JHSF’s current Chief Executive and Chairman, José Auriemo Neto has put in over 20 years of innovative leadership, establishing several successful ventures, which has helped propel the real estate holdings company into the international corporation it is today. José Auriemo Neto was hired by JHSF in 1993. Since JHSF acquired José Auriemo Neto, they have the beneficiary of many new ventures that has seen them achieve extraordinary success in the real estate sector.

José Auriemo Neto, quickly learned the importance of partnerships in business, and it is relationships that is often the cause for either success or failure in the business world. It was in 1997 José Auriemo Neto identified the need for a parking lot management solution, so he founded Parkbem. Parkbem is a company that manages parking lots, to ensure things are running in an efficient and effective manner. Again realizing, the market need for a shopping mall, José Auriemo Neto founded the Shopping Santa Cruz shopping mall. The Shopping Santa Cruz mall is also managed by José Auriemo Neto.

JHSF is currently a leader in Brazil, as a high end real estate holding conglomerate. However it was José Auriemo Neto, who in 2009 recognized the need to establish JHSF as a key player in luxury brands, catering to higher end customers. José Auriemo Neto was responsible for JHSF’s very first luxury branding, by building relationships with Hermes, Pucci and Jimmy Cho.

Three years after JHSF’s venture in luxury brands, José Auriemo Neto follows it up with building a partnership with Valentina, to create Valentina and RED.

In 2003 to 2004 and in 2004-2005, José Auriemo Neto was the Chief Executive of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). YPO is an organization consisting of business leaders from over 130 countries with over 25,000 members, together the members companies generate $6 trillion in annual revenue.


Businesses are realizing the importance of social media platforms in marketing their products. Currently, social media for trading is no longer an option. It is one strategy that a smart business professional must embrace. OPSkins is one such example. It is the world’s leading marketplace for digital trading items. The e-commerce leader for eSports trading prides itself on being a leading platform for digital businesses. OPSkins provides clients with digital, comprehensive escrow services coupled with multiple, payment options. The platform has millions of traders, facilitators, and collectors across more than 150 countries.


OPSkins’ developers are gracing trading news following the launch of a modern blockchain platform. The platform will be used for asset trading through the blockchain foundation. It will allow traders to conduct their businesses through decentralized contracts. This will foster efficiency and the proper acquisition of assets. Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is the name of the trading platform. The P2P trading platform will facilitate entrepreneurial interactions.


Benefits of Using WAX

WAX is a revolutionary project. It will be a colossal problem solver for virtual asset trading. This project will track fraudulent activities by curbing fragmentation. The simple blockchain with an enabled widget allows users to trade virtually. They do not have to switch between their games and the trading platforms. WAX will also tokenize trader’s gaming assets. The simple blockchain platform allows users to navigate smoothly.



Like most businesses in this generation, WAX will be powered by Delegated Proof of Stake. DPOS is a consensus algorithm that has attractive features. Some of the features include efficiency, speed, flexibility and modern decentralization.


Leadership through Malcolm

A company like WAX thrives on excellent leadership. That is why Malcolm CasSelle, the president focuses on providing clients with competent trading platforms. Malcolm CasSelle is a serial entrepreneur. He was the president of CTO and New Ventures before joining WAX. He also served as the general manager for SeaChange International. Malcolm also worked as a motivator for startups. Malcolm CasSelle initiated the foundation of Tencent, MediaPass, and Xfire.


Education Background

Casselle attended Stanford University for a degree in MIT. He later pursued computer science.

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In this day and age, many people are still stuck in the daily grind of working a job that they’d rather not work. This is a lot better than the earlier days where people are only working a job because someone else got them the job and they are stuck with it. After the changes in the economy, more people have been seeking other ways to earn money. One good thing about the recent developments in technology is that it makes things easier for people to start some kind of business of their own based on what they enjoy doing.

Vijay Eswaran has become a successful businessman even before this type of technical revolution. However, he sees the advantage that many people have at the current moment. There is a huge change that a growing number of people are becoming aware of. For one thing, there are developments that are making it easier for entrepreneurs. Social media, and other developments on the internet enable networking for users as they look for different opportunities to build the lives they desire. The best thing for Vijay Eswaran is that it is quickly changing into the type of world that he enjoys.

