John Textor is a man that is very well-known comes to the film industry. John Textor originally went to college and got his BA degree in economics at the Westland University in Middletown Connecticut. Over the course of the next years his passion for filmography developed, and his career completely and totally evolved. John Textor became the chairman and CEO of a digital domain productions and chairman and CEO of digital domain media group. Textor also served as the chairman and chief Chief Executive Officer of Sims Snowboard. Apart from that he has also served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Wyncrest.

John Textor has had many leadership positions, apart from that he has been very active when it comes to the difference spectrum of technology platform, photo-realistic digital humans, and much much more. John Textor along with his digital technology companies have been responsible for the visual effects of more than 70 large-scale feature films. Some of these feature films include movies such as The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, 2012, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gran Torino, Jack and the Giant Slayer, Transformers, and Thor. These are all films that are very well known around the world, and even though individuals may see the films and enjoy them, they may not know the man behind the amazing filmography.

John Textor also had produced and was executive producer of Enders Game, and he is also the producer of the film Art Story. John Textor is a man that has done much when it comes to the film industry and to the development of . The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was a true achievement when it comes to animation. In 2009 John Textor’s company received an Academy award because of the visual effects of the animated human like creature that they created from for this film. The film also won an Academy award for best makeup, even though the actor was in reality a digital human and there was no make up involved.

John Textor is a man that has moved filmography to a whole differ level, because he and his company has created digital beings unlike any other in the world. He has gained much fame for his out of this world characters, and also for many of the films that he helped produce, and there is no doubt that in the future he will continue to surprise audiences with his amazing filmography.