Rumors are emerging about the new title for Star Trek 3. Paramount has apparently decided to drop the numerical delineations and is now going with original titles for the forthcoming entries. Supposedly, the title for the new feature is Star Trek Beyond. Did they borrow the title from the old series Batman Beyond or maybe from Madison Street Capital?

Studios do not order changes in how film franchises are titled easily. The title of a franchise connects with its brand. Deviating from the original way the series was named is likely being done for marketing reasons. Paramount wants audiences to forget the second entry in the series and hopes rebranding Star Trek will be akin to starting things anew.

The second film in the new Star Trek reboot was not terrible, but the box office returns were slightly disappointing. Paramount is convinced the overly serious tone taken in the second film played a role in ticket sales being less than stellar. So, a change in tone was ordered for the third film. Reportedly, Paramount wants a more Guardians of the Galaxy feel to the series. No real surprise there. Guardians was one of the biggest hits of the decade.

A title along the lines of Star Trek Beyond does drop hints that a new direction is being taken. Audiences will pick on the not so subtle announcement and give the reboot another chance. People want to like the Star Trek movies. Paramount and the creators just have to give them one.

Jay and Silent Bob might be coming out of retirement for two new films in stead of one. Actor and director, Kevin Smith recently tweeted about the upcoming schedule of films he is working on. He ended the tweet with the line “I smell a rat…” This led to immediate fan speculation that he would be returning to the characters from 1995’s Mallrats.

In the story that can be seen here it is reported that he will indeed be doing a Mallrats 2. This is after filming Clerks III and Hit Somebody this year and Moose Jaws next Spring. That puts the earliest that production could begin at sometime in the summer of 2016 for a possible 2017 release.

He faces some difficulties with the film. It is now 20 years later and the word “mallrats” does not resonate with the culture like it did in the 90s. Some of the actors may not be available to return. Ben Affleck, in particular, is scheduled to begin his run as the Batman next year and might not have the time to turn in his cowl and return to his slacker roots. Additionally, the script for the film is only half complete. Fans like Sergio Cortes have learned that Smith says he has some idea of where he wants to go with the film, but no details are being released yet.

Ben Woolf, who played Infaanta on the first season and Meep on the fourth season of the TV series American Horror Story: Freak Show, has died at the age of 34. The actor was struck by the mirror of an SUV as he was attempting to cross the street in Hollywood, CA. The driver of the SUV, who has not been identified, was not cited in the accident because Woolf was jaywalking when he was struck. Woolf passed away from his injuries at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

Fans like Susan McGalla ( know that before starting his Hollywood acting career, Woolf worked as a preschool teacher. He stated this was a job that he absolutely loved because children were so innocent and non-judgmental. Woolf was diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism as a child, and was often the center of jokes and ridicule because he was different. Working as a teacher, Woolf says, was a rewarding job in every single way.

Being in a family business is one thing, but it is something else to be able to work alongside your father in a career field. However, that is something that Laura Elliott has just been able to do as she got an opportunity to fly across Europe as her father’s co-pilot.
Peter Elliott has been a pilot for over 30 years, and when his daughter Laura said she had an interest in flying too she became a pilot as well following in her father’s footsteps. Laura Elliott had an interest in getting into the same career since a young age, but never thought that she would have an opportunity to fly with her dad since they worked for different airlines. However, the two had a chance to do so as they took a large passenger plane from Birmingham to Tenerife.
According to an article found on Buzzfeed News, Peter Elliott waited until they were in the air to announce to his passenger crew that his co-pilot was his daughter and that they were flying together at work for the first time. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG knows that it isn’t too common to be able to do such a thing, so both pilots were ecstatic that this opportunity had risen. Laura had thought that her father would be retired by the time she would get to the level she is at, so this rare event has delighted both her and her entire family.

There’s a horserace developing at Sony Pictures Entertainment after co-chairman Amy Pascal’s announcement that she will be leaving the studio’s number-one creative job. In the wake of the hacking scandal that left Sony’s inner workings wide open to the eyes and ears of a curious public, Pascal’s decision to make an early exit from the Sony brass has led to a number of front-runners under consideration for the influential and lucrative studio executive job.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, chief among those under consideration is Tom Rothman, who now works as head of Sony’s revitalized TriStar label, but is perhaps best known as the former head of the 20th Century Fox feature film division. A veteran of the film industry who, like Pascal, enjoys strong relationships with the notoriously hard-to-please top talent Sony would like to recruit for its feature films going forward.