This world is changing into something that is based on individuality. The ironic thing is that as individuality is promoted and taken advantage of, people are becoming more accepting of one another. For one thing, people are realizing that their individual approach to life is working. Vijay’s individual approach to life has become a large enterprise that helps people in many different ways which includes offering people opportunities to make money through marketing and direct selling with QNet. Vijay Eswaran helps teach people the importance of humility, service, joy, and many other spiritual principles when it comes to running a successful business.

Paul Mampilly is a man who has shown how to make legitimate profits in stock investing and does so by doing his own research and studying the stock market carefully. He shares his information and gives some personal tips on stocks through newsletters he writes at Banyan Hill Publishing. Last year he told his readers that it would be a great year to buy stocks, and sure enough the stock market saw record high levels in gains. But this year he expects a lot of corrections to be imminent, but there are some stocks he says people can look into. They’re mega trends stocks include digital currency technology and Internet of Things stocks, which would be things like blockchain, artificial intelligence applications, precision medicine, robotics and more smart technology that will be coming to homes.

Paul Mampilly started writing these newsletters after leaving behind a Wall Street job in investment banking and hedge funds that made him a lot of money but did not allow him to live the life he truly dreamed of. Mampilly did not come from the a Wall Street elite background but actually came from a blue collar family in India, and his father got a job in the oil fields in the UAE to send him to college in the US. Mampilly earned a bachelor’s in accounting and finance at Montclair State University and worked in research first for Deutsche Bank starting in 1991. Over the next 25 years he worked in portfolio management positions at ING, Banker’s Trust, Sears Bank, Kinetics International Fund and for a few years as a consultant at Capuchin Consulting. While managing corporate and institutional client investments may have been his day job, Paul Mampilly was busy working on his own portfolio in his spare time and some big investments he made included buying early stage stocks in Facebook, Netflix and Sarepta Therapeutics.

Paul Mampilly accomplished a lot in his time in investment banking including winning the Templeton Foundation’s 2008 investment competition, but the way he bought his own stocks and managed his investments made him realize he could really help people do this the way that he couldn’t in the hedge fund industry. He joined Banyan Hill in 2016 because they supplied information to readers for much less than most big stock market insider journals, and he realized he could connect more with his readers. In a short period, his first newsletter had gained 60,000 subscribers, and he also puts out visual materials to help people understand buying stocks in his YouTube videos.

Paul Mampilly @ https://twitter.com/MampillyGuru

Are you into health and fitness? Maybe you’re more interested in general good health? Have you ever heard of a guy named Dr. Mark McKenna? If you’re not from the Southeastern United States, then you probably haven’t heard of this ingenious fellow. McKenna is a well-known and a well-respected figure in Atlanta and New Orleans. When it comes to practicing what you preach, this guy has personified this notion to the highest degree. Dr. Mark McKenna is a husband, a father, a businessman and a brilliant-thinker. He always seem to have some type of productive scheme in his pocket, but these schemes have benefited thousands of people in more ways than one.

When it comes to the health & wellness sector of business, few people can outperform this man. Dr. Mark McKenna has owned several high-profile medical practices that cater to this industry. Having over 10 years of working experience in this exclusive industry doesn’t hurt at all. His company, OVME, has put this industry on the map thanks to its huge selection of boutique services. This medical aesthetics practice is on another level, especially when being compared to its counterparts. OVME provides top-notch:

Dr. Mark McKenna believes in trying to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. No, you don’t have to be a fitness-fanatic to reach your goals, but you will need to make some psychological changes from within to achieve the goals. Sometimes its mind over matter. He does a lot of meditation in his free time, and he participates in Jiu Jitsu after his working hours. All in all, this short article can’t do this extraordinary guy any justice, but at least you’ll get a better understanding of how important Dr. Mark McKenna truly is.

When Tony Petrello made the decision to join Nabors Industries he was really attracted to the company because of its philanthropic culture. This was important to Tony as he too is very passionate about giving back. As CEO he has made a concerted effort to show the community that Nabors is about more than drawing a profit. He realizes it is a popular belief that companies don’t care about helping to keep up the community and are contempt to just take from it. Tony and Nabors proved their dedication to keeping up Houston, Texas areas after the city was hit hard by Hurrican Harvey.

