economics and started his career by working with his parents in Affiliated Foods in the seventies. This Ontario native has always been passionate and patriotic of his country and his county. He helped his family’s business grow and expand their operations in Europe and South America as well as open new trading spots in North America. Greg James Aziz was ready to move on and spent time in New York working in investment banking, gathering experience and learning everything he could about this aspect of the business world. This was when National Steel Car became a project of interest, and Greg Aziz bought it from Dofasco.


He put a lot of blood, sweat, and dedication in turning the company around from a slower point of its existence and never lost touch with his employees. This commitment helped the company to grow and bloom into a thriving business with clients in Canada and the US where they send their products. The demand continues to grow, and Aziz is a very proud CEO. He leads by example and does not shy away from problems and hard business decisions. They are crucial to success, and Greg has enough experience in the field to know that. He continues to work to see his company continue the success.

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Mathew Autterson has had a successful career and has a profound commitment towards achieving the best. Being a graduate at the Michigan University, Mathew undertook a bachelor’s degree in Tax program and this equipped him with amendable skills, which he would later use to grow his career. Mathew has a vast experience in the field of entrepreneurship and has served in a broad range of tax firms. Mathew`s career has been marked by a series of achievements which have been a great source of encouragement to the renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Mathew is also a great contributor, and human life has always been part of his career. He always strives to bring a smile to peoples face and restore lost hope to others. He has taken place in a significant number of charitable organizations including the Falci Adaptive Biosystems, through which he played a significant role in improving the lives of people living with a disability. He has exercised excellent leadership skills in the firm and through his profound commitment towards the welfare of individuals. Mathew has also helped the Biosystems Company employ the latest technology and unique strategies to improve the lives of the disabled and increase their efficiency while performing their daily activities.

Having worked in many business related fields, Mathew Autterson has over the past years equipped people with knowledge of the best strategies to carry out ethical capital management procedures to avoid falling victims of bankruptcy. He urges people, particularly those with interest in venturing into businesses, to take calculated risks while conducting their activities to avoid growing old while still very weak. Mathew believes that a determined individual should evaluate all the things they ought to achieve and make a clear distinction between the important ones, to address them first. He insists that one should first meet their basic needs before the other requirements that do not necessarily need to be given a lot of attention.

The great philanthropist has also played a significant role in empowering youths by offering them with the best opportunities to speak out and give their thoughts concerning particular issues. His great commitment towards helping people has also seen him mentor many youths as well give many contributions towards developing many foundations including the Young Presidents Organization, among many others. He has received a high accreditation as a great mentor, leader, and philanthropist. His kindness has earned him an excellent reputation, and he looks forward towards giving his best to improve the lives of many.

It is surprising how some of the athletics wears are taking over the world. For instance, the demand of yoga pants has increased at a high rate in the past few years. The increase is fueled by the booming health and wellness industry, and analysts have predicted that athletic apparel market will continue to grow by 50 percent by the year 2020. The net worth of the sector is estimated to be approximately 50 billion dollars. This is also expected to double in the next three years.


Started in 2010, Fabletics is one of the leading companies in the production of athletic apparels. The company has found a unique niche in the crowded market to influence Athletics lifestyle. It utilizes its e-commerce business model which offers a technically precise and fashion athletic wear at a meager price. The company was founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The company has also been focusing on personalized shopping experience based on member’s preferences. Fabrics which is now known as TechStyle Fashion Group. The group has five subsidiary brands which include JustFab, FabKids, Fabletics, and Shoedazzle. Under the leadership of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the company has experienced massive growth, and in 2011 it received $33 million from US venture capital firm.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have had a series of successful business record. For instance, Adam Goldenberg began practicing his entrepreneurial skills at the age of 13 when he started online bulletin board that he later promoted it to be a game website called gamer’s alliance. At the age of 17 years, Adam sold gamers alliance to a different company after receiving a good offer. He has played a massive role in decision making of the TechStyle. The company’s headquarter is located in EL Segundo CA due to its vicinity to the international airport and numerous luxurious beaches.


Don Ressler also has had a distinguished record of better business performance. He is the person behind some of the successful brands such as Intelligent Beauty and its subsidiaries. He also founded, which was purchased by intermix media 2001. Intermix media is also co-owned by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The two started doing business at a very tender age, and their focus and determination have seen both of them become very successful. Their commitment and motivation to accomplish the excellent things in life have agitated lots of professionals to execute many things that most thought that was impossible.

The Life history of Troy McQuagge is that of a successful story. Troy was born in Panama City, Florida. He is a BA graduate from the University of Central Florida. He graduated in the year 1983. Just like any other graduate, Mr. McQuagge had a passion for securing a job after college and advancing his career to up the ladder. As fate would have it, Mr. McQuagge got his first job the same year he graduated from college. By 1997, Troy had exceeded the expectations of his seniors in nearly all the companies that he had worked for. It was the time for him to join the management circus.


