You might be asking yourself who Mark mofid is and what he has done in his life. I am about to tell you.

Mark Mofid went to two different schools that were very outstanding. He attended Harvard and John Hopkins. This made him have an outstanding educational life. This along with his opinion on safety when doing Implants have made him of the best Plastic Surgeons out there. Mark has a stellar success rate. This is not only due to the education he has but because he works and strives to make sure that his patients know what he is doing along with the risk factors when he’s doing them.

Mark Mofid works to make the industry better which means having better implants than the older versions. He works to make the implants sit better and look better when they are put into the body rather than having complications further down the line when the patient is older. Mark Mofid also works to make the patients happy but have a safe procedure along with the happiness. Because of his stellar education he has a deep understanding of the body and how the skin along with the muscles work. This also makes his life easier when trying to make the patient happy because everybody is different. Not every single one of the patients is the same and he knows that. This is another reason why patients love him and the way he works.

Mark Mofid has worked very hard for the future industry which has always been changing. He makes sure that the industry has a shot of doing better rather than going back to where they used to be in terms of the implant. Implants are something that many people have done and still do and they need to be safe just like everything else.

A recent article on Pop Sugar is raving about the release of Crystal Lip Balm, the newest product in the EOS line. The balm is set to come in an innovative pyramid shape, that will completely change the look of the product. This shows that EOS is not afraid to push the boundaries of style as well as creating forward-thinking products.

Not only is this beautiful new lip balm see through, but it has been designed to be hypoallergenic as well. Coming in the two flavors of Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach, this new lip balm will give customers a wonderful sensation every time they use it, see here. Crystal Lip Balm has also been designed to be all natural, ecologically conscious, and affordable. With such an attention to detail, it is no wonder that people are getting so excited about this new product.

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EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, first came onto the beauty scene with the intention of changing the way that products were designed in the beauty industry. In a world where it felt like companies were only interested in making money, EOS sought out to create quality products that customers could get excited about. Crystal Lip Balm is just one of many amazing products they have spearheaded.

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To this day, EOS remains a tough competitor. They even hold the title of one of the best-selling lip balm in the United States. This is important because they are consistently going up against giants such as Chapstick and Blistex. What sets EOS apart is that they are willing to push themselves beyond what they thought they could, and this has singlehandedly driven the growth of the lip balm market. With the release of Crystal Lip Balm, EOS continues to prove that their customers deserve the best and they will work hard to provide them with impeccable quality.

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