Regarding finance and planning, Richard Dwayne Blair understands the complexity and the attention needed for many different parties who can be involved in financial planning, or in retirement planning. Blair is an authority who can speak on many different levels concerning areas of finance and planning. Richard Dwayne Blair is a registered investment advisor at Wealth Solutions, a firm he founded in 1994 to help clients maximize their wealth. His company, Wealth Solutions is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

In regards to Richard Dwayne Blair’s educational background, Blair received a Bachelor’s degree in finance, finance and financial services in 1993 from the University of Houston. Blair has a long list of credentials, especially certifications. These include Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS), Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES), Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), Certified Income Specialist (CIS), Certified Tax Specialist (CTS), and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP).

Earning these certifications help reinforce Richard Dwayne Blair’s credibility in finance. And it also helps lend credence for those potential clients, and current clients who are utilizing Blair’s knowledge base to benefit, financially. Richard Dwayne Blair’s years of experience in finance, and his certifications have contributed to the sharpening of his knowledge regarding retirement planning. Skills like Blair’s help pinpoint key connections that he can bridge together for clients who are interested in planning their retirement, or those currently living in retirement who may need counsel for other financial matters.

One of Blair’s credos when he created Wealth Solutions was to help make a positive difference for individuals, for small business owners, and for families. Blair also noted that during the process of developing a complete financial plan for clients, he follows a “Three Pillar Approach To Financial Planning.” This approach includes looking at a client’s financial situation and retirement needs to adequately prepare a comprehensive plan for them.

The first pillar involves laying out a financial roadmap, the second pillar involves developing a long-term strategy, and the third pillar helps establish the financial goals of the client and approve strategies that enables liquidity and growth. The final pillar concerns insurance planning.