Acclaimed actor Ron Perlmann wants to bring Hellboy back into theaters but will not ask fans to raise funds through crowd funding sites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo according to recent reports The actor who played Hellboy in the first two films is very interested in starring in a third film to complete a trilogy that would serve fans a true beginning, middle and end. Perlmann believes that loyal fans of the comic and the big budget feature films deserve to find out definitively what happens to their favorite underworld hero. However, it would be impossible to fund a major big budget film with money donated by fans as was the case with last year’s Veronica Mars film.

Of course it would not be a Hellboy movie with just Perlmann’s familiar face. Fans would demand Spanish director Guillermo Del Toro’s twisted visionary details as well says Susan McGalla. However, this may be fairly difficult to place in the Pan Labyrinth’s directors schedule. While the two have spoken about the a proposed third film, Del Toro is still finishing up post production work on Crimson Peak. He is also gearing up for a sequel to the effects heavy Pacific Rim which was a hit in international theaters.

Fans should not have to wait for hell to freeze over while waiting for Hellboy to escape once again.