One half the fun of eating or drinking is of course the taste. The other half is how fun a type of food or drink is! As time goes on, it seems that more and more restaurants have been getting creative with how they serve beverages to guests. For a while, it seems like they were trying out almost anything as a cup to serve to patrons. After all the cup ideas ran out, it seems they’ve switched to turning almost anything into a straw.

Well, according to GrubStreet America may be running out of ideas. Starbucks recently unveiled their cookie straws, which actually probably wouldn’t taste too bad with coffee. Some companies may be taking it to far. There is a company that wants to turn bacon and beef into edible straws. What the heck would you drink with that? Certainly not water, soda, or juice. Perhaps a Bloody Mary according to Beneful?

All of this pushes the question, are we going too far and are we just getting desperate trying to turn anything into a straw? Whatever happened to the good ol days when drinking out of a brightly colored plastic tube was such a treat? It now seems that those have been cast aside as something boring and old school, as the push for new exotic straws is trying to come available.

Some are fun ideas, others are just plain gross. What’s next? Fruit, vegetable, or pizza straws? Time will only tell as the straw epidemic continues.