California is known for its year round warm weather. Most people only think of a constantly glowing sun and find it hard to picture any negatives about so much warmth. One environmental disaster that consistently hits California is the number and severity of droughts. In the middle of April, the entire state of California was put under water restrictions after a severe drought struck the land. There are more than millions of bottles of water are manufactured by California annually. This type of production has led to this drought and has ultimately left the water supplier nearly waterless.

The state is doing all it can to bring water to families who are hit the hardest. SoftBank even reports that large tanks have been set up outside of homes and daily trips from the city are made to deliver water to these homes. It seemed like Californians just had to wait out the drought and be patient. Unfortunately, people are getting restless. There have been numerous reports about people abruptly taking water from other citizens’ tanks. Even fire hydrants have been broken into by citizens. This makes it extremely dangerous especially as the temperature rises. If brush and wildfires start and fire hydrants have been drained, there are thousands of acres of land and millions of lives at risk. California authorities are doing their best to keep track of outdoor tanks and hydrants. The current plan is to hike up fines for water theft in hopes to detour the criminals.