When you need to choose a cardiologist there are a few key things to keep in mind. It is best to have another doctor’s recommendation. If your physician is referring you to seek the opinion of a cardiologist, be sure to ask for their recommendations. Now that you have the recommendations from your primary doctor do your homework. It is always important to check the cardiologists’ credentials and overall customer ratings. You want to be sure you are comfortable and confident in the choice that you make. Since you do not know yet how often you will be frequenting the cardiologists office it is wise to pick one that is somewhat local to you. Even better would be a cardiologist who is centrally located between you and your nearest hospital that has affiliations with that hospital. Call the cardiologists office and arrange a sit down consultation. Be sure to have a list of questions or concerns and any other topics of discussion your family physician may have discussed with you. Make sure you are comfortable with the doctor and feel positive about the cardiologist’s treatment plan for you. It is also important if you have health insurance to make sure the selected cardiologist accepts your provider.

A cardiologist is a doctor who is trained in treating and preventing heart diseases and diseases within the blood vessels. When you meet with your cardiologist they will do a routine physical that will include evaluating your heart, lungs and blood pressure. Additionally, your cardiologist will go over your medical and family medical history to determine if strokes or heart attacks are possibly hereditary. Your family doctors will most likely refer you to a cardiologist if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or a family history of heart disease or stroke.

If you are located in New York and begin a search for cardiologists you will find the list available nearly daunting. While doctor’s referrals and worth of mouth referrals can be a wonderful place to start, also consider physician grading websites that rate doctors in various fields of expertise. Dr. Edward Honig is a cardiologist in Glen Cove New York. He earned his education from Duke University School of Medicine and holds certificates from New York State Medical License. Dr. Edward Honig currently works for Glen Cove Hospital – Department of Medicine and carries a New York State issued license to practice medicine.

Dr. Edward Honig has decades of experience within the medical field and specifically in cardiology. He strongly believes in putting his patients’ needs first and listens intently to their concerns. He specializes in treating both men and women with heart diseases and continually researches incoming information in the field of women’s cardiac health and treatments.