Mr. McQuagge is an entrepreneur and an innovative businessman. According to the available public records, Troy has been associated with over nine companies. These companies were formed over the last fifty years with the last being incorporated in 2011. Apart from one that has been listed as inactive, all the other eight are up and running.


Troy has been nominated as the most innovative chief executive officer in the just concluded prestigious CEO world award. He has received the gold award winner in this competition. The CEO award program is an annual event that aims at recognizing and appreciating real leadership. The scope of the award is in the following areas; innovation, leadership, corporate social responsibility, provision of new products and services, and milestones from different industries around the globe. The competition attracts all organizations across the world, from profit to nonprofit organizations, established and start-up firms as well as public and private enterprises.


Mr. McQuagge is a veteran in the insurance sector. Troy has been in the insurance business for the last thirty-three years. In the past, he has served as the CEO and president of the Health Markets Agency Marketing Group. During his stint at this company, he increased the annual sales volume to $1 billion.


In the year 2011, Mr. Troy was named the CEO of the USHEALTH Group Inc. He has led the company to a higher growth trajectory every year. Since his engagement with the firm, the Company has experienced increased profits. Today, the USHEALTH Inc. group is ten times bigger than it was in 2011. The Company share price has also gone up by over 1093%.


In the United States, people who give outstanding performance cannot go unnoticed. Troy has bagged various awards in his lifetime. Most of these awards revolve around his contribution towards the success of the firms that he has been working for. Some of the awards that he has received include the CEO World Awards. The organization recognized Troy as the most innovative CEO in the insurance Industry. While receiving the award, Mr. McQuagge attributes the success of the firm to great teamwork that he has been able to foster in the firm. He also takes the opportunity to thank the entire firm for its commitment towards innovation and invention. He attributes the rise in the share price of the firm to the value that the company products derive to the clients. The company also boasts of very qualified and experienced agents in the market. With these people, Mr. McQuagge says has been instrumental in reaching the various markets.


Mr. McQuagge heads the USHEALTH Group Inc., an insurance holding firm in Ft. Worth, Texas. The company offers various products to its clients. One of the main products is the innovative health coverage to the self-employed and small scale traders. The goal of the company is to utilize the talents and skills of agents productively to sell profitable and competitive insurance products. The company intends to achieve all this while providing superior client service in each aspect of the business operations.


Mr. McQuagge began his insurance career in 1983 at the Allstate Insurance Company. He then joined the Student Insurance Division for the United States Inc. in the year 1995. In 1997, UICI named him the president of the agency. During this time he enabled the company set a record in the annual sales turnover. When a private firm finally bought the UGA agency, it changed its name to HealthMarkets. Due to his impeccable sales skills, Mr. McQuagge was tasked to lead the sales department in tapping clients from the informal sector. After impressing his seniors, Mr. McQuagge was made the president of the Company in the following year. The promotion gesture made Troy realize the trust that the firm owners had on him. As such, he was aware that he had to improve on his performance index. And just like always, he did not disappoint the owners. He was able to turnaround the sales patterns of the firm.


In July 2010, Troy left HealthMarkets for USHEALTH Inc. Company. In the year 2014, he was appointed to be the CEO and the president of the firm. He has successfully held this position to date. It is important to note that during his reign in this company, he has been able to ensure consistent revenue concerning profit to the firm.


Since his graduation year in 1983, Mr. McQuagge name has been featuring in the American economy financial sector. Having worked in various successful companies, it is imperative to note that Troy has accumulated experience in the industry for over thirty years. His expertise is in these areas of sales, health insurance, marketing, leadership, and management roles. So far, Troy has managed to open two large insurance companies in the United States. These firms boast of over 5000 dedicated agents distributed across the nation.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the creators of Techstyle Fashion Group that consists of several membership-based beauty, clothing, and accessory firms. These two top executive once had limited knowledge about fashion. However, they possessed a strong desire to succeed and commitment to understanding the needs of the consumers. Adam began his entrepreneurial journey when he was only a teenager. His first business, Gamers Alliance, served as an advertising platform that targeted gaming websites. In 1999, Intermix bought this advertising firm and employed Adam as the VP responsible for strategic planning. At only 20, he had ascended to the COO post at Intermix.


Don Ressler followed a similar path as Adam to become a senior employee of Intermix. In 2011, the company acquired his critically acclaimed website called Additionally, he had successfully raised money for a broad range of online firms. His success in the online business motivated him to venture into the fashion world. Working at Intermix created a favorable environment for Adam and Ressler to become friends. As their friendship experienced continuous growth, they decided to start a joint venture. In 2006, they unveiled an e-commerce firm known as Intelligent Beauty as well as other profitable ventures. While working on these many fashion businesses, the duo started brainstorming a unique way of transforming online shopping. They were aware that fashionable, comfortable outfits were highly demanded, and they understood that most clients did not have an ideal tactic for identifying personalized fashion.