Many residents were left homeless after their homes were destroyed in the natural disaster. Streets were flooded and supplies were hard to find. Thankfully, prominent Houston businesses like Nabors Industries took responsibility to help repair the damage done.

Many Nabors employees participated in cleanup efforts. The drilling company thoroughly encourages employees to take part in community projects, fundraisers, and special events. employees even took off work after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Nabors started a fund to help with hands-on relief efforts. Tony Petrello donated a little over $170,000 of his own money to the fund.

About Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello made himself into a successful businessman from humble origins. Both os his parents were working class citizens in the state of New Jersey. He studied hard in high school and earned a scholarship to attend Yale University. He graduated from the prestigious university with BS and MS degrees in mathematics.

Still seeking out further education he enrolled in Harvard Law School in pursuit of a law degree. His first job was with law firm Baker & McKenzie. He left the firm in 1991 even though he had been promoted to a Managing Partner position.

It was while working at the law firm that a Nabors representative approached him with a job opportunity. He became COO soon after joining the company. In 2011 he was named CEO of the company.

Tony Petrello’s commitment to philanthropy is something to be admired. He has become heavily involved in funding neurological research efforts after his daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He is a member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees.

Tony Petrello @ www.linkedin.com

Roberto Santiago has contributed greatly to the society and economic resources of Brazil throughout his career. He has established one of the largest shopping centers in Paraiba. Founded in 1989, the Manaira Shopping Plaza is one of the largest enterprises of its kind. The shopping mall and plaza has contributed greatly to the recreational activities available in the area,and are a prime destination on the northern coast. The Manaira Shopping plaza has created an environment of fun, excitement and leisure because of its multiple levels and significant opportunities for businesses in the area.


There are a lot of things that tourists can do in the plaza including attending local movie theaters, cinematic adventures as well as engaging with projections and other types of fun activities. There are also novel attractions such as VIP arenas, a full Stadium and 3D entertainment. The amusement park that is contained in this grid is magnanimous and one of a kind. There are gaming stations with over two hundred machines. With so many options to chose from, there is something for everyone at the Manaira Shopping plaza.


The work of Roberto Santiago is profound because it has created an incredible space for fun and prosperity. A large concert hall in addition to the carefully crafted space has led to this facility holding up to four thousand people when seated. The multiple levels as well as private cabin rentals make the lounge and surrounding areas incredible fashion forward and exciting. Graduations, recreational events as well as private engagements are just some of the types of events that take place. The exhibitions also add to the intellectual activities available at this destination.


Traders as well as other types of businessmen have benefited significantly from this shopping mall.This is due to the incredible number of businesses that are available throughout the facility. It has proven itself to be an incredible opportunity both for fun entertainment and leisurely recreation. Contemporary and modern aspects of cinema further add to the value of this establishment. The revolutionary nature of the Manaira Shopping plaza is due to the cultural and socially engaging projects that continue to take place. The partnerships that this organization has helps local businesses as well as students. Many school age children are taken on trips to visit the mall in order to increase their knowledge and awareness of intellectual and recreational sites.


The Manaira Shopping Plaza is one of the premier establishments in the state of Paraiba. It is one of the largest facilities of its kind and is the most expansive commercial facility of its kind. The incredible opportunities for public engagement have led to Manaira Shopping Plaza employing a great number of local residents as well. Roberto Santiago is responsible for the incredible improvements to quality of life throughout this region.


Louis Chenevert is a half French- Canadian born in Quebec. He was able to pursue a bachelor’s degree in production of management in the University of Montreal. Louis started his career at General Motors where he worked for over a decade. He later left the job to join Pratt and Whitney, a business unit of the United Technology Corporation.

After working for the institution for six years, Louis was appointed as the president of the firm in 1999. Chenevert served in his role as a president for seven years before being elected president as well as the CEO of UTC. Since Louis took over as the president, he made several achievements in which he was able to make during his tenure. One of the achievements he did was to buy the company, Goodrich. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

UTC got several commitments that involve its workers through the Employee Scholar Program in which it supports its workers to pursue education while still working. From the year 1996, the program has been able to provide over 40000 employees with degrees across the world.

