Securus Technologies is an information technology firm located in Dallas, Texas. This one time small company has increased in size significantly over the past few years as it provides ample, reliable and high-quality products to its Niche customer base. Interesting Lee enough to customers that Securus Technologies mainly focuses on are incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the American prison system. These individuals are often ignored consumer base, Securus Technologies has been able to provide them with the support that they require, the company itself has grown in Prestige. A recent press release has shown that Securus Technologies is moving to promote a software program it has released that allows video chat capabilities between inmates and their loved ones.


This software program is free and is available for download for both Apple and Android devices. By using a Wi-Fi signal inmates are capable of communicating directly with their loved ones on the outside, allowing them to bypass the usual annoyance of traditional visitation. Family members will no longer have to travel long distances, or worry about any sort of uncomfortable Security checks when they finally do arrive at the prison grounds. Since its release this Shameless streaming technology has already allowed Securus Technologies to support countless individuals who have now grown to become loyal and dedicated customers.


This particular promotion will undoubtedly open new doors for Securus Technologies and allow them to receive much more customers to the ranks. More customers and more Revenue equals more time for research and development, meaning that Securus Technologies can provide more services and products to their customers which will combine to create a much better technological future.


Secures Technology is one of the leading providers of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigations, public safety, monitoring and correction. The company announced that it is saving their clients real time and money by employing its Grievance application and Inmate Forms on ConnectUs. It estimates that the automated forms save up to sixty-five percent of the correction staff time over paper forms.

Russel Roberts, Securus Vice President of Marketing and Strategy outlined that the company is committed to availing new features and technology to its customers, the Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs is just but an example of current modernization.

Correctional facilities use paper forms for several inmate appeals, this appeals include medical, grievances, handbook acceptance forms and sign up forms. This takes a lot of time while collecting, distributing, routing, responding, logging, filing, copying, storing and archiving the forms.

This application compiles all this requests and change of requests can be done in just a few minutes. The application transforms the manual paperwork to digital automation. It is estimated that ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application processes an average of thirteen forms per inmate per month; this saves the staff’s time which can be focused on security and safety.

Inmate’s benefits from the self-service process by viewing the current status of their grievances and either accepting or appealing them. There are other additional capabilities associated with this platform; this includes dynamic application display by time and day, inmate location and a digital inmate board for communication between inmates and the correctional facility staff. The application is tailored to many languages to suit different inmates.

Securus Technology is committed to providing emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, information management, investigation and inmate self-service.