Technology industry giant and Groupon co-founder Eric Lefkofsky is now co-founder of the healthcare startup Tempus. Tempus is an innovative technology company that is developing solutions for new cancer treatments within a robotic lab. Revolution Growth and New Enterprise Associates collectively invested $70 million into the series C funding of Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky is hopeful that the total $130 million in funding will propel Tempus towards developing life-saving strategies in the future treatment of cancer.

A loved one’s diagnosis with cancer was the motivation of starting Tempus, and nurturing the collection of genetic and clinical data in order to advance the method of genomic sequencing is well worth Lefkofsky’s time. The tech billionaire started Tempus in 2015 and has invested his own money in each round of fundraising. Helping people have an optimal chance of beating cancer is a cause that is close to Lefkofsky’s heart. The desire for the advancement of oncology treatment is shared by Tempus partners including Duke University School of Medicine and the Mayo Clinic.

The life of Eric Lefkofsky is dynamic and charitable. The contributions Lefkofsky has made to humanity and the business world are many. Lefkofsky is also, along with Tempus, co-founder of Uptake Technologies, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, and Lightbank. Started by Eric Lefkofsky and his wife, The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is a private charity that was created to contribute to the progression of numerous communities. The Lefkofsky’s roles as philanthropists continue further by donating to cancer care organizations such as Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, and Weill Cornell Medicine. Eric Lefkofsky sits on the Board of Trustees for Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company.


Anthony Petrello, also commonly known as Tony, is the Chief Executive Officer, the Chairman of the Board and the President of Nabors Industries Limited. He is also a father and a husband. With regards to his academic qualifications, Anthony Petrello has a J.D from Harvard Law School and a B.S and M.S in Mathematics from Yale University. Other than his position at Nabors Industries Limited, Anthony Petrello is also the Director of Stewart and Stevenson, LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital. When he is known working, he is engaged in various charities that help the less fortunate in the society.

Anthony Petrello’s childhood friends and even his former classmates refer to him as an Italian-American extrovert who was really good at Mathematics. His role in Nabors Industries Limited involved an operative role as well as providing strategic guidance to the company. Nabors Industries Limited is a lead industry player in the field of oil and gas. The company has technological capacities and well-trained employees in the energy sector giving it a strong competitive edge over other industry players.

Anthony Petrello’s role at Texas Children’s Hospital is close to his family’s heart because of a personal adversity. Anthony and Cynthia’s daughter, Carena suffers from a neurological condition that has hindered her developmental milestones of childhood. Carena was diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia which is caused by lack of oxygen or blood flow to the brain. As a result of the condition, Carena developed Celebral Palsy. Anthony and Cynthia have been at the forefront in organizing fund raising for the Children’s Hospital. They gave a generous donation of Seven Million Dollars to fund research for neurological illness and to provide clinical care for children living with neurological conditions.

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InnovaCare recently announced several additions to its leadership team as it looks to rejuvenate its performance and strengthen its position in Puerto Rico’s healthcare industry. It recruited some of the best professionals in the healthcare and insurance industries. Here is an overview of the two most notable additions: Penelope Kokkinides and Richard Shinto.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is not new to InnovaCare as she once worked for the company as its Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Clinical Operations. She rejoined the company in June of 2015 as its Chief Administrative Officer.

Kokkinides has over two decades of experience in the health and insurance industries. She worked as the Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight Healthcare before joining InnovaCare. She also worked in the capacity of Corporate Vice President for AmeriChoice’s department of Care Management and Disease Management. She also spent considerable time working as the Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health. Her experience in working with Medicare and Medicaid government programs makes her a valuable addition for InnovaCare. Learn more about Penelope on Bizjournals.

Richard Shinto

Richard Shinto is the CEO and President of InnovaCare. He is not new to the company either; he previously served as the CEO and President of Aveta, Inc for five years before it was sold in 2012. He too boasts of over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry.

Dr. Shinto’s career in healthcare began in the 90s when he worked as a pulmonologist in Southern California. He has since served in many capacities for different organizations. For instance, he worked for MedPartners as the Corporate Vice President of Medical Management from 1996-1997. He also served as the Chief Medical Officer for Cal Optima Health Plan and Medical Pathways Management Company. Rick Shinto is considered an invaluable member of the leadership team thanks to his deep knowledge of the company as well as his experience in other organizations.

About InnovaCare, Inc.

InnovaCare operates some of the leading plans in healthcare services in Puerto Rico; its services include PMC Medicare Choice, Inc., MMM Healthcare, Inc., and the Government Health Plan of Puerto Rico. It is one of the leading healthcare service providers in Puerto Rico especially thanks to its cooperation with the government’s health plan. In fact, it is the only service provider offering NCQA-Accredited health plans in the island.

InnovaCare prides itself in leading in multiple aspect of healthcare service provision. It promises advanced technology services, affordability, and innovation in service provision.

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