In the current global economy, corporations of different sizes have decided to establish operations in alien markets. This type of global expansion has often provided several advantages to both the company and the foreign country including better opportunities for market expansion and growth. Reports indicate that this trend in America’s global market is likely to continue and there is no better company to deduce this trend than OSI Group. That is why in 2016, the company decided to acquire Baho Food, a Dutch based meat processing plant that has for decades served different markets in different continents.

Background Data

Baho Food is well known for operating manufacturing plants in Germany as well as Netherlands. Most importantly, it has five affiliates that make it easy for the company to provide its services to different companies across different sectors and markets. Some of these affiliates include Vital Convenience and Bakx Foods among others. These affiliates have been serving the industry for about sixty years. With their constant supply of deli meats, snacks and convenience foods, Baho Food and its affiliates have managed to serve 18 countries across Europe. This is a clear indication that OSI Group’s acquisition of it is progress.

Baho Food Acquisition

Adding Baho Food to OSI Group’s portfolio gives the company a broader presence in the European market. This is in light of expanding its horizons and service scope into a new marketing world that shares the same interests. Also critical to note is the fact that OSI Group’s portfolio complements Baho Food’s processing strengths; a strategy that has broadened the company’s ability to serve the transitioning needs of different clients.

Additional Information

Now, the Baho Food acquisition is just one of the many global expansion projects that OSI Group has been part of. In the same year (2016), the company bought a manufacturing facility from Tyson Foods. That acquisition was based on the fact that OSI Group wanted to expand its horizons to Chicago. The project cost $7.4 million and since then, OSI Group has been managing this plant by making sure that it manufactures the right meat products and supplies clients with the right capacity.


Away from the acquisitions is the fact that OSI Group values its employees. That is why once in a while, it provides employment opportunities in the light of giving an opportunity to the qualified. As such, OSI Group has always provided its employees with comfortable working environments.

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Top executive Desiree Perez leads Billboard’s 2017 list as an illustrious leader in the music industry. The Chief Operating Officer resides at Roc Nation, a leader in the entertainment market.

Roc Nation is led by super mogul Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z. Desiree Perez and Jay-Z have been acquainted for years. It is to no surprise that the talented businesswoman established ranks under Roc Nation in 2009. Since Ms. Perez’s tenure, the label has been a trailblazer. Under Desiree Perez’s steering, Roc Nation has collaborated and successfully negotiated with industry giants like Samsung, Sprint, and Puma, to name a few.

Desiree Perez is in charge of marketing and promotion strategies for the label. She manages music tours for the record’s talent. The unapologetic leader was a steward of singer Rihanna’s Anti Tour. She collaborated with Samsung, propelling the artist’s career into next level stardom. Desiree Perez contributed to Queen Bey’s (Beyonce Knowles) Formation Stadium Tour. Furthermore, she spearheaded Jay-Z’s recent popular 4:44 Tour with sponsor Puma.

The savvy COO managed to propel the 4:44 album into platinum status before its release date. The album also was celebrated as a Grammy nominee for best album and for best song categories. Album 4:44 delivered 21% more sales than previous monster album Magna Carter Tour in 2013. Desiree Perez is very deliberate in her approach to sustainable successes for Roc Nation. She has mastered fostering the right connections in and around the industry. She focuses on growth as well as innovation. Music, just like any industry evolves steadily. Desiree Perez takes careful steps and undergoes in-depth research to stay in front of the entertainment industry. She hails at the top in the male-predominant industry of music. Roc Nation has quite an irreplaceable gem amidst their leadership ranks.

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Investing seems like a daunting chore to many people. However, those same people would generally admit that it is beneficial to get a head start on creating a portfolio of investments that can help you become financially secure. With many industries booming around us, it could be hard to determine which ones are worth your hard earned cash through all the noise! If finding promising and fruitful investing opportunities is something you are interested in, then you should take a few minutes out of your day to research the opportunities within the E-cig industry. An ever growing industry that services both its consumers and investors. Below we’ll highlight two companies: O2Pur and British-American.

An excellent investment opportunity is: British-American Tobacco. Currently in the midst of an acquisition of Reynolds-American, it is a company whose total net worth will soar within the next financial period. Outside of it’s immediate value jump, it created a name for itself in the field with the taste of its products. BAT uses tobacco to push the flavor and texture of its e-cigs to the next level, increasing the flavor index and becoming really well received among fans of e-cigs. Within 10 weeks of launching a recent product line in Japan — The company had come on a 5.4% market share, with future plans to go world wide.

