Purina Beneful has some of the best dog food products sold on the market. The price of Beneful dog food at Walmart ranges from $5-$35 depending on the size of the package that one would want, the age of the pet, and the size of the pet the food is being bought for. The wet food range $5-$24 and the dry food ranges $14-35 depending on styles of food, size of the package, and type of the owner’s dog. Walmart doesn’t seem to carry the dry or wet Beneful healthy weight with real salmon, but they have plenty of other brilliant options! A similar option to this would be the Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Chicken dry dog food. The 15.5 pound package of this choice is $13.98 at Walmart while the 31.1 pound bag here is $26.98. Yet another good option would be the Original Purina Beneful dog food with Real Salmon. This package is $26.98 for the 31.1 pound bag (which matches the price of the healthy weight option).

Walmart always seems to have some good deals going on when it comes to pet care. One coupon for Beneful out right now is a “Save $2.00 on any one bag of Purina Beneful Incredibites Dry Dog Food“. Since Walmart matches prices if you find something lower elsewhere, then there always seems to be good deals on Beneful when you get it here! The quality of ingredients in Beneful definitely display what the company stands for. The reviews, through Walmart, for the Beneful dog food and other products show high recommendation for this product.

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