In USA alone, the company has over the period been able to invest over 1$ Billion in the educational program having a great impact to the workers. When a certain industry failed to produce a ‘’second alternate engine’’ for the US Airforce, UTC under the leadership of Louis stepped up to take the offer. UTC is now the major supplier of the F-35 engine for the US government. Read more at yatchingmagazine.com.

Some of the innovative jet engines are created by the UTC. There is a small unit of UTC known as Sikorsky which is the main manufacturer of helicopter in US. All of these projects and innovations were under the leadership of Louis Chenevert as the company continues to lead in the market.

Due to his great work, he has been able to get several awards such as getting the Honor Award from the National Museum in 2009. After two years, he was recognized and handed the honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal. The US Aviation magazine also made Louis as the Person of the Year in the same year.

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In the recent past, we have seen Tony Petrello come out to be among the leading philanthropists in the country. Most people who are near him would say he is in a mood of giving out. Tony Petrello advises that one must first acquire to give out. If you don’t make anything, you will never give out anything. For this reason, you must first be willing to make something to get it back from the people. Tony Petrello advises that people must seek to endeavor in business to make more money for a brighter future. The world depends on the entrepreneurs who have a vision for the people. This is why entrepreneurs will always outdo the general population.

Tony Petrello has funded one of the greatest research initiatives in most of the American Universities with $5 million. For this reason, he also ended up with saying that he is planning to top the research initiatives within the next few months as it goes further. The reason why he decided to enter the research initiative is that he feels that the people need a new way of communicating their intended goals to solve problems with research. Tony Petrello is also willing to lead major fundraising solutions for this course.

Tony Petrello is one of the few rich individuals who has come from the bottom. For this reason, he is aware of how malicious life can be. Every morning, Tony Petrello enjoys seeing his children enjoy a powerful breakfast with him. He sees it as a miracle because he could hardly afford breakfast when he was still young. This is because his parents had no welfare to become the best in society. For this reason, he led a miserable life with the aim of becoming a person in future. This is why he is considered as one of the best investors in the country.

Tony Petrello has always worked hard to save their kid, Carina. She is one of the few people born with disorders. When the time came for Tony Petrello to take her to the hospital, he did not know the best place to go. Therefore, Tony Petrello went on to assimilate better business solutions by achieving several months studying in the country. Tony Petrello now hopes that the Texas Neurological Research Institute will offer the best solution to save the life of their kid. For more than two years now, Tony Petrello has worked with the center to provide excellence.

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Anthony G. Petrello works for Nabors Industries, Ltd. as its CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and President. He’s often referred to simply as “Tony.” Nabors Industries is among the planet’s biggest gas and oil drilling companies. It was established back in 1968 and is located in Hamilton, Bermuda. People who are familiar with the gas and oil drilling worlds know a lot about Petrello.

People who are familiar with the philanthropic world often know a lot about the skilled and experienced businessman as well. Petrello has a strong commitment to a vast range of notable charitable organizations. He offers his assistance to a group that’s called the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. He does so alongside his devoted wife, Cynthia. Petrello is proud to be a part of the Board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital. He is an individual who wants to do anything and everything he can to aid children who suffer from all different kinds of neurological conditions. It’s a cause that’s close to his wife’s heart as well. Petrello happily calls Houston, Texas his home base. He resides in the large city with Cynthia.

Petrello is an alumnus of Harvard University, a prestigious Ivy League institution located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He went to yet another Ivy League school, too. This was Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. He earned a J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree after attending Harvard Law School. He studied mathematics at Yale University and got BS and MS degrees there.

Petrello started his life as a professional at the end of the seventies. That’s when he landed a job with Baker McKenzie, a prominent law firm. He worked for Baker McKenzie’s New York, New York branch between the years of 1986 and 1991. He was the office’s hard-working managing partner. Petrello secured a job with Nabors Industries right after leaving Baker McKenzie in New York. He scored a position as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) in 1991. He was elected the firm’s President the following year.

This professional is associated with various well-known organizations. He’s linked to Nabors Blue Sky, Ltd., Media On Demand, Ltd. and more. He’s a tireless executive who is always doing everything he can to make things better for Nabors Industries and associated groups. He’s also constantly doing everything he can to give back to the communities that surround him in his daily life. Philanthropy means the world to him.

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