Christopher Linkas is known for his ability to provide sound investing advice to individuals of many ages and financial situations. This is due to the fact that he started working within the financial sector right after graduating from Bowdoin College. Early on, he worked for an investment bank in the United Kingdom, and ultimately rose up the ranks to a vice presidential position. He also held positions with Goldman Sachs and RER Financial Group. His track record with these various companies has shown his ability to make the right financial decisions. While Linkas helps investors of all ages, some key strategies have been known to help younger investors realize their goals.


Younger investors are able to benefit from having time on their side as they can make some riskier decisions. While these decisions make seem difficult at first, having the time for market or company recoveries can be huge in terms of realizing a bigger gain from an investment. While working for Goldman Sachs in the late 1980s, Christopher Linkas was able to watch the market ups and downs to better understand this concept. In addition, he used this position to establish within the financial world that are essential to his current abilities to provide individuals with helpful advice.


Not only does investing early in one’s life provide the time for investments to recover, it also can provide valuable time to make one’s money earn even more. This is based on the idea of compounding, where investments can earn interest or regular dividends. These can help purchase more shares of the stock through reinvestment, ultimately providing a bigger return down the road. Christopher Linkas has always worked to help clients of all ages realize their best possible returns and knows the value of using these types of investments to one’s advantage over time.


Since Christopher Linkas has established himself within the financial world, he has established important connections and learned from a variety of interactions. These have included his learning from entrepreneurs or other business people. He has also learned an important skill of problem-solving within the financial world, which can be of great benefit to those seeking his advice for their own financial situations. In addition, Linkas has been able to weather the storm of several financial crises including a recession and the Savings and Loan crisis. All of these have contributed to make Christopher Linkas a top choice for those seeking financial advice.

The investment firm, Kerrisdale Capital, recently published a very negative criticism of Eastman Kodak Company. Kodak recently announced a 187% rise in their stock after partnering to launch a blockchain and cryptocurrency enabled platform. Kerrisdale believes Kodak is being misleading about the whole thing simply in order to further and to cash in on the current ICO craze. Kerrisdale is a manager of investment in special situations. It is so adamant on this issue because it will benefit if Eastman Kodak’s share prices fall. If you are interested in investing with Kerrisdale, they are ready to take your call today. Read more about Sahm Adrangi at Benzinga.

Kerrisdale wrote its report which it title, Gone in a Flash. In Kerrisdale said that although cryptocurrencies and blockchains are able to profoundly benefit many companies, Kodak is not such a company. The writing of the report was led by Kerrisdale CIO Sahm Adrangi. This is not the first time Sahm Adrangi has pointed a verbal finger at what he saw as fraud in the marketplace. He first made his name in the financial industry by exposing fraud among Chinese companies. Kodak’s plan is to use blockchain carry images of photographer’s and to resolve copyright issues involving these images. Visit Crunchbase to know more about Sahm Adrangi.

Arangi’s Kerridale report says that this is a ridiculous and impossible claim. It says that blockchains won’t resolve any such issues because blockchain won’t copyright protect anything. Basically, Kerrisdales problem can be summed up in the following points: 1) Kodak’s entire plan is full of vast exaggerations whose only purpose is to draw in investor’s to its fraudulent plan, 2) blockchains will not work at all for Kodak the way it claims, 3) Kodak is simply trying to capitalize on the current blockchain and cryptocurrency craze, and 4) Kodak will find that there are technical and legal hurdles that make what they want to do impossible.


Agora Financial is the company that people are looking at for their financial advice. Everyone is not going to be able to afford a broker if they are getting into investing. People that are on the road to financial planning and creating their own investment opportunities should consider Agora Financial. This is the company that has been able to bring forth a wide range of investment possibilities for all of those people that want to control their financial destiny.

Agora Financial is a company that gives people the chance to advance in the world of financial planning by providing expert advice. This is really going to be the thing that totally changes the way that people look at investing. While others may simply be looking at present day earnings for companies when they check things like Yahoo!Finance, Agora Financial is giving people predictions about upcoming companies. People that are trying to get a head start on the next big thing should consider the information that Agora Financial brings to the table. This company is proficient in creating financial literature that provides a whole new way of organizing a portfolio.

Investment managers have a lot of different things to do. Many of these investment planners are getting their information from Agora Financial as well. It cuts down on the amount of research that they will have to do. They can get information right from the experts, and this gives them better insight on how they can manage client portfolios.

