David Zalik is the person to sit in front of when talking about how one can overcome obstacles and ultimately achieve great and accomplished goals to achieve greater and greater heights of success. The man had everything against him and still he managed to not only succeed but to become the official and original founder and owner of GreenSky Credit LLC where people are welcome to arrive just in time for offers that range from credit deals to the loans that are expedited thru to those who are individual investors or to those who own a corporation and need money for their corporation. The fundamentals of the business clearly was brought to reality thru the mind of David Zalik who was not always the touted billionaire  he carved himself out to become in light of the realities he faced growing up as a child. David Zalik was a kid who was born in the heartlands of Israel where he was given the gift of birth. His mother and father had met there and it was there that he was conceived as well. Before that though both his parents struggled financially and came from various backgrounds which did not genetically predisposition David Zalik in a frame of poverty and struggle. His father was born in the country called Argentina and David Zalik‘s mother was a constant stowaway from the communist government forces that were after her and her family before his parents met. At the age of four he immigrated to the land of the USA  and immediately at the very age of four started learning math and calculus inside of textbooks that were lying around inside of the house. For nine years he studied hard at the disciplines of mathmatics and when his father got a job as a teacher at Auburn University, David Zalik did not hesitate to take on the SATs at the age of thirteen. He passed with flying colors and proceeded to go to college at the university where he furthered his learning. When David Zalik became an entrepreneur, it was not because of money that motivated him initially to start a company but the older woman who also went to college with him. David Zalik took that and made billions of dollars  from it.



Urban areas and cities like Newark, New Jersey need a boost and aid after decades of urban decline due to sub-urbanization and loss of manufacturing jobs. The Newark CEDC or Community Economic Development Corporation was created to revitalize the city of Newark and attract people back to this once prosperous industrial hub.

As a non-profit organization, the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is less concerned about corporate profits and more concerned about the people and communities it impacts in the city of Newark. The goals of the company are broad but all of its objectives have one thing in common, to improve the quality of life of the citizens who reside within the city of Newark, New Jersey.

Newark CEDC aims to revitalize Newark by bringing jobs back to the city. Manufacturing jobs may have been lost overseas, but that does not mean that new kinds of jobs in the rapidly growing healthcare, technology and energy sectors cannot replace them. The Newark Economic Development Corporation aims to bring jobs back to the city by providing businesses willing to relocate to Newark incentives such as low interest funding. Small businesses too can benefit from working with the CEDC. Programs in place include special financing and discounts for small businesses who may be struggling financially in tough economic times.

A major figure in Newark CEDC now is its newly appointed chief financial officer, Kevin Seawright. He is a leader in the minority community and has worked in both government, education and private business. His insights into these sectors and experience there can help the city of Newark progress and move forward towards a new age of prosperity for its citizens. As a leader in the minority community and being able to reach them, Mr. Seawright can also address the needs of Newark’s large minority community.

Not only is the CEDC’s newest chief financial officer highly qualified for the position, but he is very motivated to make a difference. He has completed graduate leadership programs entirely based on his own decision that it will help him and the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation achieve their objectives. Having the drive, motivation and qualification, and a career’s worth of experience to back up his decisions, makes Kevin Seawright a person to watch at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. It is expected that he will help the city achieve new milestones in the future.

With men like Kevin Seawright and the backing of the city government as well as other stakeholders, the Newark Economic Development Corporation is poised to transform Newark into one of the least desirable urban areas in the country to a desirable and safe community to live in. Already companies are moving to Newark and new housing is being constructed to accommodate a new influx of residents. As long as there is hope and a will to achieve something, it can be done and that story is unfolding right now in Newark, New Jersey.

If you’d like to know more, you can follow Kevin on his Twitter account, or even keep up with his career and the work of the NCEDC on his Mashable account.