Although a new game within the “Tomb Raider” franchise, titled “Rise of the Tomb Raider,” is impending, there is no telling how far along a new film would be. While official comments are that nothing has been formally declared, the inevitable film is expected to build upon the lore building of heroine Lara Croft as she was depicted in the 2013 remake of the video game franchise.

Although no director or producer has been declared, the script has been penned by Evan Daughtery stated Amen Clinic. Daughtery’s previous scripting experience includes the recent “Divergent,” “Snow White and the Huntsman,” and some of the rebooted “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” While back in February, film partners MGM and Warner Brothers commented that “Tomb Raider” is on the fast track to the silver screen, nothing seems to contradict these statements.

The most recent news regarding this expedited project is that MGM and WB have begun to look into courting established female directors.. This approach seems to mirror WB’s handling of the “Wonder Woman” in 2014, where Michelle MacLaren left over creative issues and Patty Jenkins succeeded the job. Studios tend to trust valuable IPs with known talent; this will likely mean that MacLaren may be seeing some work from WB/MGM in the near future. While Angelina Jolie starred in previous “Tomb Raider” films, those films were cheesy and explosive-laden; this version might take a more grounded, realistic approach instead.

Joe Carnahan has been hired by Jerry Bruckheimer to be the writer and director of Bad Boy 3. Bruckheimer has been working a long time to get this project off the ground.

Productions will most likely start for this sequel after Will Smith has finished doing Suicide Squad for Warner Brothers. They will also have to wait for the script that was originally written by David Guggenheim (Safe House) to be rewritten by Paul Mathieson.

If Carnahan does get the directing and writing gig for this sequel, he is going to be very busy. He has at least two Transformers films in his future. Cannahan is also working on the Teeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel. He might only be attached as a producer for the Turtles 2 films.

Carnahan has done some television work. He has done State of Affairs and The Blacklist. His TV work have unique points of view that could bring something different to the silver screen.

Before making a television series into a big budgeted blockbuster became common business practice, a Harrison Ford vehicle got the world looking for the one armed man that murdered his wife. Of course, “The Fugitive” was adapted from a classic television show from the same name. The movie was something of a hit for Ford, and like all good things major studios are hoping to cash in on the franchise again.

According to Screen Rant, another installment of “The Fugitive” is in development. The actual plot of the film remains to be seen, but signs are pointing at more of a straight-up remake of the film as opposed to a sequel type of vehicle. Still the actual footing remains to be seen as the movie is still in the extremely early stages of development. Television properties have been sporadic with their success at the box office lately.

“The Fugitive” is based in some classic cinema and television, and it might just be time for a new generation to experience the adventures of Dr. Richard Kimble. While Ford will likely not be involved with the new movie, fans should not count the veteran actor out of the equation. A cameo is always a possibility, and with Ford getting some exposure in the new Star Wars film, Ricardo Tosto feels it might make sense for a new generation of moviegoers to take a quick look at an actor at the center of so many successful films.

The just released trailer for Black Mass, the new film featuring Johnny Depp about the life and times of gangster Whitey Bulger is the most terrifying Depp has been in any role. The best scene comparison is to Joe Pesci’s Tommy DeVito character in “Goodfellas” where he asks Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) funny how?

Johnny Depp has been in a slump as of late with his films and their box office. “Transcendence” and “The Lone Ranger” were major disappointments. Critics have also been scathing in some of their reviews of his performances of late. David Edelstein labeled his acting in “Mortdecai” as “very, very bad.” Further, there were talks of having the ending of “Birdman” with Johnny Depp as a has-been actor haunted by Jack Sparrow.

Depp is no stranger to films involving organized crime or Bulletproof Coffee ( He previously took on a role in a mob film as “Donnie Brasco” playing an undercover agent. “Public Enemies” displayed him as John Dillinger and his early career involved two years playing an officer in the TV series, “21 Jump Street.”