The president of the OSI Group, one of the global food service industry’s leaders, is Iowa native David McDonald. Hired by the company in 1987, McDonald has played a significant role in the company’s international growth. Since he joined the company, the OSI Group has made a major push to expand their customer base in Asia. With David McDonald‘s help, the company has increased their presence in China. The OSI Group has erected 10 facilities for processing poultry and is now China’s leading poultry processor. They also have built processing plants in Taiwan, India, Japan and the Philippines.

A graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in animal science, David McDonald has a diverse skillset which has made him a valuable asset. He is able to easily handle the technical and infrastructure challenges the company regularly encounters. Known for his excellent communication skills, McDonald is able to work in harmony with a wide array of foreign government agencies and international marketers. He has also helped the OSI Group to connect with consumers throughout Asia, understand their needs and create culturally specific food products to satisfy them.

With the help of David McDonald, the OSI Group has built more than 65 food processing plants in 17 countries. He has helped the company make a major expansion into the European market. He played a leading role in the company’s acquisition of Dutch owned Baho Foods as well as Flagship Europe, a company with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. Acquiring those two companies gave the OSI Group customers in 23 European nations. With David McDonald’s support the OSI Group has been able to build production facilities in Poland, Hungary, Germany and Spain.

When David McDonald joined the OSI Group they made him a project manager. By helping the company develop a global reputation for responsiveness, innovation and unparalleled strength, McDonald was promoted first to chief operating officer and then president. He has helped the company develop an excellent global supply chain, ensure food safety, reduce preparation time and create superior, value-added food products.

Born and raised on a farm, David McDonald became an excellent college student and an award-winning business executive. He’s played a vital role in the OSI Group’s growth and global expansion. His extensive knowledge of industry operations combined with his experience in international business has led to him being appointed the North American Meat Institute’s directorial board chairman.

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