Agora Financial has something for everyone that is making investment moves. People can get a much better feel for what they need to put their money towards, and this is vital for investors that plan for retirement. This is financial literature that can greatly increase returns on investments for retirement planners.

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Kerrisdale Capital Management, a company owned by SahmAdrangi managed to raise about $100 million through investors to be used in betting against a single stock. Hedge fund managers always raise funds to channel into a given investment thesis like residential mortgage securities or recovery of failing energy companies. Contrastingly, Kerrisdale, which is a relatively smaller entity, is planning to use the money raised in shorting the stock of a public company that is yet to be unveiled.

Having their eyes on the forthcoming campaign Adrangi and Shane Wilson, who is a Kerrisdale analyst, are working on a website, report, video and more to convince others into accepting their thesis. The target company was set to be disclosed in mid-May. The fund had already started buying stock as a way of establishing a position in the company that was to be named. It appears that this information was just leaked to the public because the company still wanted to hold it as a top secret.

Now managing near $500 million, Kerrisdale has had a history of putting bets against companies and making the case public. Some of the recent activist short position of Kerrisdale includes satellite company Globalstar and two drug makers, Sage Therapeutics and Zafgen. Over the past five years, Kerrisdale earned average returns of 28% from the hedge fund. It bets both against and for company stocks. In 2016, the fund went down by a mere 7%.

About SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Prior to this, he worked at Longacre Fund Management as an investment analyst. While working at Longacre, Mr. Adrangi performed investment research and analysis for both equity fund and credit fund. Before joining Longacre, he worked at Chanin Capital Partners within the bankruptcy restructuring group. Here Mr. Adrangi advised on various matters including Chapter 11 and out-of-court bankruptcy restructuring.

Earlier on, Mr. Adrangi was part of Deutsche Bank within the leveraged finance group. He helped syndicate and structure non-investment grade bank debit as well as high yield bonds which include debt refinancing, Chapter 11 exit financing, and leveraged buy-out financing. SahmAdrangi attended Yale University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Arts in Economics.


The investment banker wears many hats. He is an expert on finance and helps businesses raise the valuable capital, they need to survive. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to balance the demands of being an investment banker.

“Finding Good Companies”

The “Average Joe” might watch cable TV and hear about the latest “hot” stock. He truly does not know the difference between “up-and-down,” but he might still buy the shares. The investment banker cannot engage in such conjecture.

The investment banker must look deeply at a company’s products, history, finances, management and marketing. These financial professionals might even visit a warehouse or the headquarters to meet the managers, in person. The investment banker must understand everything about a firm, its products and the industry.

How popular are this firm’s products? Is this a blue chipper, high growth or other? What is the firm’s market share and market capitalization?

Businesses contact the experienced investment banker to raise all-important capital. The world runs on money and cannot properly function, without it. The investment banker can help with raising capital, IPOs and mergers & acquisitions. Sometimes, all that a business is missing is one specific product or service. The investment banker has valuable connections.

“Helping Investors Profit”

The other side of investment banker Martin Lustgarten’s job is to help investors find investments, which will be profitable. High net-worth individuals might want to diversify their industry and geographical reach. They can contact Martin Lustgarten to find the right stock or bond, you name it.

If a stock does well, then investment bankers are praised. The bottom line for investment banking can be quite clear and transparent. The most astute investors understand that IPOs can be quite profitable.

Unlike some investment bankers, Mr. Martin Lustgarten has a truly global vantage point. He can help you find a good Swiss or American stock. This can help you create a truly diversified portfolio.

When investment bankers, like Mr. Martin Lustgarten, do their jobs properly, they can match the best companies with the best investors. All can profit. The successful balancing act is a win-win for everyone.

With its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, Equities First Holdings LLC was founded in 2002. Since then, the company has been offering alternative financing solutions to their clients. It supplies capital against the publicly traded shares to enable their clients to meet both personal as well as professional goals. To-date, EFH has done over 650 transactions, offering customers loans at low-interest rates.

EFH is an international company. It has offices in nine countries including London, Hong Kong, Indianapolis, Singapore, Sydney, Bangkok, and Perth.

Their loans are based on their evaluation of risks as well as the future performance of bonds, stocks, and treasuries on the market.

