ICI’s (Curitiba de Informatica) redoubtable e governe is finding takers across government departments and bodies. A case in point is the municipality of Osasco in Greater Sao Paolo which has assented to the implementation of the e-governe Educacao School Management System. There is precedence in this, as it has already been implemented in Teresina, the capital of Piaui. Under the auspices of e governe, education of Osasko will be 138 school units in the city, as well as the headquarters of the municipal education department and the continuing education center.

The reasons for availing of e governe are many. For one it ensures that the information has integrity, apart from being unique and secure. That apart, management reports get generated in time, plus it enables their sharing, eliminating the need for duplication of work.


e governe is also rendering yeoman service to municipal and state health secretariats by helping them carry out public administration very efficiently. Not only do the things become simpler and better managed, but economical too. The integration of healthcare units, for example, the scheduling of appointments and the collation with healthcare professionals’ availability both eliminated queues and leads to an improvement in the quality of service.


Efficiencies are also introduced in the management of stocks of medicines procured from pharmacies. Similarly, matters such as ambulances and bed control are also managed much better than before. Other benefits that accrue from the implementation of e governe are the regionalization of attendance, managing the flow of patients from other hospitals, better management of financial transfers and so on.


The municipality of Teresina too sees merit in the implementation of ICI’s e governe system. As a matter of fact, the servers of the various organs of the municipality had to train to learn to fast track the implementation of the e governe program. One of the most important of the tools of this system is the one dedicated to managing human resources. The Mayor Silvio Mendis vouched for the efficacy of the system in that it makes it possible for the municipality to respond way faster to people’s demands. Furthermore, they could do things like analyzing requests, finding out problem areas and monitoring the quality of services provided to people.


What this is going to do is that not only will delivery of services to people will improve, the feedback will be quickly and accurately received, leading to quick redress of problems if any. This will put in place a virtuous circle of good service leading to good feedback leading to even better service. It is not, therefore, surprising to find e governe gaining in popularity across government bodies and departments across Brazil.

The credit goes not just to ICI for devising the e governe program, but also to the government officials who took the initiative in adopting it. The success of the e governe program will surely encourage many more government departments and bodies to adopt this program that ushers in vast improvements in the delivery of services.


Flavio Maluf is the CEO and Chairman of Eucatex, a leading Brazilian company that specializes in the production of high and medium density fiber panels and other building material from natural eucalyptus. The company boasts of having the largest local market share and is also one of the leading global companies, in this industry. As such, Flavio Maluf must be concerned by anything that might affect the sales of the company, be it in a positive or negative way. Maluf recently analyzed Brexit and the consequences that it would have.



Consequences on British Economy


Negative consequences were seen on the UK’s economy, immediately it exited EU. First, was the more than 12% drop in all the major stock markets. This was shortly followed by a devaluation in currency. In the long term, UK would suffer from restricted trade. They will no longer be allowed to trade freely with the members of EU. Trade will now be affected by tariffs and quotas if they are trading in this countries. Also, incoming investments will be greatly affected. However, the one benefit that they will gain from the exit is bilateral trade. They will now trade as they like, with other non-EU members, without being restricted by the body.



Impact on Brazil Imports and Exports


Brazil has everything to benefit from Brexit. Today, they can enter into bilateral trading agreements with UK, something that would not have been possible in the past, when they were still EU members. Therefore, they will be able to export to European nations more without the fear of restrictions and standards that were otherwise placed by EU. So, for companies such as Eucatex, which is located to Brazil, the move was an advantage to them.



Impacts on EU


EU will suffer greatly for losing UK as one of its members. UK was amongst the three largest contributors to this body. And now, with France lagging behind economically, it will all be left to Germany to support the body.