Next, we have O2Pur. A smaller company in a large space with an equally large potential of growth, both as a company and for investors. O2Pur is a company that distributes using an Ecommerce platform, allowing it to reach and serve more customers than traditional brick and mortar shops. Their store features a smooth and tasty e-liquid at a price that is competitive and fair. Combine this with their social media offerings and giveaways and you have a company that is in a position to enjoy exponential growth in the age of digital marketing.

While investing can seem like a lengthy process, understanding the net gains as well as what industry to look into can go a long way in helping you create the financial freedom that you deserve. And if overall growth excites you, then look no further!

Obsidian Energy is a mid-sized Canadian oil and natural gas company founded in 1979 that is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Obsidian Energy from 2005-2011 was the 60th largest company on the Toronto Canada Stock Exchange.



Obsidian Energy


President and CEO

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Obsidian Energy are David L. French since 2016. David brings years of past leadership experience and knowledge to Obsidian Energy.


David French Education


Harvard Business School

Degree: Master of Business Administration



Rice University

Degree: Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering




Obsidian Energy


Obsidian Energy was formerly named Penn West Petroleum Ltd until June of 2017. The company name change was voted in by shareholders of the company. David French President and Chief Executive Officer redefined the operations of Obsidian  along with the company name change paved the path for Obsidian Energy to prosper as a solid stronger oil and natural gas provider. Obsidian Energy mid-size company employs an estimate of 250-300 full-time employees.


Obsidian Energy petroleum production comes from three main areas in Alberta, Canada.

  1. Pembina Cardium
  2. Peace River Oil Sands
  3. Alberta Viking

Obsidian Energy oil fields are located along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin an area which is one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves.


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Obsidian Energy


NYSE: Price of Common Shares

Obsidian Energy as Penn West Petroleum faced a few Investor common share issues within the company. Obsidian Energy as of March 12th, 2018 has received notice that the company is no longer in compliance with the New York Stock Exchange due to common share amount being less than one dollar. The decrease in common stock shares does not affect the business production of Obsidian Energy.


Obsidian Energy intends to satisfy the compliance issue within 10 business days of receipt of the notice, therefore, increasing the price deficiency and returning to required compliance with the New York Stock Exchange.



Obsidian Energy Future

David French President and CEO are planning on a successful company production and investment opportunity future for Obsidian Energy thus removing issues that occurred in the past have been a challenge for David, but Mr. French states is a start of a new chapter for Obsidian Energy.




Louis Chenevert is the CEO of the highly successful company, United Technologies Corporation. For Mr. Chenevert, seeing how decisions in the present can affect the future has always been an important part of his business plan. In 1999, he was the president of Pratt and Whitney, and he foresaw the GTF engine becoming largely successful. So starting in 2006, as CEO of UTC, Chenevert brought the two ideas together. His company invested $10 billion and twenty years in to developing the jet engine, which helps the environment greatly. It cuts fuel usage by 16 percent and emissions by 50 percent, and is very popular among airlines. The United Technologies Corporation aims to keep producing and investing in products that can have a positive impact on the future. They want to provide jobs for  thousands of employees as well. Pratt and Whitney is helping meet this goal by owning six different locations on the east coast. Part of Chenevert’s success is due in part to his education and hard work. He attended HEC Montreal in Canada where he studied production management. Later, he spent 14 years working at General Motors before working for Pratt & Whitney. Louis is also a decorated businessman. In 2011, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by HEC. Later in the same year, he was named “Person of the Year” by Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine. Thanks to their CEO, UTC provides its employees with many opportunities as well, as the company understands that the employees are vital. UTC has started the Employee Scholar Program. This program aids employees in earning a degree in whichever field they choose, by paying for all of the schooling. Louis Chenevert has demonstrated how success is not based on money. He always looks toward the future to understand what the needs of the community will be, and improves his business in many ways. His ideas are a prime example of a thriving 21st century business.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is one of the purest resources of bottled water on earth. How have they achieved this lofty claim? The water is Hawaiian volcanic water. It’s sourced from the peaks of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. That is a volcano that is peaked in ice. Whilst it rains, the runoff is amassed from the mountaintop and melted snow. This is all performed in an environmentally friendly manner to avoid hurting the environment. Waiakea Water additionally bottles their product in the most sustainable way possible. They use biodegradable bottles.