Equities First Holdings record a growing trend among stock-based loan borrowers

Equities First Holdings- a global leader and lender in alternative financing solutions has witnessed increased traction in stock-based and margin loans in an economic environment where lending criteria has been made tighter in banks and other institutions. Equities First Holdings is quickly gaining popularity as a possible alternative for borrowers who need quick capital or those who do not meet the qualifications for a more conventional credit-based loan.

While there are many options for these individuals, lately, many banks have tightened their loan qualifications, increased interest rates and cut their lending options.

Al Christy, Jr, the CEO and founder of EFH, thinks that loans collateralized by stocks are innovative borrowing alternatives for people seeking working capital.

Ideally, the loan-to-value ratio of stock-based loans is higher compared to that of the margin loans. Stock-based loans also have a fixed interest rate, and this provides the lender with certainty throughout the lifespan of the transaction.

Unlike conventional loans which are bound to be affected by fluctuations in the market, stock-based loans provide a buffer. This is because borrowers lower their risks of the investment in a disadvantaged market.

With more stock-based loans, there is a way out and borrowers can walk away from a loan at any time, even if the value of stocks depreciates. The borrower is allowed to keep the initial proceeds of the loan with no further responsibility to the lender.


I have always felt really good working with Laidlaw & Company because they have made it a priority to communicate with me. They are always talking to me, and I have even gotten a call from Matthew Eitner about how I am going to invest my money. It makes me feel like I am a special part of the family with James Ahern, and it also helps me make sure that I am going to get the best results on every single investment that I make. It just makes my life easier, and it helps me get the information that I need on all my investments.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

Someone who is trying to invest like me needs to come to Laidlaw & Company because they will get the most results from a small investment. The broker that I have worked with has been helping me keep expanding as much as possible, and he has shown me that I have a lot of options that were just not necessary in the first place. I have been able to get bad idea out of my head while running them through my broker, and then he shows me what would be the best choice for me in all circumstances.

I have always wanted to make sure that I could invest in something that was going to make me a lot of money, and then I have been able to make a lot more money because of the way that Laidlaw & Company works. They have it set up so that everyone will make money, and I can call my broker at any time to get the results that I want. I need to make sure that I have a chance to get what I need, and I also need to be sure that I have asked my broker first because he is really the best.

George Soros is a billionaire hedge fund manager that is currently based in the United States of America. He was born in Hungary, but he fled his original country to look for greener pastures. He went for his education in Britain, and after completing, he relocated to the America, and this is where he has earned most of his wealth.

George Soros has become very popular over the years due to the amount of power and knowledge he has. He is an advocate of an open society, and he has even opened a charitable organization to help people. Due to the amount of power and wealth he has, he has managed to become a very influential person in the world. His views on Twitter on economic and political issues are highly respected by everyone in the world.

In 2008, the world experienced a big blow due to a financial crisis on that originated from the developed countries. The effects of the crisis were quite huge, and many countries had a tough time trying to get back their original state. Most of the developing countries have however not been able to recover completely from the crisis.

Since then, most investors have been careful with their investments, because they do not want to get the problems experienced in 2008. Not long ago, the Hungarian investor announced that there will be a financial crisis that resembles the one that took place years ago. This time, the financial crisis will, however, not be originating from the developed western nations. According to George Soros, the crisis is likely to come due to the economic problems experienced by China.

China has not been doing well in the recent times. George Soros says that at the moment, the debts experienced by China resemble that of the US in the year 2008. According to him, this is likely to spur a global recession.

George Soros has warned all investors to be very keen because there are signs of an upcoming crisis. The country has not been getting any positive interests for some time, and according to George Soros, it will be very difficult for the country to move back to its original state because it is still developing. Although the China government is doing all it can to ensure that everything gets back to normal, George still warns people to be extremely careful.

This is not the first time the billionaire is warning investors. Before the financial crisis that happened in 2008, George had warned everyone about it, this time, it will very important for everyone to go for his advice. He also recently warned about the ongoing crisis that is happening in the European Union. The international community will benefit a lot if they take his advice about China positively.


