E-governe is Brazil’s go-to e-governe solution for all levels of the nation’s governing bodies. The system is the most robust and effective e-governe software available in the world today. With a vast array of modules and features, e-governe can be configured for nearly any government management role on any scale.


Before the advent of sophisticated e-governe systems, such as e-governe, millions of man-hours per year and billions of dollars were wasted on menial and repetitive tasks that took up available resources and added no real value to the taxpayer. But that all changed, especially in Brazil, with the rolling out of the e-governe system. A fully-integrated and highly scalable e-governe solution, e-governe is a ready-to-go software product that requires little configuration. And the results are immediate and clear.


With the ability to nearly eliminate paper forms and all the processing times that have historically gone with them, e-governe can reduce the workload of government employees by up to 90 percent, in many cases. This represents a tremendous efficiency improvement, freeing up resources that were otherwise occupied to be redirected to more value-added tasks, such as directly interacting with constituents.


E-governe also has a robust system of checks and balances that are designed into the system itself. With the ability to closely monitor all transactions, even automatically monitoring them for anomaly detection, the e-governe system makes governmental corruption nearly impossible to perpetrate without system administrators being made immediately aware.


One of the areas in which e-governe creates tremendous efficiency and value is in its Financeiro module. This is designed primarily to aid government leaders and comptrollers in the creation of legally compliant budgets.


The system is designed to fully comply with the Financial Responsibility Law of 1964. The system can be used by governments from the municipal level all the way up to the federal government. Like other e-governe systems, the Financeiro module all but eliminates paperwork and substantially automates most of the tasks associated with budget formation.


Unlike with simple household budgets, governmental budgets can be fiendishly complex, often requiring thousands of pages with millions of line items, even at the municipal level. These budgets usually include many stakeholders and require their input. This is not a one-man job.


For this reason, e-governe has developed a sophisticated protocol that allows for a distributed budget formation model. This allows the key players in budget creation to input their respective requirements into the total budget, get instant feedback and finalize their yearly budgets. And it does all this while remaining 100 percent compliant with all relevant legislation. This process, which relies on smart workflows and extensive automation, can easily reduce budget creation times by 90 percent or more.


But the e-governe system goes being just writing budgets. It can administer them as well. With the ability to automatically handle all accounting and dispensing of funds set forth in the budget, e-governe is a total solution for all phases of governmental budget formation.


It is through systems like these that e-governe removes the burden of menial tasks and frees government employees to do what they’re best at, serving constituents.