As a Brazilian investment banker and stock market businessperson, LinkedIn depicts how Igor Cornelsen has worked with several investors and companies in making their ventures successful. He currently serves as the CEO of Bainbridge Inv Inc. The company delivers commodities and foreign exchange investment solutions to both institutional and individual investors. Throughout his career in investment banking, Cornelsen has referenced the Brazilian investment-banking model. This is because Brazil has recorded a tremendous economic growth. Furthermore, several foreign investors have spent their money on profitable Brazilian ventures.


Cornelsen is also notable for holding executive roles in some of Brazil’s top banks. During his tenure, his management enabled most banks to make profits. He retired from the Brazilian-banking sector in 2010 and decided to focus on private investment ventures. Besides work, he enjoys spending his leisure time in South Florida, Miami.  Tons of pictures of Igor enjoying his retirement can be seen on Facebook.


Igor Cornelsen: the Investment Advisor


Cornelsen uses his WordPress blog to educate people on investment matters. In his recent posts, he acknowledges people for making wise investment choices. He also believes that investing can be quite challenging to new investors. According to him, the only way one can make the right investment decision is by adhering to the investment rules. Cornelsen advice people to avoid losing money and to manage their time well when investing. He also urges people to diversify their portfolios to minimize investment risks.


In his blog, Cornelsen also advises young investors on how early investments are critical. According to him, the best investment decisions can be made at the beginning of one’s career. He used the latest research by the Federal Reserve to back up his statement. The research states that over 50 percent of American citizens below 30 years old have not invested in their retirement.


Cornelsen’s Take on Stock Markets


Igor Cornelsen has posted several articles on his WordPress blog regarding the stock market. In his blog, he says that stocks are quite deceiving. Cornelsen also points out how knowledge is essential when it comes to investing in stocks. He views the stock market as a lucrative investment opportunity with risks involved. Cornelsen believes that if you view the stock markets positively, you are likely to be less cautious when investing and more committed to the investment.