Try to imagine the shapes and forms technologies have used through the past 100 years. Regardless of the many approaches done with technology, medical doctors have a principal role which is the patient’s health importance — a value that surgeons must preserve. Thus, the world’s tech physician and most effective, Dr. Mark Holterman is keeping the patients’ health care in mind while innovating surgical and medical treatment.

Indeed, Dr. Holterman has the vision to increase medicinal technologies all-around the world, and he desires to see positive modifications for every age class. When Holterman co-founded Mariam Global Health, the company’s purpose was to help other agencies establish innovative medical technologies. As CEO of Mariam Global Health, Holterman will lead the way in setting up the latest solutions to patient care.

Also, he will mentor individuals and their ideas for startups. So, if any advanced methods show worthwhile to the global society, Dr. Holterman will approve them to his co-workers ( Not only that, Dr. Mark Holterman serves different institutions in various ways. He helps the Children’s Hospital of Illinois and is a taking part pediatric surgeon at several other clinics.

Further, Holterman runs offices in Peoria, Illinois, and workplaces in the Maywood village. His reputation is significant in helping children in the Chicago area and helping kids in other parts around the world — by contributing time, knowledge and money donations. What’s interesting, Dr. Holterman started his medical life on a Wisconsin farm during childhood and strived hard as a teenager.

However, he and his future wife, pediatric surgeon, Ai-Xuan would spend time in Canada and eventually moved to Chicago. Of course, Holterman met a then-medical student, Ai-Xuan at Virginia University, School of Medicine. It is also exciting that Dr. Mark Holterman’s chief wish, among others, is to make health care available for all children.

He is carrying out much of that aim through IPSAC-VN. His wife, Dr. Ai-Xuan, a Vietnam native, is also helping carry out that goal. IPSAC-VN is a foundation where doctors, nurses, medical assistants, healthcare services in Vietnam will treat Vietnamese isolated areas.

As a result, combined Vietnam and the US will provide maximum quality medical attention for the Vietnamese people in large quantities — in which the citizenry will not overload the urban clinics. Plus, the foundation will finance checkup schools and support training sessions around the country.

Even so, CEO Dr. Mark Holterman plans to carry on his work with Mariam Global Health and IPSAC-VN.