Louis Chenevert is a half French- Canadian born in Quebec. He was able to pursue a bachelor’s degree in production of management in the University of Montreal. Louis started his career at General Motors where he worked for over a decade. He later left the job to join Pratt and Whitney, a business unit of the United Technology Corporation.

After working for the institution for six years, Louis was appointed as the president of the firm in 1999. Chenevert served in his role as a president for seven years before being elected president as well as the CEO of UTC. Since Louis took over as the president, he made several achievements in which he was able to make during his tenure. One of the achievements he did was to buy the company, Goodrich. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

UTC got several commitments that involve its workers through the Employee Scholar Program in which it supports its workers to pursue education while still working. From the year 1996, the program has been able to provide over 40000 employees with degrees across the world.

In USA alone, the company has over the period been able to invest over 1$ Billion in the educational program having a great impact to the workers. When a certain industry failed to produce a ‘’second alternate engine’’ for the US Airforce, UTC under the leadership of Louis stepped up to take the offer. UTC is now the major supplier of the F-35 engine for the US government. Read more at yatchingmagazine.com.

Some of the innovative jet engines are created by the UTC. There is a small unit of UTC known as Sikorsky which is the main manufacturer of helicopter in US. All of these projects and innovations were under the leadership of Louis Chenevert as the company continues to lead in the market.

Due to his great work, he has been able to get several awards such as getting the Honor Award from the National Museum in 2009. After two years, he was recognized and handed the honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal. The US Aviation magazine also made Louis as the Person of the Year in the same year.

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In the recent past, we have seen Tony Petrello come out to be among the leading philanthropists in the country. Most people who are near him would say he is in a mood of giving out. Tony Petrello advises that one must first acquire to give out. If you don’t make anything, you will never give out anything. For this reason, you must first be willing to make something to get it back from the people. Tony Petrello advises that people must seek to endeavor in business to make more money for a brighter future. The world depends on the entrepreneurs who have a vision for the people. This is why entrepreneurs will always outdo the general population.

Tony Petrello has funded one of the greatest research initiatives in most of the American Universities with $5 million. For this reason, he also ended up with saying that he is planning to top the research initiatives within the next few months as it goes further. The reason why he decided to enter the research initiative is that he feels that the people need a new way of communicating their intended goals to solve problems with research. Tony Petrello is also willing to lead major fundraising solutions for this course.

Tony Petrello is one of the few rich individuals who has come from the bottom. For this reason, he is aware of how malicious life can be. Every morning, Tony Petrello enjoys seeing his children enjoy a powerful breakfast with him. He sees it as a miracle because he could hardly afford breakfast when he was still young. This is because his parents had no welfare to become the best in society. For this reason, he led a miserable life with the aim of becoming a person in future. This is why he is considered as one of the best investors in the country.

Tony Petrello has always worked hard to save their kid, Carina. She is one of the few people born with disorders. When the time came for Tony Petrello to take her to the hospital, he did not know the best place to go. Therefore, Tony Petrello went on to assimilate better business solutions by achieving several months studying in the country. Tony Petrello now hopes that the Texas Neurological Research Institute will offer the best solution to save the life of their kid. For more than two years now, Tony Petrello has worked with the center to provide excellence.

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Anthony G. Petrello works for Nabors Industries, Ltd. as its CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and President. He’s often referred to simply as “Tony.” Nabors Industries is among the planet’s biggest gas and oil drilling companies. It was established back in 1968 and is located in Hamilton, Bermuda. People who are familiar with the gas and oil drilling worlds know a lot about Petrello.

People who are familiar with the philanthropic world often know a lot about the skilled and experienced businessman as well. Petrello has a strong commitment to a vast range of notable charitable organizations. He offers his assistance to a group that’s called the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. He does so alongside his devoted wife, Cynthia. Petrello is proud to be a part of the Board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital. He is an individual who wants to do anything and everything he can to aid children who suffer from all different kinds of neurological conditions. It’s a cause that’s close to his wife’s heart as well. Petrello happily calls Houston, Texas his home base. He resides in the large city with Cynthia.