Recently, Philip N. Diehl, the president of U.S. Money Reserve joined Enterprise Radio for an interview with Eric Dye. U.S Money Reserve is one of the leading distributors of U.S. government issued platinum, silver, and gold coins. In the interview, Diehl talked about his leadership background as the 35th director of the U.S. Mint. He elaborated on how the position qualified him to be the president of U.S. Money Reserve.
According to Diehl, U.S. Mint introduced him to the world of legal tender coins. He also managed to roll out the operations of U.S. Mint to a worldwide network thus transforming the organization into an entrepreneurial agency. On what makes him an effective leader at U.S. Money Reserve, Diehl said that he is always in constant communication with the team at the firm in order to ensure that consumers are satisfied. According to Diehl, the rewarding aspect of that is seeing the commitment each day from both the front and back office staff and having a clients satisfied with the products and services.
When it comes to U.S Money Reserve offers that appeal to customers, Diehl gives the gold, silver, and platinum coins that are backed legally by the U.S government and major mints. Recently, the firm created a system, with the IRA, which allows its clients to use gold as wealth insurance. About U.S. Money Reserve’s competitive edge, Diehl attributes it to the firm’s commitment towards customer satisfaction.
On why people should own minted silver and gold coins from the U.S Government instead of owning gold bars or bullion, Diehl notes that gold bars and bullion are not legal tenders. In addition, they are not backed by the U.S government and economy. Diehl believes that the 2008 financial crisis did have a big impact on the gold market. This is because many people turned to it as tool of storing their value, a role that it has played for many years.
Diehl led the U.S. Mint to earn the second highest score in all federal agencies in his first initiative as the Mint director. He also managed to grow the profits of the Mint. In his first year, the profits were $450 million rising to $2.5 billion in his last year. His other achievement at the Mint include the establishment of the 50 States Quarter program that turned out to be the most successful coin program in U.S. history. This information was extracted from Entrepreneur Podcast Network as highlighted in the following link
Experienced people in the gold market industry established U.S. Money Reserve. The veterans realized that there was a need to combine premier customer service with expert market knowledge and trustworthy guidance necessary in buying precious metals. Some of the products that U.S Money Reserve offers include 1 OZ Gold American Eagle, Common Date $50 Buffalo Bullion and 1 OZ Silver American Eagle. This information was published on U.S. Money Reserve’s Website as found below


Billionaire financial guru George Soros recently dusted off his crystal ball, peered deep inside its dark interior and predicted it looked like 2008 all over again. In his view, global markets are facing a renewed crisis similar to the financial collapse of 2008, and investors need to be very cautious. In other words, it’s déjà vu all over again.

Soros was speaking at an economic forum in Sri Lanka last week when he made his dire prediction. The first week of 2016 mirrored his words as global currency, stock and commodity markets were all trending downward. China especially was showing weakness in any sustained growth looking forward. Its sinking yuan currency only added to the concern about the strength of the world’s second largest economy.

To those who have forgotten, on April 11, 2008, Soros was quoted in the New York Times as saying. “I consider this the biggest financial crisis of my lifetime, a ‘superbubble’ that has been swelling for a quarter of a century is finally bursting.” He proved correct when the global economy did collapse later that year, triggering years of depressions and the loss of jobs among the world’s most developed countries.

Now, nearly 8 years later, Soros is warning the world that the bubble could burst again as Chinas shifts away from investment and manufacturing toward consumption and services. On Wednesday, Jan 6 of this year, nearly $2.5 trillion was wiped from the slate of global equities. Loses deepened the next day across the Asia and China was forced to halt stock trading in the middle of the day.

This isn’t the first time since the 2008 call that Soros has voiced his concern about the global economy. Speaking to a panel in Washington D.C. on September 2011, he warned the Greece-born European debt crunch was even more serious than the crisis of 2008. Only drastic action by Greece and the EU members averted a total collapse of the Greek economy.

The World Bank has taken note of the problem and cuts its forecast for 2016 global growth from 3.3%t to 2.9%. The US manufacturing ISM indicator is below the crucial 50 level at 48.2. A fall below the 45 would indicate a pending recession. China’s manufacturing PMI has fallen to the same U.S. level over the past year as the result of sluggish world trade. In short, as China turns inward as a consumer nation, the world can no longer look to the Asian economic powerhouse to fund and support their economies.

China’s Communist Party has pledged to gradually dismantle the capital controls that artificially oversee their markets and cause wide fluctuations and panic in their stock markets. Even after the People’s Bank of China cut interest rates to record lows, Chinese authorities continued to pump hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy.
Soros is not the only one forecasting a rocky road ahead for 2016 but his record of spot-on predictions that went against conventional thinking in the past has the world listening to him with a much sharper ear.