Avaaz an organization opened to act as the mouthpiece for different people in all corners of the world affected by today issues caused by the governments. The body has a high leadership structure that consists of Ricken Patel who is the executive director and a Canadian-British. Ricken Patel has a strong background in economics, philosophy, and politics from Balliol College Oxford University and later from Harvard University. He earned Masters in Public Policy.

Ricken plays a vital role as the executive director and the president of Avaaz. He coordinates all the petitions, and has worked at International Crisis Group and dealt with the welfares of countries like Afghanistan, Sudan, Liberia and Sierra Leone. He believes that he will use his knowledge and skills he learned in those counties to make Avaaz an organization that monitors election covertly brings rebels in a roundtable for final negotiations restore the lost faith and glory to different countries due to corrupt political systems.

Avaaz gets its funds from different individual members. According to the Guardian, the group has not accepted more than five thousand dollars from corporations or foundations donations since 2009. Through own small contributions, Avaaz has managed to raise a tune of more than 20 million dollars. However, before 2009 the daily organization costs were funded by various global foundations.

Avaaz works in a simple way where they don’t have to build numerous constitutions to fit different countries. Instead, they use technology and different global interdependence ethics to make their issues known and solved. Avaaz boosts of single and stronger global team that works independently on issues that affect the public concern and giving enough time for campaigns to run with extraordinary scale, spotlight, litheness, and quickness according to the subject and the country and more information click here.