Cardiovascular disease has become a rampant killer in the United States and all over the world. In a recent research, it was found out that one out of four deaths have been caused by heart-related disease, while another research indicated that 20% of the deaths occurring in the United States were preventable if people observed a change in diet and adopted a more healthy lifestyle.

With these facts, it only means that having screening tests can be a preventative way of dealing with heart complications that give us an early alert to our heart health. This knowledge is a vital motivation for a change in lifestyle as well as behavior whether or not one is at risk or not.

Why Lifeline Screening

It is for that reason that Lifeline Screening comes handy, to ensure that the population is more aware of the need for a preventive screening test. In one of their recent study, the team from Lifeline Screening took a survey of about 3,000 people who had been scheduled for a cardiovascular screening with them. Though most of them were ladies and above 50 years, Lifeline Screening team divided the group into first time into the test and those who had undergone the test before.

Lifeline Screening study

The study was aimed to determine whether undergoing the test had any impact to lifestyle change and so after asking a series of questions, it was clear that those who had undergone the screening, regardless of the screening results had adopted a positive lifestyle changes and were now observing healthier diets and exercising daily, as compared to those who have never been screened. Those with severe or abnormal tests were also found to be more observant to the doctor’s advice and keen on their medication.

Though people are very aware of the importance of the daily exercise and eat healthily, it is not easy to do it, thus taking a preventative screening test from Lifeline Screening becomes the motivation needed for positive change. Their cardiovascular screenings are fast, efficient and affordable and provide a baseline for physicians and the patients to work harmoniously to achieve an improved outcome.

Lifeline Screening test types

The Lifeline Screening wellness company offers three main test types which include:

1. Finger Stick Blood Examination- Through a simple prick on the finger for a few drops of blood, Lifeline Screening are able to conduct a test on your lipid panels which are able to determine your heart health.
2. Electrocardiograph- this test can detect any irregular heartbeats which are a sign of heart failure, or stroke risk.
23 Ultrasound Screenings – This includes a series of screenings that can depict dangerous cardiovascular complications.

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Surprisingly, Arthritis is common, but people understand it to a minimal extent. Arthritis is not a name of a single disease but is a collective name for the joint disease in general. There are over 1000 different forms of arthritis, and more than 50 million Americans suffer from a form of it, making it the No. 1 cause of disability. Women are most susceptible.


One of the most common forms of arthritis is Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease. Pain is caused by the continuous degeneration of cartilage or the soft ligament and tissues located in joints. “As degeneration of cartilage occur, bones rub against each other causing pain, stiffness and swelling,” remarked Dr. Matthew CiRullo. “With time, joints become weak, and an individual may experience chronic pains. Although there is no definite cure, there are other treatment alternatives to enable one manage the pain and lead a quality lifestyle.” Visit Health Grades to know more about Osteo Relief Institute.


Some factors that may cause osteoarthritis include obesity, family medical history, age or a previous injury. Due to its degenerative nature, a patient’s dedication toward self-management is essential to contract the scope of conditions. Some elements of arthritis as embodied in self-management include, daily routine, exercise, and medical options.


About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute is multi-disciplinary health care center located in New Jersey. The Institute understands the difficulty of obtaining quality and professional medical care, and that is why the medical personnel at Osteo Relief Institute are dedicated to delivering comprehensive care. Among its practicing practitioners include highly qualified physicians, physiotherapists and other medical experts who can offer peripheral services for quick pain relief. Learn more about the location at


The practitioners examine the medical history of a patient to assess the unique genetic symptoms, so create a specialized treatment modality to cater for the specific patient needs. It is this commitment to service quality that has enable Osteo Relief institute to stay true to its goal: To offer world-class medical technological solutions and other treatment options for osteoarthritis.


Osteo Relief Institute is independently owned. The center invests in premium technological devices to provide clients cutting-edge care services when it comes to joint pains. All technological instruments are FDA approved for use. Hence, patients receive consistent services quality that they can rely on.



Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing fields today and is helping the medical and healthcare industry to advance rapidly as well. Many biotechnology companies are investing millions into research and development as well as developing medicines that are known to be highly helpful. One of the biotechnology companies that has made tremendous progress in the last few years in the United States and is known worldwide for its rapid development in its niche is Amicus Therapeutics. It is a public limited company and trades in the stock market under the symbol FOLD. In the initial phase of its launch, Amicus Therapeutics was funded by many well-known venture capital firms that include New Enterprise Associates, Radius Ventures, and Canaan Partners. Read more about Amicus Therapeutics at

The primary focus of Amicus Therapeutics has been rare and orphan diseases as well as disorders related to Lysosomal Storage. Many of the drugs that are developed by the company are already approved and licensed and are available in the market, while many of the new drugs that the company has developed are undergoing regulation and would be authorized soon by the FDA. Amicus Therapeutics has a very efficient and safe drug development procedure, which can be easily regarded as one of the most reliable methods in the world for drug development. Presently, Amicus Therapeutics does not have its own manufacturing unit but rely on contract manufacturing to produce the approved drugs for market circulation. In the enzyme replacement field as well, Amicus Therapeutics have several drugs that are known to be highly useful and productive.

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One of the most popular drugs provided by Amicus Therapeutics is for Fabry Disease known as Migalastat. The rare and orphan diseases are known to affect millions of children and infant each year and are known to be deadly. Amicus Therapeutics continues to make rapid advances in its research and hope to make considerable progress in developing effective drugs for the diseases it is focusing on shortly. Follow Amicus Therapeutics on Twitter.

Orthopedic surgery is a term that is used to describe the procedures that treat both muscular and skeletal conditions. These conditions are treated both surgically and non-surgically. Orthopedic surgery entails procedures such as joint treatments, spinal disorders, bone disease, damage to muscles and ligaments, pediatric orthopedics, trauma and orthopedic surgery and medico-legal surgery. There are many orthopedic surgery procedures, but some of the most common procedures are:

1. Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is prescribed if the patient is suffering from frequent back pains. Spine problems are characterized by herniated, bulged or slipped discs, spinal stenosis, and myofascial pain syndrome. If the patient is suffering from pains that affect his/her day-to-day activities, then it is imperative that a spinal surgery is undertaken. After the surgery, the patient will experience less pain, increased activity, and increased physical fitness. The procedure of spinal surgery involves procedures such as laminectomy, spinal fusion, osteotomy, and anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF).

2. Joint Replacement

Joint replacement is the most serious orthopedic surgery. This kind of surgery is administered to patients who have end-stage arthritis. The surgery is done on joints such as the knee, hip, shoulder, ankle and any other body joints. The surgery is mostly done on older people who have worn-out joints. The whole process involves removing the damaged joint and replacing it with an artificial one.

Are you suffering from a series of back problems? Then, you need to plan a visit to Dr. Greg Finch at Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service for spinal surgery. Dr. Greg Finch is well trained on all procedures involved in spinal surgery. With a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) medicine from the University of Auckland, Greg Finch is more that qualified in this field.

Greg Finch has also worked in different hospitals where he has gained enough experience to handle all spine related surgeries. Dr. Greg is experienced in tests and procedures such as anterior spinal fusion, cervical spinal surgery, lumbar spinal surgery and spinal fusion surgery. Whenever you are faced with any spinal condition, visit Dr. Greg, and you will be treated with all the expertise.