Established in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson, IC Systems remains the leader in the account receivables industry. From the very beginning the Company desired to set a tone of financial recovery for monetary illness, and has always treated its patients with high ethics standards. In those days, the idea of ‘have now pay later’ was a unique business concept, so too was collections. How do you determine the difference between someone misguided in their understanding of money management from someone who is just.. misguided? And then what do you offer each as solutions to their present unhealthy economic state? Realizing that the world was a small place, (one that would later increase in magnitude of mobility yet later return to smallness with information technology decimating six degrees of separation back down to one or two), the Ericksons knew it would behoove them to operate from a vein of building and maintaining relationships. That mindset is instilled in all of their successful employees, and is the core of why they’ve been in business for so long. Today, they are licensed to collect in all 50 States plus Guam and Puerto Rico. The Ericksons’ community focus is also the reason why their progeny do not hesitate to carry on the family organization.


Accordingly, IC Systems employs a rigorous community reinvestment plan. Some of its pieces include ECHO, Charitable Partners and InHouse Volunteers. Formed in 1981, ECHO is the acronym for Employee Charitable Help Organization and it is a Company committee that meets on a regular basis to ascertain the best objectives for giving. They also spearhead the year’s voluntary participation events. The Ericksons ensure that they give just as responsibly as they collect, with verification of validity and safe data platforms for information exchange. Through their Charitable Partners, IC System enjoys a way of actively participating while tangibly viewing the impact their contributions make on others in need. Some of their activities with these partners include raising funds for the Special Olympics through the annual Polar Plunge, plus multiple blood drives for the American Red Cross. Through InHouse Volunteerism, IC System employees help provide food for those being treated at Ronald McDonald House and Gillete Children’s Hospital. Together with Emergency Food Bank and Strike Out Hunger Task Force organizations, the Company volunteers arrange food drives throughout each year. Similarly, in latter Summer and through Autumn, the volunteers begin their drives for warm clothing and quilts to pass along to those in need for the winter months.


This approach of giving back to the community shows humility and concern for one’s neighbor. You don’t need the Better Business Bureau to let you know the importance of that.