What is it that draws viewers into Ryan Seacrest. Ryan seems to have an uncanny ability to captivate. Love him or hate him, he is undeniably able to draw your attention. His custom-fitted suits, perfectly manicured nails, and top-notch haircut are all important, sure, but it’s his charming voice, smile, and expressions that seem to have people coming back for me. He has had the “Seacrest effect” for a while now. Since he was young, he seems to have had a certain magnetism to him. When he was 16 he was already slotted into his own radio show in Atlanta.

Behind the charming face and smile lies a businessman in disguise. Seacrest has fundamentally changed the landscape of modern media. Sure, being the American Idol host and On Air With Ryan Seacrest are what put him into the spotlight, but he is just as important behind the scenes. His production company RSP (Ryan Seacrest Productions) is responsible for some of the most profoundly popular reality television of the last, well, ever. Ryan is the producer of Keeping Up with the Kardashians as well as all of its spinoffs. RSP is also responsible for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, red carpet events, E! Entertainment News, and tons of other shows and programs lodged into every nook and cranny of TV.

Even his charity has the “Seacrest effect”. Ryan Seacrest has done something particularly remarkable with his charity; he has been honest with himself. The aptly named Ryan Seacrest Foundation is responsible for charitable work in children’s hospitals. Of course, this is done through the use of media and radio. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation sets up Seacrest Studios (basically circular entertainment hub structures built in the middle of the hospital) in children’s hospitals across America. These studios give children a chance to work in media creating their own television content using cameras and green screens and radio content using provided equipment. These shows are then broadcast on a closed-circuit channel for other children to enjoy. Of course, Seacrest also leverages his fame to have celebrities and musicians perform live and over the closed-circuit channel at the studios. Ryan Seacrest, at the end of the day, is just Ryan Seacrest. He knows what he is good at and what he loves and does it charitably and for a living, and hey, who can blame him?

The Chainsmokers is a unique band whose style and variety have bred a new standard to the presentations that they selflessly gave to the audience. They are known for moving crowds and audiences alike in unison as they extract only the most pristine notes from their mental and musical vocabularies to wow and pull in the audiences every time. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the tag team who embraced the change that the music industry needed to evolve into because their influence and effect on those who listened to their music. They possess several flows to their music and their music possesses the truth of what it is that is happening deep within the confines of Alex’s and Andrew’s mind. Their passion for sound combined with the radical truths they speak through the microphone draw out the inspiration and adventurous spirit in all humans everywhere. They have honed inspirational sources from Blink 182, Explosions In The Sky, and The XX so they can then add their own flare and sense of identity to the mix to create something beautiful. One of their songs named Sick Boy stands out from the rest of them however. This song Sick Boy augments facts that come with being a regular user of social media. The song also reflects their honest views on the struggles surrounding their line of work because social media is so critical for marketing and distribution when it comes down to just dealing with the adverse psychological things a lot of time on social platforms can take on a person. Narcissistic attributes are what describe the culture of social media as well, and this is the direction it seems that the band has taken on due to their surrounding art such as Selfie and Everybody hates me. While other musicians hide behind their disc jockeys to leave out the more human qualities rarely heard in such genres as electronic music, the Chainsmokers have broken up that pattern of the status quo and have released their vulnerability, openness, and humanness into the very forefront of what it is they actually are trying to say.



The first place that Lawrence Bender saw was the Bronx in New York City. Being born in such a rich cultural environment must have given him an extra dose of creativity, judging from his future endeavors. As he grew up in New Jersey, his parents, both of them educators, instilled in him a good work ethic and the desire to reach for excellence.

Lawrence’s grandfather was a civil engineer and he knew that he could have a lucrative career following in his granddad’s footsteps. He made the decision to do just that in high school and went on to graduate from the University of Maine with a degree in civil engineering in 1979. The direction of his life soon took a turn toward the entertainment industry, first as a ballet dancer then, after an injury, as an actor.

As time went by, Lawrence Bender became interested in being a producer of television fare as well as feature films. Several of the movies that he produced have been nominated for Academy Awards. Good Will Hunting, Inglourious Basterds, and Pulp Fiction are included in that group. An Inconvenient Truth, a documentary featuring former vice president Al Gore raising awareness about climate change, won the Academy Award for the Best Documentary Feature. My favorite movie produced by Lawrence Bender is Good Will Hunting. I am amazed by the way the therapist, played by Robin Williams, is able to help Matt Damon’s character, the young genius, work through his issues while dealing with the immeasurable pain of his own.

Lawrence Bender is active in political and social matters, fighting for causes that he believes in. One of the ways he helps is by fundraising. Because of his dedication, he has received the Torch of Liberty Award from the ACLU. He is on the board of The Creative Coalition as well as the Advisory Board for the ACLU Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.


Lawrence Bender is an Academy Award-winning American producer famous for such popular movies as Inglourious Basterds, Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, An Inconvenient Truth, and The Mexican. He was born in the Bronx, New York. Lawrence Bender grew up in New Jersey and graduated from the University of Maine in 1979. With a degree in civil engineering, Bender entered the film business by working as a grip on the television series Tales from the Darkside. He then went on to produce his own films starting in the late 1980s.

His movies have been nominated for 29 Academy Awards. Three of these films, Good Will Hunting, Inglourious Basterds, and Pulp Fiction, were nominated for Best Picture.

My favorite movie by Lawrence Bender is The Mexican. While this movie is sometimes overlooked in relation to his other work, it is a funny and exciting crime comedy. Brad Pitt gives an entertaining comedic performance as Jerry Welbach, a hapless member of the mob whose girlfriend Samantha (Julia Roberts) wants him to get out of the business. His boss gives him an assignment to steal an antique pistol called “The Mexican.” When he decides to take the job, his girlfriend throws him out.

