While most probably know Randal Nardone for his work with Fortress Investment Group and the investment firm’s recent merger with Japanese conglomerate SoftBank, he has taken a unique path to this destination. Over the course of the past few decades, he has collected the expertise needed to guide the company forward.For Randal Nardone, this journey began when he received his B.A. and his J.D. from the University of Connecticut and Boston University School of Law, respectively. Once he completed his education, he was given the opportunity to join the esteemed Thacher, Proffitt & Wood firm. He would soon rise through the ranks and become a partner.Randal Nardone also became a member of the executive committee at this firm and this would set the tone for the remainder of his career.

Once he completed his duties at this firm, he would also join UBS and BlackRock in similar capacities. In fact, he has played a leadership role at a wide range of different firms over the course of his career.He is currently serving as Eurocastle Investment Limited’s director and he has worked in a similar capacity for a number of different firms. Alea Group Holdings enlisted him to sit on their board of directors. He served in this role for seven years (2007 to 2014) and Randal Nardone assisted numerous other companies during this time period.GAGFAH S.A. and Brookdale Senior Living Inc. also relied on his services and with these experiences, he is in a unique position to lead Fortress Investment Group into the future. He has been the chief executive officer of Fortress for the past five years and many of the company’s biggest triumphs have taken place under his watch.

Institutional Investor bestowed their Hedge Fund Manager of the Year award upon the firm in 2014 and Fortress also received a Management Firm of the Year award from HFMWeek. The company now possesses assets that total into the tens of billions of dollars and this is why SoftBank made the first step towards creating a powerful merger.Now that these two companies have joined forces, Randal Nardone’s unique expertise will certainly be of use. He has the necessary expertise in the world of private credit equity and his management skills are also going to be of great use. Nardone has been a reliable leader since his career began and he will be the perfect choice to lead Fortress Investment Group into the future.

Update 12/10/2017: David Giertz spoke to DialDish about the role healthcare planning plays in retirement savings.  While it’s something that not everybody always considers, saving for healthcare needs is vital. Especially considering those retirement years are when we need healthcare services the most.

David Giertz is a budgetary consultant working with NFS Distributors Inc. in Dublin, Ohio. Since 2013, he is the leader of the organization which manages business deals and appropriations across the country. The organization is likewise engaged with the purchasing and offering of stocks, securities, and multifaceted investments. As the leader of the organization Mr. Giertz figures retirement designs, claim to fame showcase, nearby subsidizes, annuities, wire houses, autonomous specialists and disaster protection on ideamensch.com. Severally has outperformed the organization’s benefit and misfortune targets and gathered beneficial returns for the venture.

David Giertz has had 30 years of mastery in the monetary administrations field giving him the ability to create thoughts that prompt achieving benefits and authoritative objectives. He has worked with Citicorp Investment Services for 10 years and furthermore Mutual life coverage Company in the New York. Mr. Giertz likewise worked for monetary skylines security partnerships, Skokie national investment funds, and Mony Securities Corp. In his first years in NFS Distributors, Giertz fills in as a money related counsel then later the region executive. Following quite a long while he got elevated to the official VP accountable for deals and augmented the benefit in the South by 48%. In 2004 he composed the Financial Institution program which augmented to incorporate Wirehouse conveyance channel five years expanding the benefit by 6.5 billion.

Giertz has taken four money related exams and has passed them praiseworthy. Having been affirmed by WABC, he formally guides individuals on portfolio administration. As a monetary mentor, he exhorts individuals on building up an all around organized retirement design through the social advantages on Linkedin. However many individuals accuse their decreased annuity benefits for medical issues and wellbeing costs, the key is expanding on their security stipends. He debilitated the total dependence on wellbeing findings which should simply help retirement advantage levels.

James is the president and the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He has over 30 years’ experience in credit and equity markets. The Highland Capital Management investment together with its affiliates owns assets that are worth $ 13.5 billion.

Mr. Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he received a Bachelors in Commerce, he majored in Accounting and finance. Alongside this, he also has CPA, CMA, and CFA. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

James Dondero is also the chairman of the NextBank, CCS Medical, cornerstone Healthcare and board member of the American Banknote and MGM Studios. In 2015, Mr. James Dondero was appointed to the board of directors for NextPoint Trust.

