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The forex market rarely sleeps as traders can access this vehicle 24 hours a day for 5 days every week. Major international cities with strong forex markets provide seemingly endless liquidity that runs around the clock. This makes every lifestyle conducive to currency trading no matter the hours worked. There is a market open and trending somewhere and that’s a considerable attraction for many traders, check (

The extraordinary liquidity of currency markets is also a major selling point as trades can be opened and closed with ease. It also ensures a tight spread between the bids and asks which makes the cost of trading even more affordable. The trillions of dollars that are exchanged each day make for the largest pool among any trading vehicles. The best place to go fishing is where all the action is and nothing rivals the forex markets, read more on

New traders would be well served by focusing on the major pairs as they embark on their trading journey. This is another characteristic of forex trading that is attractive as there are a limited number of these which makes research easier. Good information is also easy to come by so traders can quickly build a knowledge base.

One thing that really sets forex trading apart from other markets is the leverage factor. It is much easier to access for traders who can take advantage of its ability to drive profits. NetPicks and their experts teach new traders how to use leverage in a responsible manner.

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