Petrello is an alumnus of Harvard University, a prestigious Ivy League institution located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He went to yet another Ivy League school, too. This was Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. He earned a J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree after attending Harvard Law School. He studied mathematics at Yale University and got BS and MS degrees there.

Petrello started his life as a professional at the end of the seventies. That’s when he landed a job with Baker McKenzie, a prominent law firm. He worked for Baker McKenzie’s New York, New York branch between the years of 1986 and 1991. He was the office’s hard-working managing partner. Petrello secured a job with Nabors Industries right after leaving Baker McKenzie in New York. He scored a position as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) in 1991. He was elected the firm’s President the following year.

This professional is associated with various well-known organizations. He’s linked to Nabors Blue Sky, Ltd., Media On Demand, Ltd. and more. He’s a tireless executive who is always doing everything he can to make things better for Nabors Industries and associated groups. He’s also constantly doing everything he can to give back to the communities that surround him in his daily life. Philanthropy means the world to him.

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Financial advisor David Giertz talks of meaning retirement and how retirees can save up for their future after leaving employment. He says that majority of retirees have a habit of just saving money and not spending it. David says that there is good news that older people can now spend their hard-earned money in more responsible ways and still enjoy their lives. Older people can has the ability to have fun after they retire with the help of cash reserves and budgets. David Giertz advice to retirees is to plan wisely for the future to ensure that they have a successful retirement.

David Giertz says that many millionaires normally find it hard to spend their money like going for vacations with their family and friends. Saving up for retirement can sometimes become a habit for many and later they acquire a negative attitude when it comes to spending the money that they have accumulated. It is important to have the right kind of discipline according to David since this will ensure that retirees get to appreciate the good things that life has to offer. Many retirees normally misunderstand the sole purpose of saving money although it is a good virtue to have financial discipline.

David Giertz is a graduate from the Millikin University where he managed to acquire his MBA. He has worked as a financial planner for almost 30 years and has therefore acquired the required expertise and experience when it comes to the financial world. He formerly worked with Nationwide Financial as the president of the sales and distribution department. David helped grow the company from $11 billion to approximately $17.8 billion. He also has experience when it comes to mutual funds, life insurance policies, annuities, retirement plans and many others. A philanthropist, David Giertz is also committed in giving back to the community.

Sweetgreen has steadily turned into one of the most prominent high end, healthy food chains in the entire Northeast. Established by Nathaniel Ru and a pair of friends, Sweetgreen has slowly been warping the way that customers approach their needs and definition of what ‘fast food’ really is. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: http://fortune.com/2016/02/18/sweetgreen-entrepreneurs/

Sweetgreen is as much a mission statement as it is a place to get great eats, and Ru is one of the primary reasons why it has had so much success. As a businessman and an entrepreneur Ru’s efforts have been widely regarded as innovative within an industry that doesn’t always allow fort hat sort of thinking.

Nathaniel Ru met Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman while attending Georgetown University. The trio were all taking a class on entrepreneurship together and it was during this time that they began to come up with the concept that Sweetgreen would eventually morph into.

They saw firsthand how little healthy food options there were in and around the Georgetown campus and they saw that there could be a market to fill if they approached it the right way.

While building up the idea during school they were also making plans to put the concept into action. Right after graduation, in 2007, Ru and the rest of the team would open up their first restaurant right near the Georgetown campus. Since then their growth has only been upward.

Sweetgreen’s success hasn’t been all about their approach as a high end salad eating operation. It is true that a big draw to Sweetgreen is how healthy they are, but it isn’t the only thing.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons for Sweetgreen’s prolonged success is their willingness to cater to technology and embrace the turning of the times. Sweetgreen has embraced technology in all of its facets in order to speed ahead of the rest of the pack.

The Sweetgreen restaurants, all 40 of them, acquire nearly 30% of their orders over the internet or over their mobile application. This huge number is a true departure from the rest of the casual dining world. It just doesn’t happen this effectively.