Plastic bottles from the bottled water industry make up a big a part of the world’s pollution – a great deal of which ends up inside the ocean. The use of biodegradable bottles means Waiakea Volcanic Water is reducing their carbon footprint. That is the simplest part of their commitment to the environment. They also use low-emission motors to move and supply their products. The low emissions do not harm the environment. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water donates three percent of their annual sales to social reasons and nonprofit groups to increase first-rate life on earth.

The volcanic water benefits include getting your water from the herbal source and increasing your health. Because it comes from the peak of a volcano Waiakea Water is filtered through volcanic rock and cooled by natural snow earlier than it’s collected and bottled. The entire procedure is natural and unadulterated. Your health will growth via having better digestion and an improved blood flow. The natural water will clear any blemishes you’ve got for your skin and, best of all, rehydrate you. There’s no drawback to ingesting Hawaiian volcanic water!

Waiakea Water has grown in excess of four thousand percent since their founding in 2012. That is impressive for any agency but even extra brilliant while you take into account the truth that the company was founded by Ryan Emmons while he was 22! He has remained true to his imaginative ideas of producing a bottled water organization that does not damage the earth. This is why real lovers of bottled water choose Waiakea Water.

Businesses are realizing the importance of social media platforms in marketing their products. Currently, social media for trading is no longer an option. It is one strategy that a smart business professional must embrace. OPSkins is one such example. It is the world’s leading marketplace for digital trading items. The e-commerce leader for eSports trading prides itself on being a leading platform for digital businesses. OPSkins provides clients with digital, comprehensive escrow services coupled with multiple, payment options. The platform has millions of traders, facilitators, and collectors across more than 150 countries.


OPSkins’ developers are gracing trading news following the launch of a modern blockchain platform. The platform will be used for asset trading through the blockchain foundation. It will allow traders to conduct their businesses through decentralized contracts. This will foster efficiency and the proper acquisition of assets. Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is the name of the trading platform. The P2P trading platform will facilitate entrepreneurial interactions.


Benefits of Using WAX

WAX is a revolutionary project. It will be a colossal problem solver for virtual asset trading. This project will track fraudulent activities by curbing fragmentation. The simple blockchain with an enabled widget allows users to trade virtually. They do not have to switch between their games and the trading platforms. WAX will also tokenize trader’s gaming assets. The simple blockchain platform allows users to navigate smoothly.



Like most businesses in this generation, WAX will be powered by Delegated Proof of Stake. DPOS is a consensus algorithm that has attractive features. Some of the features include efficiency, speed, flexibility and modern decentralization.


Leadership through Malcolm

A company like WAX thrives on excellent leadership. That is why Malcolm CasSelle, the president focuses on providing clients with competent trading platforms. Malcolm CasSelle is a serial entrepreneur. He was the president of CTO and New Ventures before joining WAX. He also served as the general manager for SeaChange International. Malcolm also worked as a motivator for startups. Malcolm CasSelle initiated the foundation of Tencent, MediaPass, and Xfire.


Education Background

Casselle attended Stanford University for a degree in MIT. He later pursued computer science.

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At the very end of November 2017, Wall Street insider and legendary investor Paul Mampilly wrote a blog article predicting the bubble in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would soon crash and burn. On that day, it was actually beginning the period of its greatest volatility to the upside. That’s about when it rose from around $10,000 to nearly $20,000 in just a few days. Bitcoin has now gone below $10,000, and may never recover.

But Paul Mampilly already realized cryptocoins were experiencing an unsustainable bubble, and prices could not keep going up. He has seen bubbles before. He began his investing career as an analyst for Bankers Trust back in 1991. By the time the dot com tech boom began to take off in 1995 right after Netscape went public, he was managing millions of dollars for such institutions as ING, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutche Bank. He himself made a lot of money during that boom. But he sold in 1999. As he says in the blog post, he sold too early. He watched from the sidelines as the stocks he had owned continued to jump 20%, 30% and more. He felt dumb, believed he was missing out. He had a friend who had invested in an Internet stock that had gone up 1,000%. She considered herself rich, and stopped talking to Paul Mampilly when he advised to sell, to take her profits and run. However, when the Tech Wreck hit the market in 2000 and 2001, he felt a lot smarter. His money was safe.

