Rocketeers are important members of their communities. These young students are important because they are being instructed at one of the best charter schools in the nation. Rocketship Education Charter Schools is a franchise of premiere educational institutions that cater to low-income communities. Students who attend Rocketship schools are known as Rocketeers. These young kids are in grades K – 5.

Most of the students that attend Rocketship Education are from low-income neighborhoods. Their parents are also concerned people who want to provide the best education possible for the students that attend. Students who love to learn and involved parents help to form a solid foundation for Rocketship Education Charter Schools.

Rocketship Educaiton was started in 2006 and its goal was to ensure that low-income students would be adequately educated. The first Rocketship school achieved success in 2007 when its students passed the state test with high marks. Since that time, Rocketship Education schools began to spring up in other low-income communities around the nation.

Wherever a Rocketship institution is located, the students (and their parents) give the school positive remarks. They love the teachers, they are challenged by the curriculum and they appreciate the support that Rocketship provides. The teachers at Rocketship charter schools are hand selected by the parents. The staff at the schools wanted to ensure that the students are working with teachers who really care for them and their personal struggles.

All Rocketship teachers are expected to make at least one family visit for each of their students. This visit is to take place within a given school year. The teachers are also connected to parents through various apps and other forms of technology. Parent/teacher meetings are essential and many of the student’s parents do not mind attending these gatherings.

Parents who have children enrolled within these schools give them a lot of praise. They know that Rocketship cares for their students and that they want what is best for them. They also appreciate the way this school goes the extra mile with providing them support during family emergencies and crises. Parents and their students both enjoy all of the great benefits that Rocketship Education makes available for their lives.