Mike Roy Andrew Bagguley has had an extensive career in finance specifically in banking. After graduating from the University of Warwick in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Mike Bagguley began his journey to become the Financial Markets Executive that he is today. As the former Chief Operating Officer of Investment Bank at Barclays, he has vast experience in management, leadership, and is always up to the task and is dedicated to streamlining the bank’s operations.

Mike Bagguley started working for Barclays Investment Bank in 2001 and has grown within the company from being Head of Macro Markets to being appointed as Chief Operating Officer in 2016. During this 17 year period, Bagguley held various other positions within Barclays Investment Bank including Head of FX and Commodities Trading, and Head of Rates and Linear Options Trading. As Chief Operating Officer, Mike Bagguley’s responsibilities included the rationalization of the operating platform, aligning company technology with its domains and services, and maximizing the execution of strategies.

In April 2018, he decided to bid farewell to the company. Today, Mike is the Shareholder Representative Director for LCH Group Holdings Limited – a company that provides services to mitigate counterparty risk across various asset classes.

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You might have heard of something new that the media is referring to as “Freedom Checks.” In one of the ads, Matt Badiali is seen holding a check worth a huge amount of money. What is interesting is that the check is very similar to the tax refund check that you receive from the government. Most viewers have considered these ads as one of the several scams on the internet. The main reason could be the nature of these ads which are sometimes sensational. People often wonder how the government can write checks to civilians for no reason. This seems impossible.

The confusion about freedom checks is mostly because they aren’t well understood. Additionally, most people don’t know Matt Badiali and why he talks about freedom checks. What qualifies him in the first place to suggest such an opportunity? How can the average person know whether they’re legit or not? Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

Matt is a renowned financial analyst and has a background in geology which has put him ahead of others. Matt pursued Earth Sciences in Penn State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. Later, he moved and pursued his Master of Science in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. His vast knowledge has made him travel to all corners of the earth personally inspecting mines and wells in countries like Turkey, Switzerland, Haiti, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, and Iraq among other places. He has also had the chance to interview CEOs during his travels which have helped him to acquire first-hand information.

How Matt Badiali Discovered Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs)

As Matt worked for a reputable financial expert on projects that took him around the world, he discovered MLPs which is an exclusive group of over 550 companies that issue freedom checks. These companies focus on processing, storage and the transportation of gas and oil. These companies search for new wells and transport gas and oil across pipeline networks. They are in charge of transporting gas and oil from Marcellus Shale, Permian Basin, and Bakken Shale and other major oil and gas wells in the U.S.

The good thing about investing in freedom checks is that they can easily dwarf the average Social Security payments by up to four times. Additionally, the government considers these payments as “return of capital” which means that your monthly payment won’t be subjected to income tax. Visit: https://affiliatedork.com/matt-badialis-freedom-checks-real


Freedom checks are regular, tax-free payments made to people who invest in US firms which deal with domestic, natural resources. The companies, known as master-limited partnerships or MLPs, produce, process, transport and store local raw materials such as natural gas and oil. The payments are tax-free, thanks to a federal statute if they pay out 90 percent of their profits to investors. The return for investors is high because they don’t pay any fee for what they earn. The companies pay meagre tax for their operations compared to other corporations. Freedom checks provide excellent investment opportunities for citizens. Below are guidelines for investing in Freedom checks.


Information about most MLPs is available online and as first-hand data. Look out for seasoned production companies. Consider those that invest in resources which are in high demand, such as petroleum and natural gas. Read online about the profits the companies make regularly or visit the company’s offices. The safest investments for freedom Checks are in companies that continually churn substantial annual benefits. Visit kennedyaccounts.com to know more about Freedom Checks.

Market Performance

Find out about a firm’s reputation in the finance market. Is the firm consistent in making profits? Has the firm ever made a loss? If so, find out the magnitude and reasons for the loss. Look for firms that give high dividends to investors on a regular basis.

Investment History

Companies that reap consistent profit have sound investment policies. These should be available in a firm’s portfolio. Look for records of assets and financial returns. Find out what kind of benefit the firm reaped from each investment during a specific period. Sound investment reports are a reflection of a firm’s credibility. Invest in those firms that draw a large number of stakeholders.

Tangible Financial Records

There should be real proof that a company’s records and report s are genuine. A lot of information abounds online about sizeable corporate investment. It is safe for potential investors to visit a firm and read about reviews from long-term stakeholders of a firm before investing.

Many US citizens invest in checks today. Any money invested in an MLP gives high profits. Also, the payments are regular, made every three months. That means an avid investor can receive four freedom checks a year. The gain is directly proportional to the amount of investment one makes. Still, they are higher than those earned in regular socks. Check: http://www.agoranews.com/posts/pTQvXd7aMYrovWx7Y/matt-badiali-s-freedom-checks-exposed