An American company named USHEALTH Group located in Texas provides health care insurance nationwide. This company consists of 200 000 insurance agents and employees working all over the united states of America, having fifty years of experience making it one of the top health insurance companies in the nation. It is one of the organizations which is dealing with millions of customers, providing them with the best insurance plans, making this organization the most reliable organization in the market.

They are some primary services provided by this organization and is delivered to their customers. The primary services include health insurance plans, better service, assistance and proper guidance to the clients. The organization has a proper professional team dealing with the customers, and this team takes care of the basic things that need to be taken care before any deal is made. The first thing that needs importance is that, that many health insurances may have unnecessary features which can add on the price of the health insurance, making it expensive for a lot of clients. So, the pre-made health insurance plans are conducted so that the clients know what package is best for them and are reasonable for them as well.

The second service that this organization focuses on is that every client can make their own health insurance according to their own requirements and budgets. The professional team completely understands that every pre-made plan won’t be suitable for every client, so this organization lets every client choose their own features and let them decide what kind of insurance plan they want, letting them design their insurance plan and assisting them in that whole process, eliminating all the additional charges.

The third service, they focus on is helping every client to design their own health insurance plan, they have a PPO network consisting of thousands of insurance agents working nationwide, only to help the clients where they are, however, they need. These insurance agents help the clients by visiting at their doorstep and help them formulate an insurance plan according to their budget and their requirements. Customers can do online booking and can arrange a meeting with the insurance agents by letting them know the date and place of the meeting. The agents will help clients in all possible ways like giving them right direction, counseling them and explain them the right process of making the insurance plan. This company believes in transparency by staying true with their clients and showing them all the sides of how the insurance business works. They believe in giving proper guidance and consultation to the customers and providing them with comfort and security so that the clients can blindly trust them. Thus, making this company the most reliable insurance company of America.

Attending Xaverian High School before his graduation into higher education where he elected to join the Pace University Lubin School of Business and at their university became accomplished in obtaining his Bachelor of Science in the field of Computer Science, Vincent “Vinny” Parascandola was clearly destined for great things from the very moment he wrapped his hand around that diploma.

Beginning his professional career in the year of 1986, Vinny Parascandola joined the Irving Trust Company as the Systems Analyst, before jumping in to a wide range of exciting jobs in the pursuit of securing an established and fulfilling life career. Leaving after two years to join Prudential Insurance as one of their agents where he stayed for another two years before leaving again to another position at a different firm, Vinny started to get a taste for a faster pace, deciding to push himself to take life to the highest level he could manage, Parascandola took a leap into the deep end and joined in the team at The MONY Group.

Starting out his time at The MONY Group first as a Financial Professional before getting promoted up and up to Sales Manager, then Managing Director, and finally Field Vice President in the year of 1998 where he stayed for seven loyal years, Vinny got a chance to get involved in the life he had always craved. In May of 2005 he was presented with an offer that he simply could not refuse, and he left his job at The MONY Group to take a step into greater territory as the Executive Vice President of AXA Equitable.

Working at AXA Equitable, Parascandola soon proved himself vital to the best interest of the team and after only two years working as the Executive Vice President, Vinny was promoted to the role of President over the Advantage Group. As a man obviously destined for greatness though, Vincent didn’t stay for very long in that role before yet again being promoted repeatedly till he earned his current title as the official Senior Executive Vice President of the entire company at AXA Equitable.