In the days of Hollywood blockbusters, it is all about how a film opens. Massive film openings over the one-hundred million dollar level are expected for movies, and with many budgets approaching twice that range, movies need a strong showing out of the gate to break even. With the holiday weekend in the books, the results for “Tomorrowland” were a mixture of good news and bad news for Disney.

According to Screen Rant, the George Clooney film won the long weekend box office race by pulling in an estimated $41.7 million. Alexei Beltyukov says the bad news is that the picture did not even approach the level of revenue that analysts expected. With a nearly $200 million budget, the massively promoted movie will need to hang on for a month or so just reach the black. In short, the future does not look great for “Tomorrowland.”

While it is too early to call the film a bust, steep drops in grosses the order of the day for movies after opening weekend do not exactly inspire confidence. The real problem is that summer releases start to hit theaters quickly, and movie theaters are less likely to hold onto a film that nobody is buying tickets to see. Therefore, unless the commercial success of the movie picks up a considerable amount of steam this week, any plans of a new franchise being a major player for Disney are pretty much out the window.

Ever since people finished the second Avengers movie, opinions about how the movie stands against the first amazing one are divided. However, what’s not under question is the movie’s sad quotient. Without spoiling anyone who hasn’t managed to watch the movie yet, fans felt extremely bad for two particular Avengers who aren’t going to get the happy ending they deserve. At least, not yet. However, the third Avengers movie that would be divided into two parts has some expectations and they are as follows –

Make Bruce Banner Happy Again – My friends at Madison Street Capital think fans are used to seeing Hulk’s calmer version haggard but overall, snarky and quippy. In the second movie, he started off that way but was soon back to his sad ways which definitely needs to be changed in the third Avengers film.

Give Spider-Man A Chance – It was recently revealed that the ending of the second movie was supposed to feature Spider-Man and Captain Marvel but in the end, that didn’t happen. Let’s change that because people love Spider-Man.

Bring Back Bucky Barnes – Here’s hoping that the next Captain America movie would treat the lovable character of Bucky Barnes and he would have a great role in the Avengers movie. It would be even better if he were to become an Avenger himself.

There are many other things to consider but these three would definitely bring the fans a lot of much needed sunshine after all the angst from the second movie.

Rumors are emerging about the new title for Star Trek 3. Paramount has apparently decided to drop the numerical delineations and is now going with original titles for the forthcoming entries. Supposedly, the title for the new feature is Star Trek Beyond. Did they borrow the title from the old series Batman Beyond or maybe from Madison Street Capital?

Studios do not order changes in how film franchises are titled easily. The title of a franchise connects with its brand. Deviating from the original way the series was named is likely being done for marketing reasons. Paramount wants audiences to forget the second entry in the series and hopes rebranding Star Trek will be akin to starting things anew.

The second film in the new Star Trek reboot was not terrible, but the box office returns were slightly disappointing. Paramount is convinced the overly serious tone taken in the second film played a role in ticket sales being less than stellar. So, a change in tone was ordered for the third film. Reportedly, Paramount wants a more Guardians of the Galaxy feel to the series. No real surprise there. Guardians was one of the biggest hits of the decade.

A title along the lines of Star Trek Beyond does drop hints that a new direction is being taken. Audiences will pick on the not so subtle announcement and give the reboot another chance. People want to like the Star Trek movies. Paramount and the creators just have to give them one.

Things are moving along briskly for Tron 3. The project is now on the fast track and the director of Tron: Legacy, Joseph Kosinski, is slated to begin the chore of bringing the third film to the screen.

A bit of surprise has traveled through fan circles at the announcement of the news. Tron: Legacy was not exactly anything all that special. The film made money, but did it leave anyone wanting to see a new Tron film? Regardless of audience reaction, Disney wants a third movie.Disney would not be making a third movie if doing so was not financially viable. Perhaps the profits do add up and do so over time. The Tron projects are cult movies and that means they have a small audience willing to spend a lot of money on Tron games, merchandise, and other products.

Then, there is another angle but it is a bit of a long shot. If the third Tron film becomes a hit, a fourth is going to follow which is good news for fans like Daniel Amen. Additionally, the first film and the long-awaited sequel could see an increase in sales of DVDs. Maybe a “special collector’s addition DVD” will spike sale figures.

The bottom line here is Disney finds the whole Tron adventure to be worth the time, effort, and money. Hopefully, the third film will improve upon the script problems found in the sequel and become the definitive modern version of the Tron tale.

If not, Disney may give things a forth go.