Although the stories within the A Song of Ice and Fire series are not entirely original, no one can deny that George R.R. Martin took old fantasy tropes and created one of the greatest modern fantasy book series from them. Of course, HBO’s Game of Thrones, which is based on the books, has helped increase the amount of interest in the books and the amount of praise GRRM receives from people. Yet, today, June 18, a lot of people are discussing how some book fans are actually preventing their favorite author from completing his work says Amen Clinic Founder Dr Daniel Amen.

Last week, GRRM had to ask fans to stop using his personal blog-like site titled “Not a Blog” to complain about the differences between his show and the TV series. Apparently, fans of the books who hate the deviations have been using the comments section on his site to get into online battles with people who do not mind the changes.

GRRM has made it clear that he is trying to focus on finishing the next book in the series Winds of Winter while he is also working on various TV series and does not appreciate the interruptions or frustration caused by fan complaints.