Nathaniel Ru has also been leading the ‘no corporate’ policy at Sweetgreen since the company first started. Sweetgreen wants to be a communal experience, not another corporate structure littering the various cities that they open up shop. For a week every year Ru and his team shut down their head offices in order to work hands on at any of their various locations.

Nathaniel Ru is doing something magnificent in the area of healthy food choices. With Sweetgreen he has created a whole new dimension of fast food alternatives that can really benefit a large number of people that are trying to build a better diet plan.

People are excited about the Sweetgreen franchise, and it appears that more people are going to embrace this because it is so easy to eat healthy when you have better options.

That is the thing that Nathaniel Ru seemed to recognize early on. He believed that people were actually interested in eating healthy, but he felt that many people did not have great options to consider. It is through the sweetgreen franchise that people have become much more engaged in better eating habits. It is obvious that

Sweetgreen is playing a huge part in this in areas like Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, D.C. It is in Georgetown where Nathaniel Ru originally had the idea to create the Sweetgreen franchise because there were no opportunities to indulge in healthy food restaurants. He knew that it would be difficult for people to embrace an idea if it wasn’t something that was considered a void in the area.

Fortunately, Nathaniel had already spent some time researching things, and he was well aware that there was going to be a great amount of interest in this because he also have friends, people that are now partners in the Sweetgreen franchise, that were interested in this type of healthy food as well.

He knew that this may be enough to help start a small restaurant establishment, but he really had no idea that it would become something that would grow in such an enormous way. Once the buzz started for this company, it would continue over the years.

The Sweetgreen franchises would thrive, and this restaurant chain that Nicholas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru and Jonathan Newman created would take on a whole new life. It would go from being a novelty restaurant with one location to a healthy food dynasty that had a plethora of different things like seasonal menus and a Sweetgreen Music Festival.

These are the type of things that can totally change the perspective on a restaurant. It is a thing that makes people think again when it comes to eating healthy and picking a better health food alternative. Sweetgreen is reshaping the fast food industry.

Marc Sparks is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to business. He is also a philanthropist and a venture capitalist. When talking about success, Marc Sparks knows that it’s not a matter of luck. Instead, Marc Spark says that one has to work hard and beyond that, don’t despise the people below you. This is why he has embarked on a mission of helping those wishing to succeed through guidance and mentorship. To ensure that his advice reaches everyone around the globe, Marc Sparks has written a book called They Can’t Eat You. Through this book, he uses his story as an example of how people can succeed in life despite failing in school. This book was written is 2014, and it’s still available on Amazon. As earlier mentioned, Marc Sparks does not believe in keeping all the money he makes for himself. He donates some of this money to the less fortunate. Learn more: https://www.amazon.com/They-Cant-Eat-Marc-Sparks/dp/0990495000


According to the man himself, Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur. The term is used to describe someone who has started many businesses. He is known to specialize with telecommunications, but this does not hinder him from starting businesses in other fields. Some of his most notable businesses in telecommunication include Cardinal Telecom, Blue Jay Wireless as well as Splash Media. Marc Sparks currently lives in Dallas, Texas together with his wife and one daughter. Marc Sparks has a ranch in rural Texas and can be found on this property when not working. Learn more: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/marcsparks


When it comes to philanthropy, Marc Sparks has been involved with a homeless shelter from Dallas since the early 1980s. The homeless shelter is called the Samaritan Inn. Marc Sparks says that he has realized that whoever gives get. He even jokes that it’s a scientific fact. He is also involved with another venture called Habitat for Humanity (http://thebrotalk.com/bro-recommendations/dallas-entrepreneur-marc-sparks-spills-must-visit-list-wineries-dfw/). Through this venture, he has managed to build homes for the homeless in the United States. Finally, Marc Sparks is involved with another venture called the American Can Foundation. This is a foundation that focuses on educating children from poor backgrounds by providing them books and other learning materials.