It isn’t that difficult to find the gun, but getting the gun back involves many near-misses, shootouts, and comic mishaps. One memorable scene involves Jerry on a donkey.

While Jerry is in Mexico, Samantha is kidnapped by hitman Leroy, played by James Gandolfini. The scenes with Samantha and Leroy are even funnier than those with Jerry.

The movie is uneven at times, but the weird mashup of romantic comedy and crime movie make for an entertaining experience. The movie is quite violent, though not on the same scale as a Quentin Tarantino film. Lawrence Bender has been Tarantino’s business partner and worked on many of his films. If you are looking for an underappreciated mob comedy and don’t mind a violent film, The Mexican might be for you.


The ability to do what Alex Pall has is something to really appreciate. He has managed to make a record hit with “Closer” and now he’s in the spotlight like never before. That ability to take what he knows and use it to enhance his success is why he is where he is now. He knows what he’s doing and he’s happy to apply knowledge to make hits that will keep on generating new fans. Now we just need to see if he manages to do it again with the new releases that he was out there for us to see.

There are tons of things to think about when you hear the music produced by the Chainsmokers. They are some of the best out there because they focus on making sure their audience is getting an experience that they won’t find elsewhere. It’s here that we can see what the crowd actually likes and why college kids relate to them so well. They focus on finding the right demographics and delivering something that they want. Those who listen are hooked and ready to see what the project the Chainsmokers are going to release in some time in the future.

The future of this duo is going to be amazing as people finally get to hear what they’ve been making over the years. They are some of the most successful artists to get this far and they want to make sure that we understand they are more than a fad. They are trying to build something that people are going to be talking about for a long time to come. The only way to make sure that happens is to give the crowds what they want. Since they want this Alex Pall is trying to do something that the college types are going to love. Nothing is going to do that better than what he does now. There are so many things that can be said about the Chainsmokers. That they don’t have ambition is certainly not one thing to be said about the music producing duo at any time.


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Since the very first world fair in 1851, people have been gathering together to celebrate the marvels of science and technology on euroweeklynews.com. Steam engines, Ferris wheels, I Max films, telephones and zippers are just some of the products introduced at these events. Additionally, they have changed the way that people ate through the introduction of Juicy Fruit gum, Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix and Cracker Jacks to adoring fans. In the spirit of world fairs, Lovaganza wants you to join them in celebrating innovation and creativity throughout the world by embarking on a Bohemian adventure.

Filming is already underway at locations around the globe on a trilogy that will introduce the concept to everyone in the world. Lovaganza films will be shown at select locations around the globe on special curved glass screens. Those attending the shows will wear unique 180 degree viewing glasses allowing them to be immersed into the film like never before.

Overseeing Lovaganza is author and songwriter Jean-Franois Gagnon and his wife Genevive Cloutier Gagnon. They have divided the organization into two strong units. One unit consisting mainly of the films is a for profit company. The other unit is a public charity designed to help improve the lives of children throughout the world.

Starting in 2017, Lovaganza will present a one man traveling shows that celebrate different cultures from each of the seven continents. Imagine being able to watch one person being able to perform ethnic African dances in front of you while later in the same show introducing you to beautiful Scottish polkas.

The culminating event of Lovaganza will be a unique hands-across-the-world event in mid 2020. Using modern technology on celebmafia.com, people throughout the world will be able to hold hands together in a way that celebrates unity by allowing everyone to live the peaceful life that is important to them. People of all cultures should really feel the love during this event.

Just like the world’s fairs have a place for everyone, so will Lovaganza. Lovaganza’s Bohemian adventure hopes to unite everyone in peace and love while celebrating what makes everyone unique. As Martin Luther King Junior said, “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” The ultimate goal of this organization is to make the entire world friends.

Brian Mulligan is an American business management executive, a philanthropist, and a sports writer. He is Brooknol Advisors’ current Chief Executive Officer. Mulligan has worked with many media and entertainment companies in various positions such as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, and also as Chairman. He has been in this field for 30 years. He was Universal Pictures’ Co-Chairman, FOX Broadcasting and Cable’s Chairman, Chief executive Officer at Universal Television, and Executive Vice President at Strategic Planning and Corporate Development Universal. He has also worked for Money Center Bank as the Vice Chairman. In his career, Brian Mulligan has actively participated in entertainment and media transactions valued at over $175 billion.
Mulligan attended the University of Southern California where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He later joined the University of California to further his education in the field. He graduated from the university’s John E. Anderson graduate School of Management with an MBA.
Mulligan is an expert in structuring companies to achieve long term growth. His expertise has enabled many media and entertainment firms to grow. The companies which have benefited from his advice in are in Sports, recorded Music, Film, Cable, Broadcast, TV, Video games, and International Entertainments fields. He has also been involved in the fields of DBS, Theme Parks, and Cable Channels.
He is a member of several organizations such as Digital Roundtable from Los Angeles, International Entertainment and Media Roundtable, and Sports Business Institute. He has been featured by many entertainment sports outlets such as Aspen Sports Institute as an industry speaker. Brian Mulligan is a respected leader who has earned several honors. Premiere Magazine named him ‘one of the 50 Most Powerful people in Hollywood’; TMT Quarterly named him ‘One of the Leading Investment Bankers on Emerging Business Models’, and Los Angeles Business Journal named him in the list of ‘Ten Most Prominent Bankers in Hollywood. These honors accurately show his commitment at his work.
He has also been involves in a number of charity causes. He is associated with ‘A Better LA’, an organization involved in raising funds for schools in Los Angeles. The organization has managed to raise over $90 million through its campaigns. Mulligan also writes about sports.