The men’s grooming and style industry have had a huge revolution. A transformation has begun and not one that is going forward, but a more classic approach has been taken bringing us back to the olden days; the days when the traditional straight razor was everything to a man. Now, this instrument may seem very odd to use in these times when technology is changing everything, but what many have found is that there is a feeling of manhood that comes with being able to handle this instrument successfully. As much as some people may view it as a waste of time, especially when it comes to the prepping process, the quality of the shave is the thing that attracts most men to use this gadget. Using this blade is an art that requires prowess in order not to hurt oneself.

The Process

You need to shower first to moisten the skin and prepare the shaved area. Apply some soap or shaving cream on the shaving area and rub it to create a thick lather. Place the razor on the skin ensuring a 30 to 35 degrees angle and start shaving without applying pressure at all. Mastering the angles is a crucial step because any miss-harp may lead to having cuts or root hair irritation. Make sure to shave with the grains. When done, rinse your beard with cold water and apply some moisturizer.

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