And in late November Paul Mampilly saw the same kind of market in Bitcoin. If you sold when his blog article appeared, you would have missed out on a few weeks of extreme highs of close to $20,000, but you would now be sitting on your profits. Your money would be safe.To know more, Click here.

Paul Mampilly noticed the same thing about Bitcoin he noted in dot com investors back in 1999. As the bubble continues to grow, nobody wants to sell. The math of investing says when the market is high and you have major profits of 1,000% or more, to sell before it comes crashing down. If you get out too early, it’s okay, but you’ve still got a large profit to protect. But people’s emotions drive them to expect even larger gains. Why settle for 1,000% when the stock or coin will keep going up another 1,000% next week? That’s the essence of a bubble.

Paul Mampilly @ Twitter

The Frontera Fund was initiated by Lacey and Larkin, two reporters who suffered great injustices due to the practices of Joe Arpaio. The unjust sheriff of the Maricopa county has caused a lot of problems for people of multiple agencies.

The way that this judge has tormented and accused people of multiple races is atrocious and has long been countered by oppositions who are unable to agree with his standards of operation. Due to the complexities of Joe Arpaio’s career as sherrif, a lot of people have suffered.

He has a history of subjecting immigrants and migrant workers to unfair prisons and jails in Mexico. He also had a specialized task force that would complete unique missions often times to pursue his political enemies. This task force would also pick on people and businesses that Arpaio would select.

Lacey and Larkin were targets of these criminal activities more than ten years ago. They pursued Arpaio in court, and Maricopa County had to pay the two a settlement of nearly four million dollars. The funds from this settlement were used to setup the Frontera Fund.

This initiative is dedicated to improving the quality of civil liberties defense throughout the state of Arizona. Their efforts have helped achieve multidimensional acclaim in addition to a unique vantage point when it comes to offering high quality legal support. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The benefits of the Frontera fund are multi-dimensional and there are significant opportunities for success with this organization. They have facilitated changes that not only improve the way that civil liberties are defended, but also increased public awareness of the harmful nature of negative proceedings.

Recent trial results were not favorable when it comes to the people affected by Joe Arpaio’s crimes. Donald Trump has granted an official pardon to Joe Arpaio despite his history of malicious behavior and misuse of power. Trump had received support from Arpaio during the early stages of the election process. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Arpaio was incredibly vocal about the issues surrounding former President Obama’s birth certificate. He was also instrumental in Donald Trump receiving the GOP election nomination. These factors led to an increased alliance between Trump and Arpaio. Arpaio has since been granted a presidential pardon that has forgiven him for the numerous atrocities committed throughout the state of Arizona.

Not only is this decision highly controversial, but it sets a new precedence for the legal proceedings relating to migrant worker rights. Civil liberties are further threatened by the political standpoint garnered with this presidential decision. There are limited opportunities for development that are possible due to Arpaio’s horrible actions being rectified by the presidential pardon.

The Frontera Fund will continue to improve the quality of lives for immigrants and migrant workers. They will also help develop steadfast results to improve access to legal assistance and immigrant worker rights.

It is important for these civil liberties to be protected as well as first amendment rights that have been fought for for generations. Lacey and Larkin will continue to stand by the mission of the Frontera Fund to increase access to quality rights.

Michael Lacey’s path began with an undergraduate degree at the University of Texas Austin, progressed through a Ph.D. at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and has continued as a full professor at Georgia Institute of Technology. He has had quite a career, and it isn’t over yet!

Lacey has solved problems in the areas of the central limit theorem and the bilateral Hilbert transform. He and Christoph Thiele were awarded the Salem Prize for their work on a conjecture about the transform. Other honors include a Fullbright Fellowship and a Guggenheim Fellowship. He has also worked on problems in probability and harmonic analysis.

Lacey has taught Mathematics at the University level for the last 30 years. This has included his time as a professor in the USA, and also many short-term positions as a visiting professor overseas.

An interesting and engaging teacher who inspires his students, Lacey has helped increase the number of students in STEM majors. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Mentoring is a particular interest of Lacey’s. He has a long and successful track record of working with students and postdocs to get them into good academic and industry jobs.

About 40% of his undergraduate advisees go on to graduate school. On the Math Alliance webpage, he offers an email address that can be used to request him as a mentor.

To go along with his involvement with mentoring, Lacey has directed several training grants. These grants support talented students and postdocs, making further study and advances in mathematics possible.

In short, Michael Lacey is an active and successful mathematician, who supports the math community while also doing excellent research.