Milan fashion week often inspires changes in dress or hair trends for upcoming seasons. This year was no exception. Hair trends range from the sleek side swept look to the mini beehive.

Six hair trends stood out among the others .

The ”Comb-Over” takes a deep part and combines it with the side swept bang and some gel giving an all-over smooth look.

The “Waterfall Topknot” is a combination of an up-do ponytail and a pretty barrette. Long hair is pulled to the top of the head then fastened in place with a band. The pony is pulled to one side and fastened in place with a large barrette.

“Scrows” is a style inspired by corn rows. This style incorporates the loose corn row into a band or barrette at the nape of the neck, giving a playful up-do of sorts for any occasion.

Dr. Jennifer Walden was pleased to learn that the Tiara is a fashion hit again this year. The ease and beauty of adorning any hair style with a pretty tiara made from flowers to jewels is always fashionable.

Full, gelled hair is making a comeback. Add gel to your locks for lift and definition, sweeping them up and to the side to add drama. This easy style is good for short or long hair.

The “Beehive” was popular in the 50’s. This is a smaller, easier version of that up swept, teased and sprayed style. The “Faux-hive” as it is called, uses a little bit of teasing for lift at the crown and a pretty band to accent the look.