Joel Zimmerman started to produce techno and EDM music in 1995. He has put out 7 studio albums and dozens of singles. If his name is unfamiliar to you, perhaps you would know him better by his on stage name Deadmau5. The artist is also known by his signature mouse head logo. The logo has been the prime focus on many of his albums, and Zimmerman wears replicas of the mouse head while he performs. In 2014, Sam Tabar noted the composer sought to launch lines of products adorned with his mouse head, and filed for a trademark on the design. Another mouse based company had a problem with this.

Disney reacted to Zimmerman by filing suit with him. They claimed his logo would cause confusion with consumers as it was too similar to the traditional Mickey Mouse head that has been iconic of the entertainment giant. Deadmau5 responded by counter suing Disney for using his song in one of their videos without his permission. The legal battle has raged for almost a full year. Now, The Guardian has reported that the fight is over.

The exact terms of the resolution are unknown, but The Guardian is reporting that the two parties have come to a mutual agreement. Disney is expected to withdraw their objection to the trademark in the next few days, and Deadmau5 will be free to make as much merchandise as he can sell.