Sandra Bullock has spoken out quite publicly on the behalf of women throughout the years, but now she has a much stronger stance on the issue. According to Bullock, its open hunting season of women in the media and people are going after their age or how they look. A lot of females have been speaking out lately against how sexist Hollywood is, but Bullock is more concerned about how the media perceives women as they age.

Bullock should not worry too much as she was just named the Most Beautiful Woman of 2015, but in an interview she talked about how much pressure comes on Hollywood stars and the additional pressure that comes on female stars. She said that she often feels like it is open hunting season because women are not attacked for their personalities, who they are, or even how says that they act on the screen. Instead they are attacked for their looks or their age.

She added that she decided to take the honor bestowed on her by People so that she could use it as a platform that would allow her to openly talk about the issue in Hollywood. She also said that she uses it as a vehicle to talk about woman that are beautiful for simply doing great things that have nothing to do with appearance.