Apart from being a famous author, dramatist, poet, television script writer and a filmmaker, Roberto Santiago is a serial entrepreneur. He is the owner of the prestigious Manaira shopping center and other shopping malls in Brazil. Throughout his writing and investments careers, he has received recognition for his literary skills and business acumen. Apart from running the most successful shopping complex in Latin America, he has also written several internationally acclaimed books for both children and adults. Read more on comunique-se.com.

The Manaira Shopping complex is built to international standards, and it provides various social amenities and educational facilities like the buffet Pirlimpimpim, a park for children, a large food court, a college, conference facilities, cinemas, gyms, banking halls and a gourmet restaurant. What makes him an outstanding writer, filmmaker and screen director are the achievements he has acquired in the industries. Audiences from all over the world have received his productions with great acclamation and praise. Roberto Santiago has won the Edebé Prize for Children and Youth Literature and the Editorial SM prize many times in succession. And for the big screen and in many television shows, his dramatic productions have been serialized. Many translations of his work exist in several major international languages, and in the section of the Cannes Official Festival, Ruleta, one of his tragic, dramatic productions received the place of honor.

A comic Horror called La Casecha was awarded the first position at the Oregon Festival of Horror, and in many productions being seen all over the world, Santiago has partnered with Unicef. His personality is characterized by determination, foresight and hard work, and that is why he is such a successful author and entrepreneur. In the Faculty of Literary Creation at the School of Letters of Madrid, he was always the leading student whose performance was a subject of envy among his peers. The same academic prowess he regularly demonstrated also served him well when he was a student at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He improved his mastery in creativity at the Faculty of Communication Sciences. The great achievements he has got in the world of literature, filming, theater, arts and television provision have earned win recognition all over the world. Visit his profile page on Facebook.

Some of his most reputed works include Ana which received the Editorial Planeta and is also a favorite book for adults, the Syndrome of Ulysses for Antena 3 which is a humor series for the television,, the Other Side of the Bed which also got the T Theater Award for being a creative work, and combination of football and intrigue novels called Los Futbolísimos (SM). Born in Madrid, Spain in 1968, Roberto Santiago has worked hard to become a wealthy investor, publisher and book writer.

Samuel Strauch began at Hofstra University, earning a BBA in International Business. He added education from Harvard and Rotterdam’s Erasmus University. He took this degree and ventured into banking to gain experience. However, Strauch felt compelled to return to the family real estate business, so he created Metrik Real Estate. Over time, his experience in management, brokerage, development, acquisitions, and equity sourcing lead to a top-notch reputation in South Florida.

Samuel Strauch knows today’s buyers expect their finances to pay for a home that surrounds itself to nearby amenities, good schools, great job growth, low crime, and great resale value. Fortunately, buyers who like their climate warm can have it all thanks to the top 10 list from real estate expert Samuel Strauch. Likewise, Strauch found a city perfect for buyers preferring snow to heat.

Major cities in California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee provide the big city life without the big city price tag. Pack your bags and relocate to San Jose and San Francisco, California. Located in the Bay Area, San Francisco and San Jose contain affordable neighborhoods (Dublin and Milpitas, respectively) with new construction, abundant amenities, and nearby public transportation.

The Wylie neighbor in Dallas and the Daffen community in Austin are the bright lights for affordable housing in two popular towns. Expect these college areas to acquire everything imaginable for 26-30% less. Samuel Strauch’s state of Florida contains three major cities buyers are flocking to with affordable housing to boot. Tampa and Orlando in central Florida provide bargain neighborhoods in Palm River-Clair Mel and Vista East too good to pass up. Southern Florida’s main city, Miami, has hidden gems in Cutler Bay and Deering Estate Park. Click here to know more.

The Apex community in Raleigh, North Carolina contains endless attractions and job opportunity for the cost provided. Williamsburg in Murfreesboro, 33 miles outside Nashville, is a hidden treasure with great homes for half the price. Cold weather and beer lovers should look in Stanley Marketplace near Denver to start or raise a family.