  1. Dondero began his career as an analyst in 1984 in the Morgan Training program before assuming several positions. He has also served as the corporate Bond Analyst and later portfolio manager at American Express. James served as the chief investment officer between the years 1989 to 1993, of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary and helped the company grow the business from inception to over $2B in four years.

Under the leadership of Mr. Dondero, Highland Capital has been a pioneer in the developing of the Collateralized Loan Obligation as well as proceeding solutions that are related to credit both for the institutional and retail investors globally. The Highland Market offer products such as hedge funds, private equity funds, CLOs, ETFs, mutual funds, and REITs.

The Highland’s boasts a diversified base of clients that includes foundations, public pensions plan, endowments, financial institutions, funds of funds, high net worth individuals, corporations, and government. The firm’s headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas and also has offices in New York, Singapore, and Seoul.

Read: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=2159086&privcapId=37846394

Mr. Dondero’s management experience includes investment grade corporate, leveraged bank loans, mortgage-backed securities, emerging bank debts, derivatives, common stocks and preferred stocks.

As a dedicated philanthropist, Mr. Dondero has supported different initiates including education, veterans affairs, and public policy. Furthermore, he has donated millions to proceeds in Dallas-area and charities. Due to the commitment of Mr. Dondero in improving the educational opportunities, it has resulted in the growth of a list of partnerships and donations that is enriching the lives of the people of Dallas. Follow James on Linkedin.


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Investment managers have a lot of different things to do. Many of these investment planners are getting their information from Agora Financial as well. It cuts down on the amount of research that they will have to do. They can get information right from the experts, and this gives them better insight on how they can manage client portfolios.

Agora Financial has something for everyone that is making investment moves. People can get a much better feel for what they need to put their money towards, and this is vital for investors that plan for retirement. This is financial literature that can greatly increase returns on investments for retirement planners.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappis was named the Entrepreneur of the Year in the year 2015 for his amazing work in the finance industry. This was done after he purchased HSBC located in Brazil, Bradesco.

He is known as one of the leaders of the industry for his knowledge with private banks. Trabuco was born in Marilia in the year 1951. He studied Philosophy, Science, and Letters at the University of Sao Paulo.

He began working at this first bank in 1969. He quickly advanced through all of the different levels at the bank. He eventually managed to become the president at Bradesco Seguros. He was the president there from 2003 to 2009. During the time he has secured about thirty percent of the Bradesco profit to this day. Once Trabuco took his position, he decided to create a university for those to learn about the corporate market. He also looked to seek the renewal of different leadership cadres. He made it an interest to talk to executives from different areas of the bank. This was the start to the great leader he is today.

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In 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabucco Cappi took over the presidency of Bradseco right after the bank had lost its lead place to Itau Unibanco (a rival bank). He carefully did not have a run for the first place spot in the ratings of the other banks. He stated that the leadership of the banks was not one of his goals. His goal was to do the best job possible with the different municipalities that the bank was currently serving. Later on, he decided to make a bold, but effective, move to get ahead of Bradesco.

After getting approval from Lazaro Brandao (Chairman of the Board), Trabucco purchased the Brazilian section of HSBC for 5.2 billion US dollars. After acquiring the branch, Bradesco has started the fight for its place in leadership within the private segment. Looking at the total market shares of Bradseco and HSBC shows that the Banco de Deus outperforms the Itau Unibanco in three different areas. These areas are the number of account holders, branch networks, and the total number of investment funds. The other three areas that were evaluated were deposits, assets, and the number of loans that were granted.

Trabuco told MONEY that the gain of HSBC has enabled him to gain what would have taken him six years, in a short period of time. This bold, but calculated, move is what put Trabuco on the map for ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR IN FINANCE.

Optimistic about the future of the market, Trabuco Cappi usually says that the insurance sector is an extension arm of the State and fundamental to the maintenance of social welfare.

He is very optimistic about the direction of the market. Trabuco believes that the insurance sector is one of the most important parts of the State and fundamental sections of social welfare. He also believes that one of the biggest challenges of the upcoming decade will be the segment getting the recognition of it’s importance. Because the country is continuing to evolve, there is a need for a different perspective and urgency in terms of the world of insurance.

Learn more about Luiz Carlo Trabuco Cappi: http://epocanegocios.globo.com/Empresa/noticia/2017/08/trabuco-retomada-do-credito-depende-de-volta-do-pib-e-da-taxa-de-investimento.html