Techstyle delivers stylish fashion with a customized touch


Techstyle’s first firm was called JustFab, a highly regarded membership-based clothing business that avails an opportunity for members to acquire personalized sports outfits and accessories on a monthly basis. The firm also illustrates ideal ways of mixing and matching fashion pieces, allowing members to make an informed decision when choosing the preferred styles.


The emergence of Techstyle


Most of JustFab’s funding originated from a top venture capitalist referred to as Matrix Partners. This capitalist also funded Intelligent Beauty. JustFab underwent a rebranding process in 2016, leading to the formation of Techstyle. Adam and Ressler coined the name Techstyle to refer to the way the firms combine technology and fashion. Given that both Adam and Ressler have in-depth knowledge and experience in digital commerce, they decided to give JustFab a tech-friendly name. Their main aim is to create and acquire more fashion brands that incorporate aspects of modern technology in the manufacturing and marketing of fashion products.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are co-founders and current co-CEOs of an e-commerce company known as TechStyle. The two have vast experience in online entrepreneurship and began their journey in business at a relatively early age. TechStyle is a group of online platforms that specifically offer membership-based clothing, accessories and a wide range of beauty products.


The most popular firm under Techstyle Group is JustFab that has more than 4 million subscribers. JustFab is an online platform offering a wide range of affordable handbags, shoes, and yoga pants. The company has always relied on venture funding as its main source of funding for its international expansion. JustFab previously received funding from venture capital firms like Matrix Partners, Technology Crossover Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, and Rho Ventures.


Ressler and Goldenberg co-founded Techstyle in March 2010, and the company has subsidiaries that specialize in online business. Currently, the company has four major subsidiaries that include JustFab, ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, and FabKids. Techstyle’s mission is to offer a personalize fashion experience to its customers. As the company founders, Ressler and Goldenberg are largely involved in carrying out administrative functions at the company and management of daily operations. They are in charge of the company’s global expansion programs and play a major role in looking for investors to facilitate expansion.


Ressler and Goldenberg previous worked for Intermix Media before they formed Techstyle. Intermix Media had acquired two companies belonging to the two, and this made them join the company as employees. Ressler and Goldberg were forced to leave Intermix Media after it was sold to News Corp. Apart from Techstyle; the two are co-founders of an e-commerce conglomerate known as Intelligent Beauty.


The company has three major subsidiaries that include; a subscription fashion business, a smell and taste therapy business, and Sephora. Techstyle’s head offices are located a few miles from the beach in El Segundo, CA. Southern California is a perfect location for Techstyle’s headquarters because the employees, clients, and guest can easily use the geo-filter to access the clear-blue skies and the beautiful palm-trees.


JustFab is categorized as a “Unicorn” by the media because it has been able to achieve what was believed to be difficult, rare, or unstudied. Such companies record good performance in the stock market and are mostly funded by venture capitalists. TechStyle has always applied data-driven marketing in its marketing operations to grow its brand. Through data-driven marketing, Techstyle has been able to; optimize customer experience, improve product development, expedite results, and automate its marketing operations.

Anthony Petrello, also commonly known as Tony, is the Chief Executive Officer, the Chairman of the Board and the President of Nabors Industries Limited. He is also a father and a husband. With regards to his academic qualifications, Anthony Petrello has a J.D from Harvard Law School and a B.S and M.S in Mathematics from Yale University. Other than his position at Nabors Industries Limited, Anthony Petrello is also the Director of Stewart and Stevenson, LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital. When he is known working, he is engaged in various charities that help the less fortunate in the society.

Anthony Petrello’s childhood friends and even his former classmates refer to him as an Italian-American extrovert who was really good at Mathematics. His role in Nabors Industries Limited involved an operative role as well as providing strategic guidance to the company. Nabors Industries Limited is a lead industry player in the field of oil and gas. The company has technological capacities and well-trained employees in the energy sector giving it a strong competitive edge over other industry players.

Anthony Petrello’s role at Texas Children’s Hospital is close to his family’s heart because of a personal adversity. Anthony and Cynthia’s daughter, Carena suffers from a neurological condition that has hindered her developmental milestones of childhood. Carena was diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia which is caused by lack of oxygen or blood flow to the brain. As a result of the condition, Carena developed Celebral Palsy. Anthony and Cynthia have been at the forefront in organizing fund raising for the Children’s Hospital. They gave a generous donation of Seven Million Dollars to fund research for neurological illness and to provide clinical care for children living with neurological conditions.

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