In 1926, Goettl brothers Adam, John and Bill moved west. They must have been blessed with unique bravery and optimism. They moved from Ohio to launch and air conditioning business in the dark days of the Great Depression.


Through hard work, innovation and exceptional customer service, they succeeded. Not only did they provide maintenance and sales of air conditioners, but they became recognized innovators in the nescient industry.


Not satisfied with providing service, Goettl expanded. They established Goettl as an internationally recognized mass producer of evaporative coolers and heaters. At one time, they held more than 100 patents related to their advanced heating and air conditioning technology.


Now Goettl has joined forces with two other movers and shakers in the HVAC business to better serve the Southwest. Merging with Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air adds more than 20 employees and 15 trucks to service the area. This combination also expands the scope of the service the company can offer, expanding into commercial, single family, multi-family and rental markets.


In retrospect, the merger seems only natural. Stephen Gamst, a Las Vegas Air partner, knew Ken Goodrich all his life. The two men grew up in family-owned HVAC businesses. They each followed their fathers on their routes as children, visited the same parts stores and frequented the same areas. This led to mutual respect for each other’s knowledge and an understanding of their shared values.


Mr. Goodrich brought Goettl to Las Vegas from its home in Arizona in 2016, having purchased it in 2013. Since the 2016 move, Goettl has recorded 500% year-over-year growth.


Another facet of this merger is the expansion into plumbing. With Goettl Air Conditioning, Las Vegas Air, Paradise Air joined by The Sunny Plumber, the future is certainly bright for these hard-working laborers.


The newly-merged companies have already proved their worth. This Christmas, in an effort of giving back to the community, they joined forces to restore the HVAC system of one of our struggling neighbors. Investing over ten thousand dollars in this single project, the companies installed a brand new HVAC system, donated gifts and repairs to assist a struggling homeowner. Many of the gifts were donated to the family from generous employees.


Not only is this nearly destitute family now able to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, their faith is restored in the essential goodness of people.

This piece was based on an article in PR Newswire.