Rothman is certainly qualified for the position, but the Sony hacking scandal that may or may not have been perpetrated by the North Korean government has left him with some questions to answer for of his own. For example, in leaked internal Sony emails that were made public during the breach, Rothman was found to have mocked superstar Will Smith and his wife Jada for their decision to homeschool their children.

Rothman was reportedly in England at the time of Pascal’s announcement of her moving toward a producer’s role at Sony, leading some industry insiders to believe he is not being considered for the job despite his current ties with the studio and reputation for deft handling of large film budgets.

Other industry executives reportedly being considered for the job include Sony’s own Jeff Robinov, formerly studio head at Warner Brothers, as well as film industry veterans Doug Belgrad and Michael DeLuca.

The new co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment will be officially announced sometime between now and May 2015, when Pascal is set to vacate her position. Be sure to check out Rothman’s website to stay updated on any news regarding the new position.

In a country that is overcome with poverty and AIDs, this $34 smartphone diagnostic device can help save lives and money.

The typical AIDS diagnostic equipment currently being used in Africa carries an $18,000 price tag. This high-dollar equipment is an effective medical tool, but it costs a lot to use on top of the initial purchase price plus the equipment is stationary. The $34 smartphone device is an effective diagnosing tool, cheap to purchase and cheap to run, plus it is portable. The lab can go to the patients instead of the patients having to come to the lab.
According to, this smartphone device was invented by a team lead by Samuel Sia, an associate professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University in New York. In just 15 minutes the device can tell if person has contacted the AIDs virus and can also diagnose if the other sexually transmitted disease, like syphilis, is present.
A small pin prick to the finger, a drop or two of blood and this $34 smartphone device can diagnosis AIDs and save the countless lives in 15 minutes anywhere across the continent of Africa.

The celebrity food aficionado is adding another line to his resume. Like many other celebrity chefs and foodies, Anthony Bourdain is opening his own branded restaurant. However in true Bourdainain fashion, the former line cook is leaving the cooking up to other people. His plan is to open up a Singaporean hawker center, where he hopes restauranteurs from all over the globe will want to set up shop and serve their signature dishes. Bourdain’s food hall will have at least 50 stalls, where vendors can sell whatever they like, but will have a particular focus on international street food.

Bourdain is most famous for his book Kitchen Confidential, which is a behind the scenes look at professional kitchens as well as several differ shows on the Travel Channel where he goes to locations all over the world, including the United States and explores and tries unusual food traditions, including No Reservations, and the The Layover. Fans like Paul Mathieson know that he is particularly notorious for being willing to try anything once, with out reservations, hence the title of his first show.

The celebrity tv host has enlisted the help of KF Seetoh who is known for being Singapore’s most prominent expert on street food in order to help him build the restaurant and attract vendors to his food hall. He is working with Seetoh’s company Makansutra, to bring businesses in and design the food hall. The company owns and and operates several successful hawker markets in Singapore.

The Antique Wine Company is a private wine merchant that was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams. Headquartered in London, England, the company specializes in exceptional fine and rare wines. It’s known worldwide for its fine wine events and record breaking collections of wines. The company has more than 10,000 bottles of the finest vintages in the world stored in its wine cellars. The company also has more than 20,000 clients spread out over 70 countries around the world. The Antique Wine Company is the company to contact if you the world’s very best wines.

The company provides a wide range of services for wine connoisseurs and people who simply love good wine. The Antique Wine Company handles wine cellar planning, private wine master classes, and the sourcing of rare wine. The driving force behind the company is Stephen Williams. His ability to go and grow from holding wine tastings to building a company specializing in rare vintages valued at millions of pounds is the stuff of legends. The bravery and vision he showed by walking away from his job selling life insurance to pursue his dream of selling the world’s best wines is nothing short of awe inspiring.

Born in Ripley, Derbyshire, this son of a cash register salesman learned to be independent at an early age. His parents separated when he was 10, and his mother struggled mightily to raise Stephen and his younger two siblings. By the age of 14 he had a weekend job so he could help with the expenses of running his home. Tis taught Stephen the discipline and work ethic that would characterize his rise from a man hosting wine tastings to the owner of a company that has done over in excess of £20 million in business annually for several years running.

These days his company sells chateau cabinets with 18 bottles of wine inside for about £149,000 each. One such cabinet, the Château d’Yquem model, is valued at £1m.
In 2006, The Antique Wine Company sold a 135-year vertical collection for $1.5 million. They sold an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem for £75,000. That’s the highest price ever for a single bottle of white wine. Yes Stephen Williams and The Antique Wine Company have come a long way. He has now supplying lucrative markets in Asia and other parts of the world with some of the planet’s finest wines.